The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.
The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.
When you become the best of yourself, you can meet better people.

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A writer once said:

"everything around a person comes from his heart and characteristics."

the Book of changes also says:

"one voice corresponds to one voice, and one asks for it in the same phase."

who you are, you will be attracted to.

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good luck is always accompanied by good luck, while bad luck is always accompanied by evil.

in the world, everything you encounter is read, what you read, what you think, and what you think, you will meet.

with good thoughts, dignitaries come on their own

as the old saying goes:

"reap what you sow, reap what you sow."

sow what you sow in your heart, you will get what you sow, sow goodness, bring good fortune, sow malice, and bring disaster.

in life, only by abandoning evil thoughts and having a good heart can we accumulate good fortune and good luck.

there is such a story:

in the early years of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, thieves emerged one after another. once, thieves robbed all the pawnshops in the county, except one unscathed.

when the government investigated, they suspected that the family was connected with the thieves, so they secretly set up a lot of ambushes.

after a period of observation, it was found that the family was open and aboveboard, with no sign of communication, and then evacuated.

later, when the thief committed the crime again, the government took him down at one stroke and asked the doubt at that time:

"Why are all the pawnshops stolen, but only the Kim's shop?"

the thief said conscientiously:

"I have been there several times, but I sent cash outside the house and on the house as if there were gods to protect me, but I dared not invade it."

it turns out that the owner of this shop is benevolent, never cheats the people, and is often free of interest fees, and is often praised by people.

when they heard this, they said with emotion:

"God bless, God bless, God bless the good, so there is good God to protect it."

as the saying goes, "although no one sees virtue, one knows how to do good."

all virtues and good deeds are seen by God. Although blessings will not come right away, they will give back to you at a certain time.

in history, before Shun became emperor, he was often bullied by his stepmother and brother, and even wanted to kill him, but the kind Shun had no resentment in his heart.

even after becoming the son of Heaven, he still felt guilty because his parents were unhappy.

such Shun moved not only his parents but also the rest of the world.

Confucius once said:

"Great virtue must have its place, its reward, its name, and its longevity."

it is about King Shun, a man of great virtue, who must have fame and fortune, and be able to live a long and healthy life.

because doing good is like the grass in a spring garden, it does not grow, but increases with each passing day.

good people have their own blessings, and good people must be blessed by heaven.

if you are sincere and kind, good luck will follow, and dignitaries will fall from the sky.

the heart is dark, attracting villains

as the saying goes:

"there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves."

everything in life is inspired by yourself, and so is the villain.

everything in the world has a gravitational pull, and what you complain about in your heart will appear.

Sui Shu records such a story:

Sui Dynasty General he Ruobi, both civil and military, inherited his father's bravery and became the emperor's right-hand man.

what was supposed to be a bright future was ruined by my own negative emotions.

privately, he often complains that he gives too much and gains too little, and often makes a mockery of others.

the magnificent general of the Sui Dynasty does not know his own behavior and has attracted many villains in the invisible.

in the end, he was once caught and ended up with the death penalty.

there is a saying:

"the more negative you are, the easier it is to attract villains."

people always tend to stay with their own kind, fools blindly socialize and trample on each other, and wise people improve themselves and help each other.

the frequency of thought and the state of mind determine the circle in which you live and the direction of your destiny.

most of the time, you feel that your fate is unfair, and your life is full of bad people and bad things. It is possible that those people and those things come because of your negative energy.

it is said in "the four trainings of Fan": "all Futian is not separated from the square inch."

good luck is like this, so is bad luck, in the final analysis, it lies in your own heart.

Mr. Zhang Boling often says:

"people can have bad luck, but don't have bad luck!"

if you want to stay away from the "villain" physique, you must change your heart, ask for yourself inward, know how to reflect on yourself, and improve your self-cultivation.

when you have a good face, good luck will come.

cultivate yourself, good luck comes

some people say:

"Don't take the time to chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. There will be a number of fine horses for you to choose from in the coming spring."

Don't deliberately follow one person, try to improve yourself, and when the time is right, there will be good people with you.

it is far more far-sighted and powerful to improve and enrich yourself than to please others.

Mo Yan, a writer who won the Nobel Prize for literature, lived a poor life in his early years and was often ridiculed by his friends for eating.

eat too much, others laugh at him for not eating, eating less, others laugh at him for putting on airs.

Mo Yan never took the sarcasm of others to heart, but cherished a writer's dream and constantly carefully carved his own words every day.

he wrote his daily experience into a story and read it to his mother to see if he could impress the reader. in this way, he improved day after day, and his writing skills improved by leaps and bounds.

Red Sorghum caused a sensation in the literary world, and the novel Frog won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

at any time, the magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.

when Mo Yan had nothing, he was surrounded by ridiculers, and when he became a Nobel writer, he was surrounded by praise, talent and ability.

the Analects of Confucius says:

"the gentleman is born on the basis of the principle."

people want to fundamentally improve themselves, instead of trying to make friends with good people, it is better to make themselves excellent people.

when you really become a Chollima, don't worry about dying in between.

when you are brilliant and brilliant, don't worry about "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley".

only by planting plane trees can we attract Phoenix.

when you become the best of yourself, you can meet better people.

May we continue to sharpen ourselves and become better and more independent people for the rest of our lives.

because only when you live into a ray of light can you shine and attract light!