Suddenly I understand (very realistic)
Suddenly I understand (very realistic)
Cherish every reunion and embrace every parting.


there is no word in the world that can enlighten you.

what really inspires you is an experience, and that sentence is like a match in a gunpowder warehouse.

as someone said, "

No one suddenly doesn't love you, you just know it all of a sudden.


when people reach middle age, they see through the warmth of human feelings and the changes in the world, and then suddenly wake up to some truth.

suddenly understood:

Life is made by ourselves, and no one can bear it for us.

walking in the world, no one has ever been forgiven by life, and no one lives more easily than anyone.

the adult world is like a seasoning bottle full of ups and downs.

Life and work are intertwined, pain and laughter are mixed, and bitterness is the norm of life.

No one is born strong, and they all learn to work hard and be strong after falling over and over again.

No one's life is flat, there is only clenched teeth behind the persistence.

when you are born as a human being, you will inevitably encounter difficulties and twists and turns. Don't lose heart and don't give up. Holding on means everything.

the road of life through wind and rain, hardships and joys by yourself, the rainbow only after weathering the wind and rain, and rising upward and clear skies only after the troughs.

suddenly understood:

humanity is like a thin sheet of paper, and the world is like a new chess game.

the society is complex, the human heart is unfathomable, true and false greetings, hot and cold concern, always make people incalculable.

the human heart is the most elusive thing in the world, but time is the lie detector of all the feelings in the world.

when you are good, you may not be a true friend. When you are bad, those who accompany you must be true feelings.

do not overestimate your position in the hearts of others, perhaps, you may not be moved by others, just moved yourself.

change your heart, turn around if you can't finish it, don't force others to stay, and don't embarrass yourself.

as the saying goes:


do not chase a horse, instead of struggling with it, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When the spring blossoms next year, there will be many fine horses for you to choose.


stay away from hypocrisy and leave time and energy to people who are worth it.

suddenly understood:

leave half a sentence on the tip of the tongue and make three points in terms of reason.

sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others. Don't gossip behind your back, don't criticize and comment on other people's affairs.

as the saying goes: "

Don't persuade others to be kind without suffering.


not sprinkling salt on other people's wounds is the highest goodness of a person.

words can cure or destroy a person.

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you can eat more, don't talk too much, and know how to speak properly, which is a person's highest EQ.

as the saying goes, "

leave a line of work so that we can meet again in the future.


forgive others and forgive others, everyone has time to encounter difficulties, to leave room for others, but also to give themselves a way out.

knowing how to grasp the sense of proportion in dealing with the world is a person's greatest ability.

suddenly understood:

parents, who always love you most, must know how to be grateful.

maybe, over time, your parents may help you less and less, but they give you everything they have and never hide it.

maybe there are a lot of people who have helped you, and you have truly thanked them, but you have never said a word about the parents who gave you life to support you.

We are always used to leaving the best to others and the worst to our parents.

because we know very well that our parents will never argue with us and will tolerate and forgive us.

but time is the most ruthless, wait until your parents are old, wait until your parents are gone, you will know that the people who love us most in the world will always be their parents.

therefore, you must know how to be grateful, be kind to your parents, and be filial to your parents. Don't wait for the day to come, because the day to come is not long.

suddenly understood:

living in good health is the greatest wealth of life.

you never know which comes first tomorrow or accident, so cherish every gathering and embrace every parting.

A happy day is also a day of unhappiness, so why haggle over it? living in the present is the most important thing.

after the changes of the world, I understand more and more that the body is the capital of everything in one's life.

money, fame and wealth, status, everything is fleeting, without a healthy body, these are external things that cannot be taken away.

so, eat well, sleep well, live well, have a healthy body, and a normal mind.

, may you be safe, healthy, contented and happy for the rest of your life.