Tell you the details, who is the most reliable person around you?
Tell you the details, who is the most reliable person around you?
May you and I both walk with reliable people and live up to the sun all the way.


what kind of friend is the most worthy of deep acquaintance in life?

some people say that they have responsibilities, some people say that they have good character, and some people say they are kind.

in fact, in the final analysis, it is nothing but two words: reliable.

the more experience you have, the more you find that the greatest attraction of a person is to be down-to-earth and reliable.

Buffett, the god of stock, said:

"reliable is a more important quality than intelligence."

is it reliable to be alone? just look at these three details.

be upright and principled

Shakespeare once said:

"where there is virtue, there must be courage, and a man of integrity is never timid."

this is true at all.

people with integrity have a red line in their hearts. No matter what age they reach or what they experience, they will not lose their principles.

when you are with this kind of person, you don't have to worry about being betrayed or hurt, and you always feel at ease.

I have heard such a story.

A large company hired Jack and Hill to research and develop the company's core technology.

since their first day on the job, rival companies have been poaching to try to extract technical secrets from the two.

at first, both Jack and Hill resisted the temptation. But over time, Hill began to waver.

for this reason, the two had a big fight.

"I don't understand. The price offered by the other party is so high that it is worth the salary of both of us for a year. Why not agree?" Hill said.

Jack said:

"that does make a fortune, but it violates our principle of being a human being.


Hill added, "I know you are honest, but what does integrity bring?"

"although it can not bring me fame and wealth, but I believe it can make me go further!" Jack said firmly.

Mencius once said:

"people can do something if they don't do something."

to be a human being, we should put integrity first and sincerity as the foundation.

only by keeping the bottom line of life can we stop our actions and have a clear conscience.

people who are really reliable have good conduct without losing their principles, so they can hold their heads high and be open and aboveboard in front of anyone.

keep one's word and promise

Hungarian poet Petofi has a famous poem:

"Life is precious, love is more expensive, and if it is for freedom, both can be thrown away."

through the ages, everyone yearns for freedom and wants a life of freedom and freedom.

but freedom does not mean wayward, let alone without constraints.

like a kite in the sky, once you lose the bondage of the line, you can only fly with the wind.

the same is true of being a man.

when you make an appointment with others, you should be punctual and keep your promise. Only in this way can you stand the test of time and gain a truly free life.

A person's whole life, without sincerity, there is loss, and without faith, there is trouble.

Li Shutong, a famous artist in China, is a serious, sincere and reliable person.

he thinks that there is only one criterion for judging whether a person is reliable, honest, trustworthy and untrustworthy: whether he is punctual or unpunctual.

he himself put this into practice.

Feng Zikai once wrote in his memoirs:

"in the first music class, after ringing the preparatory bell, we went to the music room and pushed the door. We were surprised.

Mr. Li had already sat upright on the podium, and the students who thought that his husband would always be late and pushed through the door casually singing, shouting, laughing and scolding were even more surprised. "

A man cannot stand without faith, and a country without faith is not strong.

the most important thing in communication between people is to keep promises and keep promises.

this is not only a kind of respect for others, but also an embodiment of one's own accomplishment.

people who are really reliable are punctual, punctual and mindful.

after all, keeping one's word wins the hearts of the people.

only when there is a guard in mind, can others dare to ask you to do something and entrust themselves to you.

not being cheap or calculating

in life, those who achieve great things are never restrained in trivialities.

if a person calculates too much and is often narrow-minded, then the world is narrow and it is difficult to feel the happiness and beauty of the world.

in a relationship.

people who love petty gains are easy to betray their friends for profit.

if you are really reliable, you would rather suffer losses than do anything that hurts your feelings.

Zeng Guofan once said:

"Don't take advantage of people at all. Don't take people's money lightly. "

all his life as an official, he never squeezed the interests of his subordinates, but took the initiative to give them to others.

Tolstoy said a sentence:

"if a person does not have enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basic point of enthusiasm is a sense of responsibility."

they always have a variety of reasons to refute their "shrewd" behavior.

in day after day, challenge the bottom line of others and deplete other people's patience and trust in themselves.

over time, no one is willing to come near, no one dares to believe.

the so-called agency calculation is too clever, on the contrary, it has wasted Qing Qing's life.

if you want a relationship to get along comfortably, you must be more sincere, less concerned, more open-minded, and less selfish. Only in this way can the friendship last forever.

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there is a good saying: "A person's conduct is connotation, reputation is appearance."

to be a man, integrity is the root; sincerity is the first to treat others; morality is the foundation to do things.

if people want to have a place in society, the most important thing is to have a good character.

and reliability is one of the most important qualities of good conduct.

May you and I all walk with reliable people and live up to the sun all the way.