The highest level of separation is to tidy yourself up.
The highest level of separation is to tidy yourself up.
Life is a process of eliminating complexity and simplification.


once read such a sentence:

"the key to a man's success lies not in what he has got, but in what he has let go."

people's whole life is actually a process of constantly picking it up and putting it down.

only when you know how to break up and know what is the most important, can you set your heart free and travel light.

truly smart people learn to organize themselves and spend their time and energy on things of real value.

tidy up the room and give up a complicated room

there is a question on Zhihu: "my life is a mess. How can I change it?"

one of the highly liked answers is:

"when you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do about the life in front of you, clean the house, start with the smallest things, and start to change."

Lin Lin experienced the most difficult test of her life. Her husband was bankrupt and unhappy. She not only had to work to earn money, but also had to take care of her two children.

when the floor is dirty, you will mop it immediately and pick up even a hair. The clothes you usually wear will be folded one by one and packed in bags.

as the old saying goes, "

the bright window is clean, so you can sit and lie down.


when a person begins to tidy up his room, he gets not only the comfort of living, but also inner satisfaction.

has always liked this sentence:

"Home is a harbor. A clean room can nourish life and make you feel more at ease to move forward."

the more tidy a person's room is, the more regular his life will be, the more positive his spirit and state will be, and the more likely he will be to succeed.

on the contrary, people who give up cleaning their rooms because of laziness will be held back by complicated things over a long period of time.

people who are really wise will always take the time to reorganize their rooms to make life simple and pure.

sort out your emotions and give up complaining

writer Liu Na said:

"emotion is a gun, and when we pull the trigger of emotion, the gun is actually aimed at ourselves."

Human emotions are like clouds in the sky, unpredictable. If we don't adjust in time, we will get stuck in the quagmire of emotions and let life get out of control.

once saw such a short film:

when washing in the morning, the man put his watch on the washtable. When his wife saw it, she put it on the table.

while eating breakfast, the son accidentally broke his watch. The man scolded his son angrily and blamed his wife for taking the watch.

the wife explained that she was afraid of water in the watch, but the man said that the watch was waterproof, so the two had a big fight.

the man went out to work angrily. When he was almost at the office, he found that he had not taken his briefcase and immediately returned home.

but there was no one at home, and his keys were in his briefcase, so he had to call his wife.

when my wife hurried home to deliver the keys, she accidentally knocked over a fruit stall on the road and had to lose a sum of money before she left.

later, the man finally got the bag, but he was already 10 minutes late for work. Not only was he criticized, but his wife was also deducted from full attendance for being late.

in psychology, there is a famous "Festinger's law":

10% of life is made up of things that happen to you, while the other 90% is determined by how you react to them.

the beginning of the story is an accident, manpower is out of control, but the latter 90% of the misfortune is actually caused by emotional loss of control.

there is no one in the world who doesn't worry about his life.

there are times when everyone is depressed, the fool will only complain, and the wise will know how to adjust.

imagine that if you have 86400 yuan and lose 400 yuan, will you throw away the remaining 86000 yuan?

of course not.

so, why do we have 86400 seconds a day, and you make the remaining 86000 seconds unhappy because you are in a bad mood?

as Zhou Guoping said:

"No matter how short life is, living with a smile, enjoying with a smile, and suffering with a smile is life."

when we learn to accept emotions, organize emotions, and face life with a positive attitude, you will find that beauty is coming quietly.

organize the circle and give up the troubles

writer Su Cen said:

"you don't have to invite too many people into your life. If they can't get into your heart, they will only disturb your life and make it crowded."

We will meet a lot of people in our lives, but not all relationships are worth your painstaking efforts.

some time ago, many viewers found that Chen Daoming, the old actor, turned out to be the voice-over of the popular TV drama "the World."

that deep and magnetic tone, full and deep line skills, it is hard to believe that the dubbing person is in his twenties.

looking back on his past, it is not difficult to find that Chen Daoming's circle in life is simple and always lives independently and soberly.

in his spare time, he will play the piano, practice calligraphy, draw landscapes and study what he is interested in.

and the friends around him always laugh at him for staying at home alone, rather than going to a meal.The game makes sense.

Chen Daoming smiled calmly: "instead of focusing on fame and wealth, isn't it a kind of spiritual practice to calm down and do something useless but quiet and beautiful?"

unflattering, unworldly, neither pleasing nor attached to anyone, even though he has received more and more attention, he still adheres to his own way of socializing.

sometimes we always think that the more friends, the better, but in fact, three or two friends are far better than thousands of casual acquaintances.

when people reach a certain age, they should learn to simplify their circles.

those who should cherish should cherish, those who should give up will give up, and always leave time to those who deserve it.

everyone's energy is limited. Only by learning to subtract from one's own circle can we get rid of burdens, give up troubles, and get better and better.

sort out your thoughts and put aside your miscellaneous thoughts

the reason why people suffer is that they think too much, and when a person is surrounded by distractions all day, his mind and heart cannot be purified.

as the writer Mr. Yang Jiang said, "

your problem is thinking too much and reading too little.


only when people constantly examine themselves and cut off useless thoughts, can they dispel harmful delusions and live a wonderful life.

go player Go Saigen, Mr. Jin Yong once compared him to a "great master" in go. "

when he was six years old, he was obsessed with playing chess and practicing selflessly every day.

at the age of 13, Go Saigen won the five-stage chess game in China, Xiaohei Inoue, and became famous.

in his memoirs, he wrote about a detail before the competition:

every time I go to Japan to play chess, I will read through the moral Sutra first.

because of the thought of "inaction, no self, no desire" in Daojing, he can completely put aside all his thoughts, sort out his head, and deal with the game calmly.

all things in the world are bustling and prosperous, not to mention the thoughts in people's minds.

if you don't clean up your delusions in time, it's easy to get stuck in all kinds of trifles and disturb your mind.

philosopher Schopenhauer once said: "the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

most of the confusion in life is essentially brought about by ideas.

only by constantly sorting out our thoughts can we see the nature of things.

A true wise man will always keep a clear head and a clear mind, so that he will not lose the original rhythm of life and can laugh at life.

Mr. Lin Yutang once lamented:

"the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out the unimportant impurities and retain the most important parts."

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Life is a process of simplification and simplification. Really smart people never stick to the outside world, but adjust themselves at the right time.

learn to tidy up the room in order to stay away from complexity and gain happiness.

learn to sort out your emotions so that you can give up complaining and entanglement and avoid trouble.

learn to organize the circle so that you can get rid of external interference and live yourself.

learn to organize your thoughts so that you can stop delusions and move forward steadily.

, may we all know how to organize ourselves and live a sober and thorough, relaxed and comfortable life on the way forward.