The highest cleverness: don't treat others like fools
The highest cleverness: don't treat others like fools
​ wishes you to cherish everyone who is good to you and be kind to everyone who really treats you.



there is a highly discussed topic on Zhihu: "at what moment do you think you and your friends can no longer be friends?"

there is a high praise answer, very heart-piercing: "I take him as a friend, he thinks I am a fool."

indeed, when you get along with others, what you fear most is being set up.

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to be a man, don't play the abacus too loudly; don't take too much advantage when doing things.

in the adult world, no one is really stupid. Never take anyone for a fool.

if you plan others, you are also calculating yourself

in the hit drama "our Marriage", actress Shen Huixing returned to work after six years as a stay-at-home mother, but met her bizarre colleague Li Sha.

Shen Huixing has his own career ideal and strong professional ability.

as a newcomer, she successfully became a regular worker after completing a difficult project.

Lisa was very unbalanced when she saw that she had become an equal member of the team.

one day, when it was time to get off work, Shen Huixing was getting ready to get off work. She looked around, only to find that no one had left.

at this time, Lisa pretended to be well-intentioned and ran over to tell her that none of the other colleagues had finished, and if you were done, you could go first.

unexpectedly, as soon as Shen Huixing's front foot left, Li Sha went to complain to the leader, saying:

"I get off work on time at 6:30. I don't have to wear a watch when I sit next to her. I'm in such a hurry to go home every day. I don't know if there is



it was not until her boss severely criticized Shen Huixing at the meeting that she realized that Lisa was behind it.

but Lisa still miscalculated, because although Shen Huixing got off work a little bit, she never dragged her feet on her work.

in fact, a calculating person like Lisa will not be popular not only in the workplace, but also in life.

you will find that some people, who do not want to lose at any time, try to plot others and deliberately frame others, but they are actually digging holes for themselves.

there is a sentence in Gulong's the amorous feelings of that Sword: if you get something, you lose something at the same time.

because people are not as good as natural calculation, they are lucky to get a temporary bargain by calculation, and they will eventually pay it back exactly the same.

all the calculations and means are set up for themselves.

you should know that every calculation is a loss of one's own character.

to be a man, you should not be too smart. Those who set others up are themselves in the end.

it is better to treat others with sincerity than with heart

there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: I have no deceit, I have no fear of me.

in reality, there are too many routines between people, and many people are used to walking with masks.

the writer Wu Jiuzhen once told such a story:

one of his high school classmates is in the food business.

one day, the classmate asked him to borrow money, saying that there was an urgent need for turnover.

in order to lighten his psychological burden, Wu Jiuzhen said that he might as well buy his food so that he could have an income.

unexpectedly, his classmates thought he was rich and would sell him a bunch of products every few days.

Wu Jiuzhen thought that he might be short of money again, so he bought another pile from him.

at the same time, he implies that his income is not high, and the food at home has been piled up, and he can't finish it for a few years, so he can stop restocking for the time being.

the classmate smiled and said he understood, and Wu Jiuzhen thought he would never come again.

who knows, only a week later, the students brought in a bunch of products and insisted that Wu Jiuzhen buy them.

also said that in order to thank him for his support, in addition to a discount, the money can be owed first, and it will not be too late in the future.

Wu Jiuzhen felt sorry to hear this.

he knows very well that this time, his fate with this classmate has really come to an end.

so he told the classmate straight to the point that he should not regard himself as a nerd and his friend's sincere help as an injustice.

the classmate blushed with embarrassment and left after talking nonsense.

there is a good saying: "Don't have no conscience in your life, don't lose your heart when you lose anything."

to know that sincerity is not negative, when it is difficult, someone will cross it.

there is a "key law" in psychology:

the human heart is like a key, it does not need too many skills and means, as long as you give your heart, you can unlock anyone's heart.

between people, all in the same heart, between feelings and feelings, all based on an inch of truth.

everyone knows who is sincere and who is false.

when you get along with others, if you lose your heart and play with your heart, it will be disgusted for a long time.

the more you grow up, the more you understand that it is better to treat others with your heart than with your heart.

the cleverness at the highest level does not take others for fools

collector Ma Weidu talked about a babysitter in his family in an interview.

Ma Weidu inadvertently found that the things he bought were always reduced very quickly before he knew it, and when he looked back on what he bought in the first four or five days, he lost half of it.

later I found out that everything in my house had been quietly taken away by the babysitter.

the babysitter was also very shrewd. In order not to make Ma Wei suspicious, she took all the things that had been opened.

Ma Weidu did not expose it, but said to the babysitter:

"if you need anything, you can tell me directly. There are some things we can't use up at home."

but the babysitter thought she was watertight, still took what she should take, went smoothly, and turned a deaf ear to his kind advice.

Ma Weidu finally had no choice but to fire the babysitter.

he said that he was a collector, and he was afraid that one day the babysitter would warm up and take away the cultural relics, which would lead to heavy losses.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

"wherever there is a crowd, there are always some people who like to treat themselves as people and others as fools.


in reality, there is no shortage of smart people:

be courteous when you ask for it, and give it up like a shoe.

on the surface, he is a friend, but behind his back, he will throw a stone into a well.

obviously for his own sake, but also called it for the good of everyone.

these people get along with others, have ulterior motives, interact with people, and have other purposes.

in fact, other people may not be more stupid than you, do not say, does not mean stupid; do not care, does not mean that do not know.

you may suffer a temporary loss, but you will not suffer a lifetime loss.

when people get along with others, they can see the hearts of the people for a long time.

if there are many tricks, trouble will come; if you lose your heart, the heart will be far away.

Zeng Guofan said: "only the sincerity of the world can defeat the hypocrisy of the world."

in the world, there are many kinds of cleverness. Not taking others for a fool is the highest level of cleverness in the world.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "cast me with papaya and return it with Qiongyi." Bandits will always think of it as good. "

between people, they are always mutual.

Don't take the efforts of others for granted.

in any relationship, it is never good for no reason.

those who know how to respect others will be respected; those who know how to cherish each other deserve to be treated gently.

May you cherish everyone who is good to you and be kind to everyone who really treats you.

it's good to be able to cross not only others, but also yourself.