The more you reject these requests of the opposite sex, the more you love you.
The more you reject these requests of the opposite sex, the more you love you.
Love, please love deeply, do not love, please leave.

the most beautiful way of love is to be independent and do what you like. When the other party needs it, you can show up as soon as possible.

and some people talk about love, "if he has me, he can't have any other friends. His spare time is mine, and all other social activities are interrupted."

this kind of love may be beautiful at first, but it will eventually make people tired.

people need space, even if they love someone again.

the more he rejects these three when he gets along with the opposite sex, the more he loves you.

refuse to rely too much on each other

I have seen such a paragraph, and I am deeply impressed:

those who have no independent spirit must rely on others; those who depend on others must be afraid of others; those who are afraid of others must flatter and flatter others.

when a person loses his independence because of love and always depends on each other, then his love must be without sense of security.

if you lose your independence, you will be more nervous about the relationship, love more and more, worry about gain and loss, and be afraid of changes, so you will be careful.

in a relationship, a person is always careful, then this person is doomed to be wronged.

people, do not regard love as the whole of life, when you do, one day you will have nothing!

be nice to yourself, and the people around you will treat you better.

refuse to get too close

lose your circle

the most wrong way to express love is to weave each other and yourself into a web called sweetness, thus refusing to connect with the outside world.

it turns out that we need friends other than lovers.

We need to have our own social interaction, we need to have our own circles, we need to learn different nutrients from different people, and we need more growth.

but some people are afraid, afraid that he will meet better people in different circles and change.

so give yourself sense of security by controlling each other and cutting off each other's social circle.

but is this really safe?

those who should go will go. No matter how good love is, you can't get too close to each other and let each other lose their freedom.

writer Su Qin once said:

"I have the best feeling that knowing someone will not leave you easily." No matter what kind of setbacks and temptations you go through, go around or walk back. "

this is the best way to love! I am sure he loves me and is not afraid that he will meet anyone!

I once saw such a sentence in Zhihu and thought it was very beautiful:

"I will never retain the person who leaves me easily, because he is no longer worth it!"

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refuse to think too much

constant suspicion

writer Chen Xue said:

"Love is not consensual. After a romantic union, everything will come naturally." To be more precise, love begins only after the romance fades and the test arises. "

when it is most romantic, you can't bear to quarrel; but when romance withdraws, all kinds of quarrels will break out in life eventually.

in love, the most quarreling problems actually revolve around two words: trust!

if there is trust, there is a certainty that even if the other person comes home late occasionally, or occasionally has a chat with friends of the opposite sex on Wechat, it will not take it seriously.

when trust is gone, there are all kinds of contradictions, and every tree and grass will fight at the slightest move.

, there will be a big fight.

when two people get along with each other, once one person is too sensitive and thinks too much, it will be difficult to maintain a stable relationship.

so trust is the cornerstone!

Don't do anything to hurt your lover just because of an irrelevant member of the opposite sex, or on the spur of the moment.

because once the trust is gone, the feeling will change and you will be tired to get along.

it's the same old saying, love, please love deeply, don't love, please leave.

this is not only responsible for yourself, but also respect for others!