The 39-year-old actress revealed that she had no sex and became popular by "devil-like abstinence": the joy of being alone, you don't understand!
The 39-year-old actress revealed that she had no sex and became popular by "devil-like abstinence": the joy of being alone, you don't understand!
Solitude is the return of life, so that life is open-minded, indifferent, nourished.



readers often ask:

"Why can I make a lot of people like to play with me, but still not happy?


in life, many people try to be gregarious and popular, but often overlook the most important thing: how to get along with themselves.

on this point, an actress I admire very much-Gao Shandu, 39, who is single, is "addicted" to solitude.

this is how she spent her morning:

7: 00 a.m.: get up on time. Go to the window, open the curtains and say good morning to the warm sunshine.

pour a glass of boiled water and slowly awaken your confused mind while drinking it.

07:15: start exercising, put on your tracksuit, run and make plans for the day in your mind.

"if you can spare an hour in the morning, go for a run and turn on today's switch."

09:15: prepare breakfast. She, who pays attention to balanced nutrition, cooks brown rice and prepares as many dishes as possible.

"the habit of not eating on time and eating casually has been changed in recent years. I usually exercise and eat more protein, including bean products, fish, eggs and so on. "

10:00: water the green plants at home. The vase on the table is filled with violet and mint.

10:10: morning reading. In the company of knowledge, she will choose different books to read according to her mood, and will carefully take reading notes.

every time I see a high mountain, I share her life. I not only find it very interesting, but also appreciate her leisure and ease when she is alone.

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people who get along well with themselves can always find the happiness that belongs to the truth of life.

solitude is the quiet beauty of life

Schopenhauer said: "only when a person is alone, can he be himself completely."

being alone is the most expensive freedom, because only those who have loneliness can have all of themselves.

more than a hundred years ago, the philosopher Thoreau, armed with an axe, built a cabin on the edge of Walden Lake and lived alone for two years.

he once wrote: "I would rather go my own way than paint it up and show off. I would rather stand or sit and meditate."

later someone asked him, "it must be lonely for you to live there alone. You really want to see people, especially in the snowy weather."

Thoreau replied:

"Why do I feel lonely? So far, I have not found a partner as kind as being alone, and when I am alone, I am myself again. "

A good soul, even if no one understands it, can get a satisfaction from the fullness of his heart, because he knows what he really wants.

solitude is the return to life, which makes life open-minded, indifferent, and nourished.

loneliness is the ultimate pleasure

aesthetician Jiang Xun once said:

"loneliness panics, but loneliness is full. Loneliness is the perfect beginning of life. "

seems to be a way of living far away from the crowd, maybe some people will think it is lonely and lose a lot of fun.

but in this day and age, the real luxury is to master the switch to turn off the noisy world.

Mingyue, the author of those things in the Ming Dynasty, was a very solitary person.

when he was in college, he often studied by himself in the classroom until 11:00 in the evening, only to find that there was no one on his way back to the dormitory.

"there is no one in the classroom, no one on the road. I remember it was autumn and it was cold on the road. I could only hear my own footsteps, and I felt a great joy at that time, and I felt myself moving forward. "

someone asked him what he did during his self-study time.

"it is an incomparable joy and ecstasy to keep reading, to know a lot about the world and to know the laws of the world."

people who really enjoy loneliness often have rich private kingdoms.

although he is alone, he is often able to wander more freely, more easily, and more happily in his inner world, with wings for his thoughts, unlimited freedom, and a burst of surging pleasure.

be alone and be happy

I quite agree with one sentence:

"True peace is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart."

being alone doesn't have to be far from the crowd, it can be in the mountains, near home, in the park, on the trail.

watch cats and dogs play, watch flowers bloom, get along with scenery, music, food and air, and have a private meeting with nature.

exactly: there are happy events to be alone, which may not be known to everyone else.

Zhang Dai, a litterateur in the Qing Dynasty, loved to enjoy the snow. He would go to the pavilion in the middle of the lake to see the snow alone in a small boat, fur and stove.

"the shadow on the lake is only a mark on the long dike, a little bit in the middle of the lake, a mustard with Yu Zhou, and two or three people in the boat."

Life needs a moment of solitude, when a person quietly does what he likes, even if he simply empties himself, he can enjoy peace of mind.

Zhou Guoping said: "the best realm of life is rich and quiet."

I think so.

the noisier life is, the lonelier it is; the lonelier it is, the richer it is.

the best stateNothing is better than starting from the heart, listening to the poetry of time, leisurely and complacent, understanding a wider distance, enjoying a person's happiness.

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