The highest kindness is to be kind to the person next to you.
The highest kindness is to be kind to the person next to you.
Be kind to your pillow, and join hands with your partner in the wind and rain.


Harvard University has a famous Grant study.

the experiment lasted 76 years, followed the lives of 268 people, and finally found that:

the most important factor in a happy life is not wealth or fame, but a partner.

A person's attitude towards his partner determines his quality of life.

as Oswald said, "being kind to your pillow is the essence of a happy life."

ignoring the person next to the pillow is the greatest stupidity of a person

have seen such a story:

A man was sent to hell after his death. He was very puzzled and complained angrily:

when I was alive, I tried my best to help others. Why wasn't I sentenced to heaven?

the judge was silent and waved his hand, and the scenes of the man's life unfolded before his eyes:

he watched at work, but at home he was deaf. The child cried, the water boiled, the meal boiled, and he turned a deaf ear to it.

running before and after running about other people's affairs, but bossing around like an uncle at home;

be gentle in front of outsiders, but speak harshly to your lover, even if you don't go well with your heart.

this is a true portrayal of how many people are in reality.

always gives the best to outsiders, but leaves the worst to the lover.

do not realize that ignoring the person next to you is actually burying a pit for the rest of your life.

the phrase "it is not others, but your lover who will accompany you to your old age" is never a joke.

as Su Qin said, "Love is a non-renewable resource. Once it disappears, it is difficult to start over." Despite the fact that so many people are going in and out of your life, there are only a few people who will be good to you all your life. "

parents will grow old, children will have their own home, and only love will be your last resort.

the one who deserves the most preferential treatment in life is your lover, the last passbook of life, is your wife.

to be kind to the person next to you is to be kind to yourself

as the saying goes, "people change hearts, half a jin for eight taels; true feelings for true feelings, you are more true."

people's hearts are relative, and feelings are mutual.

the way you treat the person next to you is often the way he treats you in the future.

everyone knows the immortal love between Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, but in fact, there is also a pair of wall men whose love is equally amazing.

that's Lin Yutang and his wife Liao Cuifeng.

at that time, everyone disliked Lin Yutang's poor background, but Liao Cuifeng never gave up and sincerely treated him and believed him.

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Lin Yutang, who was deeply moved, tore up the marriage certificate on the spot when he got married and vowed: this certificate can only be used when getting married.

the implication is that there will be no divorce in this life.

in order to support Lin Yutang to study abroad, Liao Cuifeng sold all her dowry without thinking to support her husband.

with this in mind, Lin Yutang was devoted to his life. Even if he became famous later, he was still loyal to his wife. He often said to his wife, "Feng, don't worry, you are the only one in my heart."

in those poor days of studying abroad, Liao Cuifeng, a young lady who once had no fingers, began to work to earn money in order to make a living.

Lin Yutang sees it in his eyes and pains in his heart. He always tries his best to help, takes care of his wife's mood and never quarrels with her.

thus, left the classic feeling:

"how to be a good husband?

is when your wife likes it, you like it with her, and when your wife is angry, don't get angry with her. "

in this way, the two have supported each other for half a century.

Yang Lan said:

"Marriage needs another kind of bond other than love, and the toughest one is not children, nor interests or money, but righteousness that treats each other with all sincerity."

this loyalty is the kindness of comparing one's heart to heart.

if you treat me with all your heart, I will show my heart.

in the Legend of Classics, the love between the famous movie stars Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingquan is more touching than Jin Jian.

when Wang Mingquan was seriously ill, Luo Jiaying gave up all the work at hand and the bright future to take care of her.

later, Luo Jiaying unfortunately suffered from liver cancer, and Wang Mingquan also resolutely put down everything to tide him over the difficulties.

Love is a circle that eventually returns to itself.

as Luo Jiaying said:

"you have half a life left, and I have half a life left. the two of us have one life, depend on each other, and grow old with one heart."

the highest kindness is to be kind to the person next to you

Liao Yimei said, "it is not rare to meet love and sex in one's life. What is rare is to meet and understand."

when love enters marriage, when passion fades to insipid, the rest is the triviality and collision of firewood, rice and salt.

therefore, the most rare thing in a marriage is to be able to think of others, pay attention to each other's hard work, and know how to be kind and cherish.

the love between the famous host Wang Han and his wife Yang Lele is talked about with great interest.

knowing that it is not easy for his wife to get pregnant, no matter how busy he is at work, he never misses every antenatal examination and runs back and forth in the hospital.

after the baby was born, he was more considerate of his wife's difficulties and took the initiative to wash clothes, change diapers and breast-feed the baby.Powder, pacify sleep and other work as much as possible, just to let the wife have a rest for a while.

in an interview, the host praised Yang Lele's luck.

Wang Han smiled and said, "when you find that a man dotes on a woman infinitely, this woman must do more."

Xu Zhimo said that understanding is the warmest language.

the happiest thing about a marriage is that lovers can put themselves in each other's shoes and understand and tolerate each other from each other's point of view.

because she understands the hardship of a woman's filial piety and housework at home, she is willing to tolerate her small temper.

because it is not easy for a man to work hard in front, he can understand his occasional bad mood.

it is the deepest kindness of a person to be considerate of the person next to him.

A woman's best dowry is a considerate and warm heart;

the best betrothal gift for a man is a lifetime of indulgence and love.

MiyazakiHayao said:

"meet and know each other in the vast sea of people, no matter who will not be plain sailing, only a heart willing to pay and know how to be grateful, can have a lifetime of love and happiness."

compare the heart to the heart in order to win the heart.

, be kind to the person next to you, and join hands with your partner in the wind and rain.