The darker the person is, the more he likes to talk about these four topics. When you encounter them, you must stay away.
The darker the person is, the more he likes to talk about these four topics. When you encounter them, you must stay away.
A person will say what he or she has in mind.


as the saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

A dark person will spread his negative energy and bad emotions to the people around him like an infectious disease.

Gui Guzi said, "the mouth is the door of the heart."

A person will say what he has in mind.

usually, the darker people are, the more they like to talk about the following four topics. If you have such people around you, you should stay away as soon as possible.

negative and pessimistic complaints

people full of negative energy are negative and pessimistic.

they always like to vent all their negative energy, which will make the people around them unhappy.

once heard a psychologist say:

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"it is very dangerous for a person to look at himself in a negative way, and the end result will often destroy himself."

I think so.

I had dinner with my college classmates some time ago, during which I talked about their respective jobs.

I said to my classmates with envy:

"your job is really good. You don't have to work overtime and the salary is still high. It is estimated that many students in our class are envious."

I didn't expect my classmate's answer made me break out in a cold sweat:

"what is there to envy? now I just think that it is boring to work and it is not interesting to live."

then he confided his recent situation to me.

because he could not afford the down payment of three rooms and one living room in the city, his girlfriend felt that he was useless and had broken up with him. Because of his emotional failure, he also made frequent mistakes in his work recently and was often reprimanded by the leader.

listening to his complaints, I suddenly felt that my life was hopeless.

my classmate's salary is higher than mine, and his family condition is better than mine. Even he feels that the pressure of life is so great that he can no longer live, so why am I happy all day?

I was sad for several days for this.

say this in "avoiding the biting dog":

"some people are like garbage trucks, they run around full of garbage, full of chagrin, anger and disappointment, and keep spreading."

Unfortunately, this student is exactly like this.

people who pass on their negative emotions wherever they go are called "garbage people".

in life, the best way to meet "garbage people" is to stay away.

Don't be negative in doing things for others. You should have your own fortune and misfortune.

when you are alive, if you want to have a rich life, you should first cultivate a heart of wealth and be pessimistic and keep away from it.

inconsistent remarks

the most important thing to get along with people is to make each other feel comfortable.

if a person does what he says and does things, he is always the first and the second, then his character must not be any better.

as it seems, it is actually a person's most precious wealth and a card that runs through life.

during the warring States period, Pang Juan was on good terms with her classmate Sun Bin in his youth, so she swore to be a brother.

when Pang Juan was a middle-aged general and military advisor of the State of Wei, Pang Juan helped Sun Bin many times because he had a higher social status than Sun Juan.

later, Sun Bin was recommended by his teacher to be a guest minister to the king of the State of Wei.

originally, it was a good talk that both Pang Juan and Sun Bin were loyal to the King of Wei.

but at this time, Pang Juan was full of jealousy and fear of Sun Juan.

he envied Sun Bin's talent for fear that Sun Bin would be reused by the king of Wei and endanger his position.

therefore, Pang Juan tried every means to denigrate Sun Bin in front of the King of Wei. When the King of Wei listened to the slanderers and convicted Sun Bin, Pang Juan pretended to be surprised and interceded for Sun Bin in front of the King of Wei.

after that, Pang Juan dug out two kneecaps of Sun Bin with the knife of King Wei and stabbed words in his face.

Pang Juan went out to play for a few days, but said in front of Sun Bin:

"I've been running around because of you these days, and it took a lot of effort to save your life."

after crippling Sun Bin, Pang Juan pretended to treat his injuries.

it can be seen that people who are inconsistent are most likely to distort the facts and sow discord behind people's backs.

getting along with such a person can only mess up your life.

the most effective solution to meet such people is to stay away as soon as possible and avoid getting into trouble.

smug nonsense

in our lives, we often meet such people:

they have been to many places, so they think they have seen the world.

when they are a few years older, they feel that they have eaten more salt than others and like to tell others what to do about their lives.

when they buy a few luxury items, they feel that those who use bargains are not at the same level as themselves.


there are too many conceited and conceited people in this world.

they are always self-centered and feel that others should respect and respect themselves.

there is a good saying:

"the more incompetent people are, the more they look down on others


the more capable people are, the more they respect others.


A person who is too arrogant will only harm himself in the end.

to know: "there is a day outside the sky, there is someone else."

there is a very impressive contestant in "Strange Theory".

her name is Liu Chunyi and high achiever of Peking University. As soon as she appeared on the stage, she shouted:

"I don't want to take the first place because I've taken it too many times and want to try how to lose."

Sister Amy smiled and said:

"Girls all know me, and girls are my fans.


as soon as his voice fell, Liu Chunyi went back:

"Sorry, I hate you very much.


during the background interview, Liu Chunyi scratched her head and said Yang Mi:

"I'm a little worried. She doesn't understand what I'm saying.


later, because of her low EQ and self-righteousness, she lost the popularity of the audience and received all the bad reviews.

Shakespeare once said:

"the fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows himself."

the most terrible thing in the world is not the lack of ability, but the overestimation of one's ability.

most of the time, the more self-righteous you are, the more nothing you are.

getting along with such a person will drain your enthusiasm for life, so be sure to stay away from it.

unreliable empty talk

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "A man cannot stand without faith, and his karma will not flourish without faith."

honesty is not only an important basis for measuring a person's moral character, but also the cornerstone of life.

I have a relative who runs a decoration company.

when I talked to him about the decoration of the new house at the gathering of relatives and friends, he patted his chest and assured me:

"you give me the decoration of the house and make sure that you will spend the least money and decorate the house for you."

at that time, because everyone was related and did not sign a contract with him, I decorated the house for him at ease. Unexpectedly, after living in the house for less than half a year, the room became dilapidated.

the paint on the wall fades, the floor is not laid, it can be broken by stepping on it, the door is high and low, and the keyholes are not aligned.

when looking for him, he said:

"you only pay so much for decoration, I can only pick up cheap things to buy, and you can't blame me for that."

in the end, because I didn't sign the contract in advance, I had to eat Coptis dumb.

when other relatives heard about the matter, they all thought that he had not done it properly and reliably.

there is a good saying:

"A reliable person is a person who has an account for everything, a response to everything, and a reason for everything."

A truly reliable person pays attention to his conscience in doing things.

conscience is the most priceless thing in one's life.

if a person is unreliable and undisciplined, he can only be spurned by others.

Mencius also said:

"those who are sincere are the way of heaven; those who think of sincerity are the way of man."

in interpersonal communication, honesty is the essence of being a human being. Reliable people are more worthy of our deep acquaintance.

if a person gets along with others, treats promises as jokes, and opens his mouth with empty words and lies, he must not have a deep acquaintance with such people.

in dealing with people, we should pay attention to the authenticity of the heart, and careful observation in daily life will certainly show a person's character.

people who like to make negative and pessimistic complaints tend to be fragile and narrow-minded;

people who like to say bad things that are inconsistent in appearance tend to hide their intentions;

people who like to talk self-righteous nonsense tend to be stubborn and ignorant;

people who like to say unreliable empty words are often inconsistent with their words and deeds.

, I hope you will carefully make friends, use your heart on those who are good to you, and stay away from those who are dark inside.