Stop internal friction and your work will go well.
Stop internal friction and your work will go well.
Stop internal friction and do something valuable in order to reach new heights in life.


I have seen a picture with profound meaning.

one person wants to move forward hard, while the other person is dragging his feet so hard that he can only stay where he is.

this vividly reveals the problems of many people: career and work are held back because of mental pull.

as the Black Swan says, "you are the only one standing in your way."

only by stopping internal friction and doing something valuable can we reach new heights in life.

writer Li Xiaoyi once talked about one of the things she regrets most in her life.

she attended an industry conference when she was a journalist at the age of 24.

A headhunter came and asked her if she would like to go to a well-known company to be the secretary to the general manager.

Li Xiaoyi struggled for a long time and finally flinched.

she denied herself from beginning to end before she had an interview.

from the height is unseemly, to the foreign language is almost hot; from the character is not suitable, to the major is not right …... She seriously doubted whether she was competent.

the headhunter, who was in his twenties, said to her inexplicably:

"Please don't deny yourself until others deny you, will you? There is no chance to invite you three or four times. "

five years later, Li Xiaoyi happened to have an opportunity to interview the founder of the company.

after the interview, Li Xiaoyi jokingly said to the boss, "Hey, I almost became your secretary five years ago."

the boss immediately said, "you can still do it now. Do you want to have a try?"

she stammered, "then I'll think about it."... "

the boss shook his head and said, "the opportunity won't wait for your third time."

in group psychology, there is a proper term "internal friction effect".

can be understood as the negative effect phenomenon caused by the unnecessary consumption of manpower and material resources caused by incoordination or contradictions within the company.

in fact, this kind of internal friction is also common in everyone in the workplace.

I know a younger brother who has been an intern in a new media company for more than half a year and competes with himself secretly every day.

A manuscript has obviously been written, but he has been worried that the quality of the article is not up to standard and refuses to hand it in.

every time I dock with the leader, I always tremble and ponder over and over whether my wording is inappropriate.

is criticized, he will question whether he is suitable for the job; when praised, he begins to worry that he will live up to the leader's expectations next time.

he will be very concerned about some details, a murmur of others, a look, can put on a big play in his heart.

the end result was that he couldn't stand the pressure and resigned.

in our work, we all encounter numerous obstacles, but the inner self-negation is the source of one's pain.

if the implementation of every idea is slow, and everything happens all the time, this person is bound to accomplish nothing.

Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro said: "the so-called predicament in life is nothing but the shackles of your imagination and self-setting."

Life is bound to be windy. Instead of worrying blindly and worrying at random, it is better to actively anchor a good direction and resolutely set sail after wave.

Zhang Yiming has always been a master of anti-internal friction.

when he was in college, Zhang Yiming went to fix a computer for a female countryman. when he came back, he decided to chase the girl.

Zhang Yiming took a lot of thought, but when he opened his mouth to express his love, he was mercilessly refused.

this result will make many people feel sorry for themselves and fall into wishful thinking.

but Zhang Yiming was very calm. "I just feel like I just told you about this, and then you have a different opinion, so let's move on." He continued to chase the girl, who later became his wife.

in his work, Zhang Yiming also abides by the principle of "anti-internal friction."

many people evaluate Zhang Yiming as "a precision walking machine."

he pursues the ultimate rationality, and his emotions are extremely restrained when something happens. He focuses on his own growth. When he finds problems in his work, he will only immediately change his direction.

because of these characteristics of Zhang Yiming, Zhang Lei spoke highly of "value":

"We can't imagine the boundaries of this company."

I like a concept put forward by Japanese writer Junichi Watanabe-insensitivity.

We can understand it as a dull force, that is, in life, don't be too sensitive to the things around you.

in work, "insensitivity" is a very scarce ability.

when we know how to cultivate a strong heart and immerse ourselves in our own development, we can go further.

have seen an apt metaphor:

We can think of everyone as a car running on the road.

if 80% of your energy is devoted to internal friction and only 20% of your energy is used to move forward, you won't get far.

but if 100% of your energy is converted into kinetic energy, you will be far away from other cars.

inA saying spread in the Silicon Valley circle also confirms this truth: "failure is like a shadow, move forward quickly, you can be the last person to stand."

if you want to improve your work, you might as well learn from the following three "anti-internal friction" methods:

practice hated courage

the writer Mo Yan caused a lot of controversy after he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

but he said calmly:

"I hope you can read my book patiently.... Even if you read my book, I don't expect you to change your mind about me. After all, there is no writer in the world who can make all readers like him. "

No matter how bad words the outside world said to each other, Mo turned a deaf ear and plunged into his literary creation.

but keep in mind that no matter how many pairs of eyes are staring at us, we don't care.

the most important thing is to look at the top of the mountain in the distance and the road under your feet with your own eyes.

learn the Occam Razor principle

nowadays, we are exposed to a lot of information every day, and our minds are easy to get lost.

therefore, learn to keep things simple, filter out useless information, and focus on valuable things.

in terms of time, we can identify the most important work of the day.

like Zuckerberg, he asks himself a question every morning:

"is what I'm doing the most important thing I can do?"

from the event dimension, we can first pick out the most critical elements to avoid a hammer from east to west, which consumes a lot of energy, but with little effect. The general is on his way, not chasing the rabbit.

people who live a thorough life will put their work in minimalist mode and devote themselves to 20% of the important things.

remember "Carrill Formula"

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Willie Carrell, a former engineer at Buffalo Steel, was once ordered to install a gas cleaner.

to his surprise, although the machine was put into use, there was always something wrong. With the tendency of perfectionism, he began to worry:

what should I do if it always breaks down and affects my reputation?

make up for it? Is it possible to dismantle all the machines?

this series of ideas made him restless.

in order to eliminate the current anxiety, Karel began to carry out ideological construction.

first, the worst-case scenario is that the machine breaks down and the boss fires me.

second, I am prepared for the worst.

third, now that you have accepted the worst, do what you are doing wholeheartedly.

this is the origin of Carell's formula, which tells us three steps to deal with job dilemmas:

try your best.

Zhihu has a question: "37-year-old unemployed at home, great pressure, super painful, what to do?"

A netizen named "Canghai" replied:

what would you do if God put ten blind boxes in front of you and told you that one of them contained what you wanted?

you should open it one by one. Don't waste any more time. Try and make mistakes quickly. It's no use thinking too much.

one word, dry. No, change. Do it again, no, change again.

think, all are questions; doing is the answer.

stop waging war against yourself and fight your goals with all your energy. this is the beginning of your strength.

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