The best way to keep healthy is to eat three meals a day.
The best way to keep healthy is to eat three meals a day.
The smoke and fire in the world is the most soothing to the hearts of the people.

I have read such a paragraph:

"A lot of things in life are uncontrollable, but you can control how you eat and what kind of food you cook.

in addition to filling the stomach and solving the physical needs, we should use the simplest three meals a day to fight against the variety of life and cure the sad life. "

that's what three meals a day is like, feeding the body with one vegetable and one meal, and nourishing the soul with love and fireworks.

in this way, nourishing both body and mind is the best way to keep healthy.

eat on time and rest regularly

on what is keeping in good health, Professor Zhang Qicheng said that keeping in good health is to cultivate healthy habits.

the ancients said: "

have a regular diet and daily life.


when it comes to daily life, it means three meals a day, meals on time, daily routine, and everything is regular.

in recent years, young people who have been plagued by hair loss, insomnia and overwork have begun to join the health army.

but look at the current situation of their lives:

rush on the road in the morning, clock in on time, finally sit down on the station, put breakfast into your mouth and fill your stomach with three or two mouthfuls;

Open the takeout software at noon and eat whatever you have nearby. If you are busy with your work, you don't know what time it will be.

dinner is even more casual, eating at what time after work, or buying something casually at a stall on the way home, or simply not eating it in order to lose weight.

it seems that what you treat badly is your mouth, but in fact, what you owe is your body.

actor Wang Kai once talked about his illness in an interview.

he was 35 years old that year, and his career was at its busiest.

but just a month after my father died of lung cancer.

he was found to have a shadow in his lungs during the physical examination, and the doctor advised him to prepare for the operation.

he himself described that the moment he learned the results of the physical examination, he was "confused" in the same place.

before that, he used to stay up late in filming and carry it when he was sick.

the whole person is in a state of excessive consumption, regardless of whether it is regular to eat and rest.

but his sudden illness made him rethink his life and reorder the sequence of values in his mind.

now, it doesn't matter whether you are popular or not. Life and health are at the top of the list.

he is more and more concerned about whether the crew's meal time is on time.

"eat on time, take care of yourself, and don't let his family worry" has become his rule of life.

when young, most people feel that three meals a day is too tedious, eating on time is not efficient, casually deal with can live a good life.

as you get older, you will gradually find out:

how you treat every meal, how life will repay you.

eating on time and regular rest is not only a small and pure persistence to life, but also a simple and effective guardian of health.

three meals and four seasons, accompanied by family

people often say, "it doesn't matter what you eat, it's who you eat with."

having three meals a day and being accompanied by your family is the greatest joy in life.

I have a friend who has known him for nearly ten years. He has been thin and small, sallow and malnourished.

but when I saw her again a few days ago, I found that she looked ruddy.

but after two months, the whole person's state is much better.

ask her how she has been maintaining recently.

she says she eats with her family every day.

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after her parents retired last year, they moved in to live with her.

at first she thought that there must be quarrels because of differences in lifestyle.

but when she walked out of the room in the morning, she saw the sun scattered in the restaurant, ran into the dishes on the table, and then saw the colors on the plate, and her life was instantly full of hope.

when I get home in the evening, I can smell the food when I open the door. The whole family sits around. Although they quarrel occasionally, it is always safe to quarrel with each other.

in every sunset and dusk, in a meal room, feel the temperature of a bowl of food, taste the taste of a vegetable and a meal, which is full of parents' love.

the rules and regulations, fatigue and grievances can be melted between the collision of bowls and chopsticks.

in the days when the family is together, every meal is eaten in the stomach, engraved in the heart, and finally turned into a little bit of whispering, giving each other strength.

read a sentence on the Internet:

"the family loves each other, and the thing they look forward to most is that night falls, under a dim light, sit down with hot food, and swallow the hard work of the day.


No matter how hard life is right now, as long as the family sits around the table and in a few words, it can drive away the fatigue of the body and ease the anxiety of the heart.

in a dull and busy day, enjoying three meals and four seasons with your family is the best way to nourish your body and mind.

the real health preservation lies not in external objects, but in one's internal state.

No matter how expensive the medicine is, it is not as good as having three meals a day.

firewood, rice, oil and salt, soothe the heart

"one Day Zen" says: "the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people



and the most unique smell of fireworks in the world is in the diesel, rice, oil and salt of three meals a day.

the more detailed and insipid it is, the more it can heal the complexity of life and soothe the heart.

several times inWhen I saw Cai Lan in the interview program, he was carrying a golden monk bag and made an appointment with the host to go to the vegetable market.

he joked that he moved his office to the vegetable market.

the bustling crowd was full of fireworks.

fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, duck and fish give the vegetable market a soothing magic.

he took the host all the way around and bought all the way.

finally, find a small restaurant full of smoke and fire and chat while eating.

when you encounter a question that you don't want to answer, you use food to resolve the embarrassment.

you can hardly believe that this old man with a baby face without the air of twilight years is over eighty.

he never believed in those "ways of keeping good health", but he was still strong in his octogenarian.

in his opinion, life is about eating and drinking, and firewood, rice, oil and salt is the best way to prolong life.

cook a meal and enjoy it slowly, so that your life is naturally secure and fulfilling.

have read such a sentence:

"there are many kinds of beauty, but only the fireworks permeated by firewood, rice, oil and salt can soften the whole world and comfort the people."

there is no place in life without chicken feathers, chicken flying and dog jumping.

but firewood, rice, oil and salt can always take us to feel the beauty of life and understand the great truth of ordinary life.

if you ever find things difficult, don't rush to deny life.

choose a few fresh fruits and vegetables, pick a few pieces of meat, eggs and tofu you like, fill the basket and then go home, do it yourself and cook a hearty meal.

when the fireworks rise on the stove, the oil, salt and food in the pot tumble and merge.

you can immediately feel the joy of life contained in one vegetable and one meal, and the days become more and more interesting.

the hindrance of diesel, rice, oil and salt always slows down time.

the infiltration of fireworks in the world can naturally prolong the years of beauty.

keeping in good health is just eating three meals a day and living a little less trivial.

regular meals, feeding the body with seasonal vegetables;

Family companionship, nourishing the soul with affection and love;

firewood, rice, oil and salt, soothe the heart with the smell of fireworks.

Food in all directions, fireworks and fireworks in the world, eating three meals a day and living well throughout the year is the best way to maintain good health.