"the man who will send you these three sentences on Wechat really loves you."
"the man who will send you these three sentences on Wechat really loves you."
The rest of life is not long, true love is rare, cherish the person who loves you.


Shakespeare once said: "Love is harder to hide than murder. The night of love has noon sunshine."

therefore, there is no need to test whether a person really loves you or not, there are always some clues that can be seen.

maybe he is not good at words and doesn't say a lot of cajoling words, but true love can't help but want to express. If a boy has said the following three words to you, he must really love you.

"I miss you"

I always think "I miss you" is more beautiful than "I love you", because missing is something uncontrollable and like a shadow.

whether you are happy or sad, you will think of ta in the first place.

in the TV series "want to see you", Li Ziwei said to Huang Yuxuan:

"every day, every minute and every second without you is so hard that I can only live alone in the memories of you, waiting and missing. In the long ordeal of waiting to meet you again, the only reason for me to hold on is to seize the opportunity to start all over again to make up for the past that I have missed and cannot be undone. "

Love has a magical power that makes people get caught up in it and can't help it.

in countless days spent alone, missing is the only thing I can do, no matter how hard it is, I am willing to bear it.

I miss you not only want to be with you, but also want to see you right away.

so when a boy says "I miss you", he must love you more than you think.

"good night"

some people say that "good night" is another expression of "I love you", because the first letter in the pinyin of the word good night adds up to "I love you, love you".

the person who will say good night to you must be because he loves you and will express his love again before going to bed.

I saw a video yesterday in which someone asked a couple who had been married for many years what was the best way to express love between lovers.

the husband looked at his wife and said:

"good morning and good night. Because if someone says good morning and good night to you every day, it means the last thing he thinks about before going to bed is you. If he says good morning to you, it means he is thinking about you first thing when he wakes up. "

the wife then said to her husband, "if someone says good morning and good night to you every day, it means he has been thinking about you all day."

although good night is just a simple and ordinary sentence, it will be more moved because the person who speaks is the one you like.

the last thing before going to bed every day has something to do with you, and I hope you have me in your dream.

"I'm here, don't worry"

whether a relationship can last or not does not lie in how many romantic plots there are, but in the care and concern for each other.

the initial palpitations always fade with time. What can reassure people is that they are all there when you need them.

in the backstage message, I saw a girl say that she went to see her parents with her boyfriend not long ago. She was very nervous and had no idea what gifts she would give to her future parents-in-law, so she kept asking her boyfriend for advice.

but my boyfriend is typing with her cell phone all the time. No matter what she chooses, she says it's OK. It's up to you.

she was a little unhappy and thought her boyfriend didn't care about the meeting at all.

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later, her boyfriend's mother told her that she knew that her boyfriend was telling her parents to cook more dishes that girls like, and that they should not ask too many questions when they met for fear that she would be nervous.

the girl was so moved that she mentioned it to her boyfriend, and he patted her chest and said, "I told you, I'm here, don't worry."

the person who loves you will always show up in time when you need it most. He may not understand romance, but the sentence "I am here" is more reassuring than "I love you".

you don't have to put up with it when you are sad, you can have someone to support you when you are in trouble, and you can get support when you make a decision.

there are always ups and downs in life. Having a person with responsibility and responsibility by your side is the best love.

"I love you" is a love word, but it is not enough to prove love. When what he says and does is enough to make you feel loved, you don't need any evidence to prove it.

the rest of life is not long, true love is rare, cherish the one who loves you.