The best spiritual appearance (depth and good text)
The best spiritual appearance (depth and good text)
No matter what the wind and rain, I am still optimistic and open-minded.


people have two kinds of appearance, one is external appearance, the other is spiritual appearance.

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We cannot choose our own appearance, but we can shape our own spiritual appearance.

spiritual appearance will coruscate new vitality in the years as people grow up.

it is hidden in the soul, blooming in the heart, even if time flies, it will always be beautiful.

and a person's best mental appearance is hidden in these six details.

A smile on the corner of the mouth

Sanmao said, "when I smile, my noodles are like spring flowers, which is sure to move people."

smile is like flowers in spring, cool breeze in summer, sunset in autumn and warm sun in winter.

when you smile, it is beautiful and the whole world will be moved by it.

it has no color, but it can make the face beautiful; it has no smell, but it can make the surrounding fragrance overflowing; it has no shape, but it affects the warmth of human feelings.

the smile on the corner of the mouth is the cure for everything and the most beautiful scenery in the world.

spiritual mentor Carnegie said: "the price of smiling is very small, but it can create endless value."

he who smiles all the time is happy, and the face that smiles all the time is young.

the power of a smile can reach the heart in any time and space.

from now on, keep it simple, be happy, and let the rising radians of the corners of your mouth hold full of happiness.

Yang's confidence in his face

Yang Lan said: "Beauty does not lie in the skin, but in the confidence accumulated on the face."

years are fleeting and appearance is easy to grow old, but the self-confidence on the face can make people more attractive with each passing day.

because a person is always the most beautiful when he is confident, he can be himself and live his life.

people who lack self-confidence will look timid and timid.

although no one is perfect, you must have confidence in yourself, which is the courage and motivation to move forward.

as long as you can stay confident all the time, you can turn smallness into greatness and mediocrity into magic.

moreover, people with self-confidence on their faces will shine and breed a long-lasting feast for the eyes.

the hero is late, the beauty is white-headed, and no one can withstand the passage of time and the erosion of time.

only when you are confident and calm and strengthen your aura, can you have no fear of the years, and the more you live, the more interesting you will be.

goodness growing in the bottom of my heart

Shakespeare said: "appearance on the outside is a mirror of the inner world. Kindness makes people beautiful."

there is an old Chinese saying: "each other comes from the heart, and a kind heart leads to beauty."

the quality of a person's face is not only an external expression, but also a reflection of the heart.

kind-hearted, gentle and generous, even if the appearance is ordinary, it will look pleasing to the eye.

if a person has an ugly heart, a perverse character, and no matter how beautiful he is, it will also be offensive and uncomfortable.

in the final analysis, only the goodness of the heart can create a truly moving sense of beauty.

truly wise people practice both inside and outside, and cultivate their bodies as well as their minds.

Lin Qingxuan also said: "first-class makeup is the makeup of life."

Beauty in action, beauty in heart, and kindness in the bottom of heart is the best beauty prescription.

No matter what age, as long as you are always kind, ordinary looks can be polished in the years.

engraved on the upbringing of the bone

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "do not do to others what you do not want."

A person's upbringing engraved in his bones is to hold others in his heart.

when others make mistakes carelessly, it is your understanding not to expose other people's weaknesses and not to promote their own strengths.

it is your kindness to save face and not embarrass others from coming to Taiwan on any occasion.

it is your manners that you are not proud at the top, not humble at the bottom, and treat everyone equally.

cherish and appreciate the efforts of others, do not take help for granted, do not take tolerance as connivance.

to be able to put yourself in other people's shoes, think of others, and compare your heart to heart, no matter when and where, is your upbringing.

uneducated people make people feel like a pain in the throat, while educated people make people feel like a spring breeze.

upbringing, that is, the "second face" of a person, is the best appearance of a modest gentleman.

knowledge hidden in the mind

the Tibetan language in the chest is empty if the valley, and the belly is full of poetry and book spirit.

Reading is an excellent way to improve one's temperament and aura.

A wealth of knowledge can make people have light in their eyes, calmness in their hearts and fragrance in their souls.

and make friends with books, how can you fear the ruthlessness of time, and how can you sigh to the mirror that time is gone?

therefore, no matter how old you are, you should learn to enrich yourself, cultivate your hobbies, and improve yourself.

when you are at a low ebb, read biographies; when you are happy, read Sinology classics; when you are upset, you might as well browse soul chicken soup.

Lin Qingxuan said: "Life is just like this, the pursuit of a better, more spiritual and spiritual self."

all the books you have read will blend into your soul space and become the essence of your mind.

if one's heart is often imbued with knowledge, his face will naturally give birth to Reiki and Wenqi.

strength that melts into the blood

the strength that melts into the blood can neither be seen nor touched.

but this is a person's spiritual core, playing a great role.A lot of energy.

it is a good medicine, so that we can face the merits and demerits of the world, honor and disgrace, but also can not be trapped in love, not confused in the heart.

it allows us to walk calmly and keep our eyes firm, so that we can live neither humbly nor arrogantly even after ups and downs.

strong people often bring their own light to inspire themselves and illuminate others.

as Su Shi said, "Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid?" A haze of misty rain will lead a lifetime. "

what is the ups and downs of life?

No matter you beat the wind and rain, I am still optimistic and open-minded, calm and unrestrained, and forge ahead.

if you are strong enough, you will be able to live the highest elegance from the lowest circumstances of life.