The best feng shui for a family: poor father, filial piety, wife and son.
The best feng shui for a family: poor father, filial piety, wife and son.
The best time for the rest of your life is to have a home, someone to wait, and something to eat.


Mr. Yuan Pei mentioned in "the cultivation of Chinese people":

"A family is the school at the beginning of life. The character of a lifetime, the so-called constant change, is probably born in the family. "

Home is the place where life begins, the concern of life, and the shelter forever.

Family is the most tolerant person in the world, a source of warmth, and the most powerful sense of security on the way forward.

what is the most important thing about a home? Peace and anger are the most important.

what is the most important thing for a person? A clear conscience is the most important thing.

the key to the prosperity of a family from generation to generation is the word "harmony".

when the family is together, they can understand each other, understand each other, and raise these four kinds of fengshui well, which is better than wealth.

Don't blame your father for being poor

have you noticed that the older your parents are, the more cautious they become.

they are worried that they will become old and become a burden to their children, and they are also afraid that they will not be able to become the dust of their children's great prospects.

what parents fear most is to drag down their children's life. if so, they will live in remorse for the rest of their lives.

and the greatest sorrow in the world is that parents have given everything they have and their children still think they get too little.

as children, learning to be kind to their parents is the foundation of life.

it is true filial piety to treat parents with more patience, less complaining, more understanding and less dislike.

Yang Zhanyu said in the record of time:

"affection is probably the purest emotion in the world. In addition to love and care, there should also be gratitude."

put aside the harsh criteria for your parents and learn to be grateful. Don't wait until your parents are gone and leave regrets for the rest of your life.

A person's most basic upbringing is to forgive his parents for their imperfections.

A sign of maturity is: do not blame your father for poverty, rely on yourself for everything, practice filial piety in time, while your parents are still alive.

filial piety is not better than brothers

since ancient times, there have been two kinds of filial piety: nourishing the body and mind, both of which are equally important and indispensable.

keep your mouth healthy, stay with your parents all the time, and take care of their food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

cultivate your mind and wisdom, strive to improve your achievements, and make your parents proud of it.

either way, it is the duty to be a child, relying on one's own conscience and filial piety.

the way of filial piety is not high or low, do not calculate with brothers and sisters who do more and who do less.

once you start to weigh your gains and losses and keep up with the conditions, it is bound to chill your parents' hearts and hurt the feelings between your relatives.

there is a saying quite right: when filial piety takes precedence over interests, the so-called true feelings become vulnerable.

filial piety to parents is not an affectation of "acting in front of people and turning their faces behind", but a "considerate and considerate, from the outside to the inside".

A person who sincerely treats his parents will have a smoother way of life.

not blaming his wife

there is a question on the Internet: what measures the temperature of a home?

there is a highly liked answer: the relationship between husband and wife.

Cai Kangyong talked about a point of view in his book:

"there is an emotional account between people. Every time you make each other happy, you save more; every time you make the other person sad, you save less."

if one day your savings are zero, a marriage will come to an end.

in a person's life, his or her partner is the one who accompanies us the longest and tolerates us the most.

when you are sick, the person who gives you the most careful care and watches over you day and night is his wife.

when you come home late, prepare a steaming meal for you. It is your wife who is waiting for you to come home.

when you are sad, the one who constantly encourages you and accompanies you bit by bit is his wife.

between husband and wife, forgiving trifles, discussing big things, not arguing for right or wrong, and not turning over old debts is the best temperature for the family.

anger is not fierce

as the old saying goes: the mouth of a parent determines the fate of a child.

parents' attitude towards their children determines the way their children look at the world.

A netizen once told his own experience:

"when I didn't do well in the final exam, my father said to me, why are you so useless? why don't you die?

my family lives on the fifth floor, and I was desperate and sat on the windowsill.

from then on, I couldn't get close to them anymore. "

language is the best weapon to hurt people, and it can make the heart full of scars in an instant.

the wounds of words are all dark wounds. Although the wounds can not be seen or touched, the scars will always remain in the heart.

to treat a child with evil words will only make a flower that is not yet in full bloom wither quickly.

talking well and being gentle is the best gift for your children.

throw away your temper, let go of hostility, bring a good mood to your loved ones, and you will bring happiness home.

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agrees with a sentence: "there are only a few people in this world who care about you and care about you."

A person's real success is family happiness.

A place with a house is not necessarily a home. A family together is a complete home.

Don't hurt your father with resentmentMother's heart, causing irreparable regret.

Don't let comparison break the relationship between brothers and leave long regrets for the rest of your life.

Don't let your marriage come to an end by forgetting your partner's kindness because of a quarrel.

Don't lose your child's trust and tear a family apart because of your temper.

the best time for the rest of your life is to have a home, someone to wait for, and something to eat.

, may you, poor or rich, have your family by your side, never give up, and walk through every spring, summer, autumn and winter.