The most advanced rules for adults
The most advanced rules for adults
In life, every word and deed reflects a person's character.


there is a sentence in Cai Gentan:

"those who are with others are more likely to neglect the end than to be close to the beginning.

the official is not as good as clumsy at the front rather than at the back.


means that when you get along with people, too much intimacy leads to gradual alienation, so it's better not to be too close at first.

to deal with things, instead of trying to cover up your mistakes afterwards, it is better to think carefully in advance.

in life, every word and deed, what you think and think is a mirror, reflecting a person's conduct.

the most advanced rule for adults is to have precepts in words, stops in deeds, and fears in hearts.

speak with caution


@ Agu

told a story about himself.

A Gu had some changes in his family when he was in high school. Overwhelmed, he was mentally ill and was sent to a mental hospital for some time.

only his best friend knew about it at that time. Gu carefully covered his past and struggled through four years of college.

my friend was so generous that he found a good restaurant and called a large group of people to welcome him.

but what surprised Ah Gu was that his unbearable past had become the conversation material of his friends at the dinner table.

"I'm telling you, my buddy has an unusual experience. He's been in a mental hospital, isn't he?"

"Ah Gu, tell us what it looks like inside. Have a good meal

do you want to eat? "

at that moment, Ah Gu's face turned pig liver.

words without thinking, once spoken, is an arrow that shoots out, hurting people's hearts and hurting each other's feelings.

people who are really good at talking are often considerate of other people's difficulties and take care of other people's shortcomings.

the famous host Lao Liang also shared a story in the program:

A friend of a relative of Lao Liang built a three-story villa in the suburbs.

because there is a custom in the north, that is, there will be a housewarming after the building is built.

my friend said that we must have two more tables on the day of housewarming, so that all our relatives and friends can come and visit.

on the day of the treat, when others arrived, they congratulated their friends and sent their blessings.

Our wedding gowns for petite women not only show off your natural beauty but make your silhouette look its absolute best. Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

only Lao Liang's relatives opened their mouths without thinking and said, "your building is so high. If it collapses, how many people will be killed?"

in a word, it embarrassed everyone at the scene.

there is a saying in Yan's Family motto: "No more words, more failures; no more things, more things and more troubles."

people who can't speak, regardless of the occasion or time, open their mouth and blurt it out, offending people and not knowing it.

speaking without scruples is an invisible disaster.

it will make people who know you alienate you slowly, and people who like you will gradually hate you.

truly mature people, all know how to look before you leap, words have precepts, is a sign of maturity.

the line stops

Meng Fei, a famous host, told a story in the program:

years ago, shortly after Meng Fei arrived to work on Jiangsu TV station, a cousin from his hometown in Chongqing suddenly called and asked him to arrange a job for his son in the TV station.

Meng Fei embarrassed to tell his cousin that to enter the TV station, you need to pass a formal exam to be eligible to be hired, which is not something he can decide in a few words.

originally Meng Fei apologized, but the cousin on the other end of the phone was aggressive.

she chattered endlessly, and her words were mixed with cynicism, accusing Meng Fei of being unkind.

after Meng Fei hung up the phone, she blocked the cousin's number without hesitation.

Bi Shumin once said, "keeping a close distance is the most appropriate way to communicate."

when you do things alone, what you fear most is that you don't have a sense of division.

in life, some people like to let others pay for their lives under the banner of relatives.

some people like to hold the banner of friends and snoop on other people's privacy and secrets.

do not realize that such behavior often leads to alienation and strangeness in their relationship.

people who really have a sense of proportion know how to handle the "degree" of human contact.

to stop doing something and not to set foot on other people's boundaries is the best respect for their relationship.

the heart is afraid

there is a saying in the historical records: "all the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

driven by interests, some people lose their original mind and go farther and farther away.

there are also people who, even in the face of various temptations, remain unmoved and maintain their due awe.

I have heard such a story:

Lu, the prime minister of the State of Lu, is very fond of fish. Many people who wanted to ask him to do things sent him fish, but Gongyi Hugh did not accept any of them.

he said that if you collect other people's fish, you can't refuse them, and you need to agree to their requests. If you break the law, you will be dismissed.

at that time, not only will no one give away fish, but I will not be able to buy any more fish.

there is a saying in Daojing: "a long heart of awe is the root of keeping the happiness of life."

Zeng Guofan

unexpectedly, Zeng Guofan was still sitting on his "four-man lift."

Travel ceremonies, everything is simple.

even after his achievements, he was still in awe and dared not take credit, and took the initiative to let his brother resign and go home, low-key and humble.

as the ancients said, "if you are afraid, you will not dare to be virtuous, and if you are fearless, you will do what you want."

it was precisely because of this awe that Zeng Guofan's official position continued to climb and eventually became the mainstay of the court.

A man without fear is like a horse galloping through a cliff, no matter how fast it goes, it can't get far after all.

those who are afraid always keep the rules and rules in mind and always take the ruler as the rule and the ruler as the precepts.

Don't worry about the future or fame and fortune.

awe is not a barrier on the way forward, but navigation in the process of going astray.

there is a saying in Shi Shuo Xinyu: "words are the models of the world, but the rules of conduct."

when people live a lifetime, there are laws and rules to follow in what they say, what they do and what they think.

words are cautioned, let thinking first, the relationship between each other is more harmonious;

the action stops and the pace slows down; the communication between the two sides is less collided;

the heart is afraid, let the desire bow, the direction of life is more firm.

, may you be invincible in the ups and downs of the sea of people, with the mark as the ship and the ruler as the sail.

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