The more men are afraid of you, the more they love you.
The more men are afraid of you, the more they love you.
Then you must cherish it and don't lose him.

Zhang ailing once said:

"when you fall in love with someone, you are always a little afraid of getting her, afraid of losing her."

indeed, love is a wonderful thing.

when a man loves you deeply, he will inexplicably become a pussy.

he will be careful for fear that he will accidentally hurt you.

he will have too many worries, afraid that not doing well will make you unhappy.

and all this is actually a sign that a man loves you deeply.

afraid of your misunderstanding

A man loves you so much that he will be afraid of you misunderstanding him.

so he will know what to do and will consciously keep his distance from any member of the opposite sex.

he will not go to see female friends alone, answer phone calls or receive gifts from female friends in the middle of the night.

I was particularly impressed by an episode of the variety show "Mother-in-law and Mom".

one day, Jiang Chao received an anonymous delivery, a pair of lovely slippers.

wife Madina said:

"I don't know which woman sent it, but you must be hiding something from me."

Jiang Chao felt very uncomfortable and angry when he saw his wife say this. He said he must find out who sent the slippers.

many people don't understand why he is angry about such a trifle.

later, Jiang Chao explained:

"I was very angry at that time because I really cared about wheat. I don't want to make her angry. I don't want other people's pranks or jokes to ruin our relationship. "

Yes, because I love someone too much, I don't want to let anyone or anything cause you misunderstandings and troubles.

he will consider your emotions and feelings, and will know how to think of others and think of you.

he will be afraid of you being angry and unhappy.

and all this comes from deep love.

there is a line in the TV series Please answer 1988:

"sometimes crossing boundaries doesn't necessarily mean anything, but trust and respect are exhausted over and over again."

I think so. That's what people who love you are like.

he will be himself and avoid any inappropriate behavior, so as not to cause your suspicions and misunderstandings, thus affecting your relationship.

because he knows that there is no sand in the eyes of those who love each other.

sometimes a small misunderstanding will make a relationship split or even go their separate ways.

afraid of you being alone

some people say:

Don’t you think that it is time to add some super trendy white high low dresses to your wardrobe? Our collections make it a piece of cake to help you choose the perfect one.

"A man talks to you not because he is lonely, but because he is afraid of you being alone; to make you happy is not because he has nothing to do, but because he is afraid that you will be sad."

Yes, companionship is the most lasting confession.

in a relationship, the most valuable thing is long-term companionship.

the man who is willing to spend time with you must be the one who loves you deeply, because affection is not as good as long-term companionship.

there may be many people who like you, but not many people who are afraid that you are alone and are willing to spend time with you.

people who don't love you will never worry about your feelings.

his time is for friends, for work, for games, but not for you. He is always busy for you.

and the man who loves you will always have time for you.

when he has no time, he will squeeze out time to eat with you, watch TV, go shopping and talk nonsense with you.

for him, being with you is the most important thing, because you are the most important person in his life.

he doesn't want to see you think alone.

he is afraid that you are lonely, you are not happy, and he is not happy.

he doesn't want to bore you. He always allows himself to be by your side all the time and gives you full sense of security.

afraid of your disappointment

look at whether a man loves you or not, don't just listen to what he says.

it depends on what he does.

the man who loves you deeply will never use illusory, unrealistic vows to make you happy.

the man who doesn't love you is just the opposite. he always cajoles you with bad checks.

not long ago, Xiao Jiang ended a six-year relationship. Speaking of this relationship, Xiao Jiang said with a wry smile:

"the man who let you down must not really love you."

Yes, Xiao Jiang's boyfriend always gives her a good promise and makes her look forward to it with hope.

but in the end, there is always an empty joy.

agreed to go to the movies with her, and finally went for a drink with her buddies.

I promised her a birthday, but I forgot it at last.

promised her a big wedding, but she didn't even propose for six years.

in the Beijing Love Story, there is a piercing line: "I thank you for the hope you gave me. It's all so desperate."

in many cases, if a promise is not fulfilled, it will eventually turn into despair.

A man's love for you is just on the tip of his tongue.

then don't be silly, he must not really love you.

A man who loves you will not make a promise easily.

he is afraid that if he fails to do so, he will make you disappointed, lost and sad.

but if he has promised, he will do it, because he takes you to heart.

he will make constant efforts, take actions, and use the results to prove his love for you.

wants to take you to play.He will tell you when he asks for leave;

if he wants to celebrate your birthday, he will tell you when he is booked to the restaurant.

if he wants to give you a diamond ring, he will tell you when he buys it.

the person who really loves you will put his love into detail and practice.

always do it first to make you feel real, rather than just talking and not doing it.

this is because the more people love you, the more reluctant they are to let you down.

the more a man loves you, the more afraid he is of your misunderstanding, loneliness and disappointment.

whenever you are a little unhappy, he will feel worse than you.

because of love, I take you very seriously.

will consider problems from your standpoint, and he can understand and understand even a little bit of your careful thinking.

in fact, all our lives, we are just looking for someone who understands and accompanies us, and who can hold hands for a lifetime.

so, if you meet a man who is so "afraid" of you.

then you must cherish it and don't lose him.