The mood is relaxed, everything is bearish, everything is going well.
The mood is relaxed, everything is bearish, everything is going well.
Mentality, is the helmsman of fate, a good mentality, you can become the winner of life.


as the saying goes, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart."

most of the time, a person's state is determined by his own state of mind.

No one's life is always plain sailing. In the face of adversity, if the heart is full of pessimism and negativity, life will be bleak.

the mood is relaxed, everything is bearish, everything will be smooth.

relax your mind and your body will be better

Zeng Guofan said: "the mind is treated with the broad word as medicine, and the body with the word" no medicine "as medicine."

nourishing the heart is the best way to keep healthy, the heart is wide, and the disease retreats itself.

mentality is a person's mental state, good state of mind, full of spirit, and better physical health.

Zhu Xun, the host, was diagnosed with serious illness twice at the peak of her career, but she was not decadent or anxious.

Zhu Xun chose to relax his state of mind, treat actively, and fight against the disease. More than 10 years later, she is still standing on the stage with a smile.

the ancients said:

"if your heart is one inch wide, you will benefit by three points."

some people are not sick, they are angry, they are scared, and they want to get sick, while others are sick, but because they are broad-minded and optimistic, they slowly recover.

so relaxing your mindset is the best panacea.

being open, open-minded and open-minded is more useful than keeping healthy.

correct your mindset, and the work will go smoothly

Kazuo Inamori said, "work itself is a kind of spiritual practice."

you have the same life as your attitude towards work.

some people deal with their work passively and keep on self-friction in the process of daily repetition.

while some people reflect on themselves, take the initiative to change, constantly adjust themselves, the state is getting better and better.

writer Cai Lan once took a taxi home and saw a smile on the driver's face, with flowers and decorations on the car.

but at that time, few people took taxis, the market was depressed, and most drivers were sad.

Cai Lan was very curious. The driver said, "if you are positive and optimistic, luck will follow."

A person's good luck actually lies in his proactive work attitude.

correct your mindset, spend your worrying time working hard, and spend your complaining time in the present.

in the long run, the work will naturally become more and more smooth, and the road of life will become wider and wider.

keep your mind steady, and things become

as the old saying goes, "Don't rush before you kill, but win with stability."

Life is like chess, only those who can hold steady can win the final victory.

on the contrary, most of those who are impetuous accomplish nothing.

because only by keeping a steady state of mind can we think carefully, have a clear insight, and get over one hurdle after another.

Wang Xizhi, a famous calligrapher, has been very talented in calligraphy since he was a child, but because he was young and eager for success, the realm of calligraphy has been at a standstill.

it wasn't until he saw the calmness and calmness of Zhang Zhi's years of calligraphy practice that he suddenly realized that the words should be written slowly, stroke by stroke, and the road should go up little by little.

in the following 20 years, Wang Xizhi was on guard against haste and impatience, practiced calligraphy painstakingly every day, and finally became a generation of famous experts, known as the "saint of calligraphy."

"haste makes waste."

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whether things can be done or not, more often, mindset is the most important.

the faster you try to achieve it, the more counterproductive it will be.

keep a steady state of mind, cultivate yourself deeply, don't be impatient, and your success will come naturally.

change your mindset and the opportunity comes

Lu you wrote in the poem: "it looks like there is no road, but there is another village around the corner."

when you walk into a dead end, don't rush to be sad, think about going back.

it is better to see if there is an exit nearby, because setbacks are often accompanied by opportunities.

sometimes you just change your mindset and you can have a flash of inspiration and open up a new situation.

but there are more and more people and less and less gold, and the dream of panning for gold is about to turn into a bubble.

when most people are immersed in confusion and pain, there is a person who has changed his state of mind and changed his life ever since.

he saw that the gold miners were short of food and clothing, so he used all his savings to bring in food and water and earned the first bucket of gold.

he also found that the workers' trousers wore out too fast, and he thought of using canvas material to make trousers. As a result, they sold out and made a lot of money.

this man was the later cowboy king, Reeves.

there is light behind the darkness, opportunities are hidden in difficult situations, and good and bad always change inadvertently.

therefore, no matter what kind of difficult situation we are in, we should try to change our mindset and seize the opportunity to meet a better future.

Maslow, a famous psychologist, said:

"if the state of mind changes, the attitude changes; the attitude changes, the habit changes;

habits change, personality changes; personality changes, life changes. "

mentality, is the helmsman of fate, a good mentality, you can become the winner of life.

May you and I relax our mindset, correct it, stabilize it, reverse it, and keep happiness together all the time.

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