The lower the level of people, the more they like to "fight".
The lower the level of people, the more they like to "fight".
May we all talk well and respect others for the rest of our lives.

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the writer Mr. Wang Meng once wrote a short novel "male Syndrome differentiation", which is as follows:

A doctor told me that they had come into contact with an eloquent patient in the clinic.

the doctor said, "Please sit down."

the patient said, "Why are you sitting? Are you going to deprive me of my right not to sit? "

the doctor poured a glass of water helplessly and said, "Please have some water."

the patient said:

"talking about the problem in this way is one-sided, so it is absurd, and not all water is drinkable. For example, if you add potassium cyanide to the water, you should never drink it. "

the doctor said, "I didn't put it here, so don't worry!"

the patient said:

"who said you let it go? Did I falsely accuse you of letting go? I didn't say you put the medicine, but you said I said you did it, and that's what you did! "

the doctor sighed helplessly and changed the subject and said, "it's a nice day today."

the patient said, "pure nonsense!" Just because you have a nice day here doesn't mean it's fine all over the world today. For example, in the North Pole, the weather is very bad today, it is windy, it is a long night, and icebergs are crashing. "

the doctor could not help retorting, "this is not the North Pole."

the patient said, "but you should not deny the existence of the Arctic." If you deny the existence of the Arctic, you are distorting the truth and have ulterior motives. "

the doctor said, "you go."

the patient said, "you have no right to order me to go. This is a hospital. You can't kick me out. "

in current popular words, this eloquent patient is a full "leverage", and should belong to the kind with a high Rank.

what is leverage?

refers to those who habitually argue against others and always disagree with others. They often refute for the sake of rebuttal, regardless of what other people say, whether what they say is right or not.

just like this eloquent patient, he can retort and sing a different tune no matter what the doctor says.

to put it bluntly, there are still a lot of such people nowadays. Especially on the Internet, it is full of leverage.

some people can't help asking: what kind of people are these?

in my opinion, the lower the level of people, the more they like to argue with others. In other words, people who like to argue are usually at a lower level.

as for the reason, listen to me.

people who like to flatter others have no self-cultivation

there is a very important reason why people who like to flatter are at a relatively low level, that is, such people often have no self-cultivation, do not know how to respect others, and do not know how to consider other people's feelings.

give a very simple example:

others say this dress looks good, and people who like to lift bars will first habitually retort: where does this dress look good? You think this dress looks good?

and then make a personal attack: you really have a problem with your eyesight, and your aesthetic is so bad that it is ugly even if it looks good on you.

I'm not exaggerating. There are a lot of such people in real life.

you said the movie was really good. He said I thought it was rubbish. I really don't know your taste. You said this place was really beautiful. He said it was beautiful. Look at you like you've never seen the world before.

some people may say, can I not express my views when I see things I disagree with and hear opinions that I disagree with?

of course, but it's not the case to express a different opinion. As in the case in the above example, it is not a case-by-case debate at all, but a naked personal attack.

such people are either low EQ or unable to speak, but have no self-cultivation, no quality, or purely evil intentions.

Please remember this:

most of the time, you don't like everything because others are bad, but often because you don't have enough self-cultivation and self-cultivation.

people who like to flatter themselves are mostly mediocre people

the writer Mr. Wang Xiaobo once said that all people's pain is essentially anger at their own incompetence.

in fact, a person is hostile to heaven and earth to sentient beings, has a lot of hostility, and doesn't like anything, which in essence is anger at his own incompetence.

once people are in this unsatisfactory state for a long time, and do not have the ability to change, do not see hope, the mood must be bad.

as the saying goes, each other comes from the heart.

I believe we all have the experience that when we are in a bad mood, we tend to be unhappy with everything, and speak harshly and unpleasantly, with thorns on the inside and outside.

the same is true of most people who like to argue and disagree with others everywhere.

behind their strong and mean, there is actually a soul of inferiority, cowardice and loss of life.

this is the second reason why I say that people who like to flatter are at a lower level..

Please remember this:

people who are really capable are often very small-tempered, broad-minded, very gentle and gentle. They don't complain, but only lift people.

people who like to flatter have poor cognitive ability

in many cases, a person likes to argue with others and does not agree with other people's views, often because of his limited cognitive level.

A classic example:

there is a saying in Zhuangzi Qiushui: "well frogs cannot speak to the sea, and summer worms cannot speak to ice."

Don't talk about the sea with frogs in wells or ice and snow with summer bugs because they have never seen it or experienced it.

so, even if you are telling the truth and are right, they will not believe you and will not agree with you.

this is often the case for those who like to cheat.

they are trapped by their own shallow knowledge and low level of cognition, which leads to being very stubborn and arrogant, and there is no room for other views and opinions.

the obvious thing is:

those who have seen rivers and lakes and experienced the change of seasons, and those frogs sitting under wells all day and bugs in summer, obviously belong to two completely different levels.

this is the third reason why I say that people at a lower level are more likely to compete with others.

Please remember this:

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, the higher the level of cognition, the more modest and courteous they are, the more they can listen to the voices of others, and they will not blindly refute and negate others.

I hope that for the rest of our lives, we can all talk well, respect others, and get along with the world in a kinder attitude, a more open-minded mind, and in a more intelligent and mature way.

encourage it!