The best test of marriage: sleep
The best test of marriage: sleep
Whether the relationship between husband and wife is good or not depends on the state of sleeping.

there is a saying like this:

"how we do in bed means how we live our lives."

Sleeping is not only a test of marriage, but also a test of the relationship between husband and wife.

for example:

most couples who cuddle and sleep are happier than those who sleep in separate rooms.

therefore, whether the relationship between husband and wife is good or not depends on the state of sleep.

husband and wife have a good relationship and communicate before going to bed

A scientific study in the UK shows that

couples who hugged or communicated with each other in sleep had a marital happiness of 94%, while those who had zero communication before going to bed had only 68% of marital happiness.

thus it can be seen that communication between husband and wife before going to bed plays a vital role in improving marital happiness.

and this reminds me of my cousin and his wife.

my cousin is straight-tempered and always says what she thinks, and has clashed with many people about it.

and my cousin's brother-in-law has a bad temper and quarrels with his cousin.

but these two grumpy people, who have been married for more than ten years, have managed their marriage into the envy of everyone.

although it is noisy all day, it doesn't affect their relationship at all.

so, when I was chatting with my cousin, I heard someone say:

"I envy you that you have been married for so long and still love each other as always."

I remember my cousin saying this:

"if you want a good relationship, talk more before you go to bed."

parents, details of life, say what you want to say.

talk about the reason when you have a quarrel, and talk about why when you are sad.

in this way, a bad mood will not stay overnight, and it will make you open up to each other, and over time, it will naturally become closer.

so, that's why my cousin and her husband are always quarrelling, but never affect the relationship.

Austin once said this:

"A happy marriage requires not only the exchange of ideas, but also the exchange of feelings, keeping your feelings in your heart, and pushing your wife out of your life."

the most terrible thing in marriage is not violence and infidelity, but silence.

imagine: after a hard day's work, you fall asleep when you get home at night. There is no interaction or communication between the two people, allowing silence to consume feelings invisibly.

isn't it terrible to be the closest stranger when you are obviously lying in the same bed?

so communicating before going to bed is the easiest way to get closer to each other.

what matters is not what you say, but how you speak.

when you lie in bed at the end of the day, you might as well talk to each other for a while, open your heart, and improve your happiness in your marriage.

husband and wife have deep feelings and are not afraid of being woken up

there has been such a topic on Zhihu: when did you die about marriage?

I remember an answer like this: when I go to bed at night.

the author tells such a story:

she and her husband have been married for five years and have a child, and the family is not rich, but fortunately, her husband is willing to work and has a good life. At least, that's what she thinks.

but one night, she had an acute attack of appendicitis and couldn't stand the stomachache.

she patted her sleeping husband and asked her to take her to the hospital, but she got an impatient reply:

"drink hot water if you have a stomachache. If there's anything hypocritical, don't disturb me. I was so tired from my last day's work that I didn't let people sleep well."

when the husband finished, he turned around and fell into a deep sleep, leaving her sitting with a bewildered face.

later, she had no choice but to call her friend who lived in the same neighborhood and took her to the hospital.

queue, registration, infusion.

apart from my friends and myself, there was no other movement this night, not even a phone call from my husband.

the next day, her husband came to the hospital to see her after work, but opened his mouth and said:

"you see, I told you it was no big deal, you women are just hypocritical."

she didn't retort, but said, "divorce."

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some people say: "whether a person loves you or not depends on his subconscious actions."

the person who loves you, even while sleeping, will get up and take care of you as long as you need it, without complaint;

on the contrary, it is difficult for people who do not love you to take care of your thoughts. What they think is for their own good.

just like the man in the story, if you really love each other, you should rush him to the hospital instead of turning his head and sleeping again.

how is the relationship between husband and wife? it's better to look at each other's subconscious behavior while asleep.

it is important to know that a good relationship is never afraid of being woken up.

husband and wife are more affectionate and more sympathetic in the same bed

have seen such a story:

Yun Yun went out of the hospital after giving birth to the baby. When he went to bed at night, because her husband's purr was too loud, he always woke the baby up. When the baby cried, none of them could sleep.

to this end, considering the problem of taking care of the children, they are also worried about the children.Noisy at night will affect her husband, so she proposed to sleep in separate rooms.

as a result, their lives are like this:

during the day, the husband goes to work, and Yun Yun takes care of the children at home. At night, the husband goes back to his room after dinner and goes back to sleep. Yun Yun is in the next room to coax the children to sleep.

but for a long time, the husband came back later and later, even reeking of alcohol many times.

Yun Yun advised her husband to put his body first, but he was blamed by his husband:

"you know how to take care of the children at home all day. If I don't go out to socialize, who will support the family?"

in a word, the crowd is speechless.

but since then, the husband has intensified and even stayed out all night.

as long as you ask, the answer is entertainment.

slowly, Yunyun began to get suspicious.

until one day, Yunyun went to the supermarket and met her husband who was supposed to work overtime in the company.

she looked at her husband and the woman holding hands with her husband, and suddenly realized how stupid and pathetic she was.

she never told her husband that she couldn't sleep all night to take care of her children, and even felt guilty that she couldn't help each other out.

her husband saw the relief, but behind it was the result of her crying for countless nights.

but now, it's all over.

divorce is the most decent thing she can do.

as the saying goes, "if you build the same boat in a hundred years, you will sleep together in a thousand years."

it is not easy to get to know each other, and it is even more difficult to get to know each other.

being able to sleep in the same bed and hug each other is indeed the fate of repair.

distance may produce beauty and give each other a space, but a long distance between husband and wife will only lead to estrangement.

in other words, just like the many in the story, sympathizing with each other, what you get is the understatement of the other side: easy.

so, if I had known now, it would have been better not to sleep in a separate room, so that the other person could really see your hard work before I knew to love you.

sleep in separate beds, for a long time, the body is separated, but the mind is separated.

what is a good relationship like?

I think there is a good saying:

I don't want to sleep without you, and I can't sleep without you.

fate is rare, it is not easy to meet, and it is a kind of happiness to sleep around each other.

so cherish the person next to you and manage the relationship well.

I hope each of us can reap the love of holding hands and growing old together.