The best way to manage your health: let go of crap and stay away from bad people.
The best way to manage your health: let go of crap and stay away from bad people.
Get close to the people who can nourish you and live as your own sun.


when interviewing geneticist Yin Ye, Yang Lan asked:

"is it true that half of the cancer patients died of illness and the other half were scared to death?"

Yin Ye replied:

"emotions do change genes. We should stay away from bad people and things, cheer ourselves up and get in touch with positive things. "

the writer Hufland once said that of all the adverse effects on people, the most likely to cause short-lived death is bad mood and bad mood.

Bad people and bad things will only pull you curled up in the dark corner, so that you can not find the beauty of the world.

Mo Yan portrayed a bad man called kung fu in his novel late maturity.

Kung fu doesn't have any skills, and fighting is often the one who gets beat up.

but he went to provoke Wang Kui, the most powerful man in the village, and when he couldn't beat others, he abused each other.

Kung fu, who was crippled, ran to Wang Kui's door and scolded him, claiming that he had a cheap life, and that unless Wang Kui killed himself, he would get back at Wang Kui's wife and children sooner or later.

Wang Kui was so angry that he shoveled him with a shovel and was stopped by the accountant in the village.

unrelenting kung fu, he stood outside the yard and shouted, slandering that Wang Kui's child was born out of wedlock by his wife.

when kung fu went to provoke another young man in the village, he was knocked to the ground by the young man, and kung fu threatened that he would never stop.

on a dark and windy night, kung fu cut down all the corn that was about to be harvested in the young man's home.

as the saying goes, it is better to have a fight with a wise man than to talk to a bad man.

if you struggle with the garbage man, you will only get hurt in the end.

the writer's smooth father is a warm-hearted old man who likes to fight injustice.

because I couldn't bear to see the young man park his car on the sidewalk of the neighborhood and persuade the young car owner to drive away, he was scolded by the young man.

my smooth father was so upset that he held his breath in his heart and couldn't let it go for a long time. He had a stroke two days later.

Ping Kai-shun laments that the biggest mistake my father made was trying to influence an unreasonable person with reason.

We should have uncompetitive wisdom in life, and there are only two results in the end when we compete with bad people.

first, you win, but you also spend a lot of time and energy, and the loss outweighs the gain.

second, you lose, making yourself full of hostility, grumpy and depressed.

everything in the world has a cost, and if you struggle with bad people, it is your time and health that comes into it.

American biologists Friedman and Rothman once put forward the famous "personality theory":

Type A personality: competitive, argumentative, impatient, very easy to get sick;

Type B personality: leisurely, leisurely, less sick, the probability of disease is 1 /6 of type A personality;

as the saying goes, all diseases arise from the heart, and all diseases are cured from the heart.

the things in this world are endless and contentious. You have to worry about everything right or wrong. If you have thousands of knots in your heart, you will plant the root of the disease.

learn to bow to stupidity, and if you have a broad heart, your troubles will naturally be reduced by more than half.


@ Miss Zhu

, when I was driving home one day, I found that there were no parking spaces nearby.

it was already late at night, and he thought he would go out at five o'clock in the morning, so he parked his car at the entrance of the alley, which would not delay others anyway.

after parking the car, he confirmed again and again that he was not in the way before he went home to sleep.

I didn't expect to be woken up by a sudden knock on the door in the middle of the night. As soon as I opened the door, the other party could not help but burst out cursing.

it turned out that the neighbor had drunk too much and crashed into the car when he came back.

teacher Zhu hurriedly apologized to the other party and got dressed to follow him to move the car. The other side swore all the way, and even threatened to find someone to take care of him.

but he didn't answer back, just as if nothing had happened, he moved the car and went home to sleep.

afterwards, when he chatted with his friends about it, the people present praised him for being able to stand it.

teacher Zhu smiled and said:

"Why should I find myself unhappy? my mood and sleep are more important than relieving a moment of anger."

cartoonist Jimmy has an excellent saying:

"Don't dwell on something awkward for too long.

after entangling for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself.

after you learn not to argue, not to quarrel, and not to care, you will find that the whole world will become agreeable.

the choice of life is always in your own hands.

when you draw a circle on the ground as a prison, you will always have to live a prisoner-like life, depressed, powerless and dark.

when you walk away from those dark magnetic fields and walk in the direction of light, one day you will be able to get out of your inner prison and live a free and comfortable life.

netizen Ms. Ye told her story, which is very sad.

once, Ms. Ye found out that her husband was having an affair, but she was secretly determined not to leave.Marriage.

even if you are hurt to pieces, you will not be able to fulfill your husband and other women.

but she can never get over the hurdle in her heart, and she will always have an obsession-never get a divorce, and she will consume them to death.

until a routine physical examination organized by the unit, Ms. Ye was diagnosed with early breast cancer, and some other body indicators also exceeded the standard.

the moment she saw the test results, she woke up like a dream:

"I'm not killing anyone, I'm just killing myself. If everything can start all over again, I will never have any more obsession. I will let him go, and I will let myself go. "

after figuring it out, she called her husband and agreed to the divorce.

after the divorce, Ms. Ye felt relieved:

"when I was away from those bad people, I found that the sun was so bright, the flowers in the park were so delicate, the food was so sweet, and I could laugh heartily."

there is a saying in psychology:

everyone deals with everything, which is a process of brain remodeling.

what kind of things you deal with, you can't help but play the corresponding role until you really become that way.

gaze into the abyss for too long, and the abyss will stare at you.

not to fight with bad people, not to compromise with each other, but to learn to love yourself.

Feng Lun wrote in his book "if you are in the right direction, you are not afraid of a long way to go."

"as the saying goes, positive people are like the sun, where they shine, while negative people are like the moon. The first 15 is different.

We should be like sunflowers, following the sun and blooming stamens in the sun, instead of hurting spring and autumn in front of the uncertain moon. "

Ten times faster, stay away from the people who consume you, get closer to the people who can nourish you, and live your own sun.

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