Success is boiled out, ability is forced out.
Success is boiled out, ability is forced out.
Believe in yourself, survive the squeeze of fate, will eventually usher in the transformation of life.

Life is like a marathon, most of the time, you have to endure it.

if you can stand it, you can only stand out. If you can't stand it, you can only be out.

Zeng Guofan said: "how can things in the world be entirely satisfactory? in ancient times, great things have been accomplished partly by natural fate and partly by reluctance."

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it's a day to get it out, and it's life to force it out.

Life depends on suffering, the more difficult it is, the more respectable it is.

the success that comes out

lying down is the most comfortable on the way of life. When the weight goes up, they are very tired and bitter.

even Zeng Guofan needs to suffer on the road to success.

as we all know, Zeng Guofan was not outstanding in his early years.

he failed the list seven times and became the laughingstock of the countryside.

he joined the government as a young man, but he was repeatedly excluded and demoted to the countryside because he did not understand the ways of the world.

31, he returned to court and disciplined himself in a harsh way.

Zeng Guofan laid down twelve rules for himself in daily lessons: respect, sit still, get up early, read a book, read history, speak earnestly, nourish one's spirit, protect oneself, know what to die in the day, have nothing to do with the moon, write words, and don't go out at night.

with such strict rules, ordinary people can stick to it for two days a day, no longer than a week or a month.

but Zeng Guofan persisted in these twelve daily classes for half his life.

Zeng Guofan's success was honed in this day after day of suffering.

he also wrote in his family letter to his son:

"if you get through this, you can make less progress. If you get sleepy again and work hard again, you will prosper and work hard one day. "

Life hurdles one after another, all the hurdles are sad, then sink down, put up with it, and endure slowly day by day.

dripping water will eventually wear out the stone, and the wildfire will never burn up.

as long as the kung fu is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle.

Don't be afraid to bear hardships in life, don't be afraid of being tired. The more difficult you are, the more you have to stand up, raise your head and look forward.

get through this, success is bound to open the door to you.

forced ability

as the old saying goes: if God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.

but in real life, many people only cry for the closed door, but do not know themselves

to chisel out a window.

people's abilities are infinite. If you don't push yourself, you will never know that you were born strong.

in July 2002, Zeng Guofan's mother died and Zeng Guofan returned to his hometown for a funeral.

when Zeng Guofan learned that the imperial court had an urgent edict, he resolutely bid farewell to his relatives and was ordered in the face of danger.

Zeng Guofan conquered his opponent with outstanding wisdom and talent.

Zeng Guofan said: "those who know that things in the world are exciting and forced to succeed account for half of them."

the difficulties can be seen as encouragement and coercion.

Life is impermanent, and few people get what they want in a lifetime.

but that's the way life is. The more you work hard, the more you want to be angry and try to be strong.

people should learn to be springs, and the more oppressed they are, the more they will burst out.

success and failure are between your thoughts.

maybe, after hard work, the hope is still slim.

but in the process of gritting your teeth, you have gone uphill again.

the dignity of life lies not in the brilliance of the outside, but in the richness of the heart.

the harder the day is, the less likely it is to give up.

through the present hardship, the future is bound to harvest sweetness.

the harder it is, the more honorable it is to go on.

as Lu Xun said:

"the true warrior dares to face the bleak life."

, believe in yourself, survive the squeeze of fate, will eventually usher in the transformation of life.

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