The highest level of self-cultivation is pleasing to everyone.
The highest level of self-cultivation is pleasing to everyone.
What you do to others, others will do to you.

people often say, "

Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty.


when you can't appreciate the beauty of the outside world, your life is a disaster.

appreciation is not only an ability, but also a realm.

know how to appreciate others in order to get the appreciation of others;

know how to appreciate others, is really excellent.

I don't like others because I'm not smart enough.

there is such a fable:

there are two trees in the yard, one is willow, the other is jujube.

the willow is graceful and beautiful, and the jujube trunk is invisible and ugly.

the willow laughed at the jujube tree: "you look so ugly, look how beautiful I am!"

in a twinkling of an eye, autumn is coming, and the jujube trees bear big and red dates, while the willows are heading for withering.

the willow asked it, "Why don't you laugh that I can't bear fruit?" I used to dislike you. "

the jujube tree said to him, "although you can't bear fruit, you sprout fast and green early. You have your strengths."

when the willow heard this, he was very ashamed.

most of the time, like willows, we always look at our own strengths, but blindly focus on the weaknesses of others.

Zhuangzi once said: "things certainly have something, but things have something to do." If there is nothing, nothing can be done. "

everything in the world has the value and meaning of its existence. In dealing with people, we should know how to respect and accept differences.

there is a famous "Tory Theorem":

whether a person's wisdom is superior or not depends on whether he can hold opposite ideas in his mind at the same time.

the wiser he is, the more receptive he is.

the world is like a kaleidoscope. You will see what you have in your heart.

between prejudice and narrowness.

only when you know how to appreciate others, can you win the respect and admiration of others.

appreciating others is a realm

Maugham once said:

Life cannot do anything to a man who can observe fallen leaves and shy flowers and appreciate everything from details.

people who know how to appreciate have scenery in their eyes and heaven and earth in their hearts. No matter when and where, you can always see the bright side.

there is a true story: a white mother and son took a taxi and got in a black driver's car. The child asked his mother why the driver's skin was black.

Mom thought for a moment and said, "that's because God wants the world to be colorful."

when he got off the bus, the black driver was determined not to charge any money. He said:

Our superb mother of the groom dress is a must for any elegant occasion. Our collections have something for every special occasion in your life.

"I asked the same question when I was a child, but my mother told me that because we were black, we were born inferior. I think if my mother's answer had been the same, I might have been better off. "

A compliment can affect other people's lives.

the world is originally rich and colorful, and people have their own strengths.

looking at the world with appreciation is a kind of wisdom and goodwill, while living with appreciation is even more a realm.

put aside paranoia and narrowness, learn to appreciate different people, find different beauties, embrace the world with tenderness and kindness, and we will have the whole world.

as Carnegie said, "appreciating others is a kind of bearing, a kind of wisdom, a kind of realm."

people who know how to appreciate have a tolerant mind and extraordinary wisdom.

they can find pearls in the gravel, flowers in the green leaves, see the strengths of others, and see the poetry of life.

appreciate others, you will be appreciated by others

as the old saying goes, "if you give someone a rose, your hand will have an aftertaste."

if you give something good, the world will repay you for it. When you look at others with appreciation, you will also welcome the appreciation of others.

Clinton Hillary told one thing: one spring, when she and her father were visiting the park, they saw an old lady wrapped in a thick cotton-padded coat and a fur scarf, as if she were living in a cold winter.

she told her father that the lady looked strange and ridiculous.

after hearing this, my father said solemnly, "Hillary, you lack the ability to appreciate others!" This shows that you are not warm-hearted and friendly in dealing with people. "

Hillary is not convinced. Dad said that she may have just recovered from a serious illness. If you look carefully, her expression of appreciating flowers is serene and pleasant, and her expression is touching, don't you think?

Hillary re-observed the old lady, and sure enough, the old lady looked serene and quiet.

Hillary went up to the old lady and said, Ma'am, the way you appreciate the flowers is touching, and you have made spring better.

the old lady excitedly said thank you, took the biscuit out of her bag and gave it to Hillary, praising: "what a beautiful child!"

under the influence of her father, Hillary, who knows how to appreciate others, has made amazing achievements.

Learning to appreciate is the best way to interact with people.

as a famous saying goes:

"it is the best way for people to appreciate the world with a pair of children's eyes."

when you learn to appreciate others, you can get praise from others.

Communication between people often begins with appreciation and ends with character. People often have a heart of appreciation, and friends naturally spread all over the world.

Mencius once said, "those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them."

what you do to others, others will do to you.

, from now on, be good at discovering the beauty of life, know how to appreciate others, your life can go farther and farther, more and more smoothly.