The most advanced way of thinking when things happen.
The most advanced way of thinking when things happen.
When you focus on giving and devoting, you will unlock a more brilliant life.

recently, I was shocked by a video on popular search:

the continuous concentration time of contemporary people has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds.

Internet age, concentration is becoming more and more like a "scarcity".

Human beings are facing the test of thinking ability.

want to make your concentration last longer and think more mature when you encounter problems. Only by adhering to these five habits can you prop up a Noah's Ark of thinking for yourself.

set specific and clear goals

there is a question on Zhihu: "have you achieved your goal?"

some people say:

"every time I turn over my goal in the dead of night, I still live a mediocre life when I wake up the next day.

I've always wanted to visit Tibet, but several years have passed, let alone going to Tibet, I haven't even been able to go out to my own city.

I wanted to have a small shop of my own. I saw several places, but I never did it. "

many of us have had similar experiences in our lives.

have a goal, but no action.

in fact, you lack deep thinking about your goals and are unable to establish a stable inner order.

Cognition is vague, on a whim, the goal is naturally like a distant mountain in the fog.

scientist Huxley was invited to give a speech. As soon as he jumped into a taxi, he was in a hurry to say:

"come on, it's too late!"

the driver drove a long way before he realized something was wrong and asked, "I didn't say where I was going."

the driver replied, "No, you just told me to drive!"

Huxley hurriedly said:

"Sorry, please turn around. I'm going to Berlin."

such mistakes are not accidental, the direction is not clear, and efforts are in vain.

systematic thinking is needed to achieve the goal.

it's like running a marathon alone, it's hard to run it all at once.

if you cut the whole process into several segments, it will be much easier to run.

efficient people not only set clear goals first, but also break down the ultimate goal into a number of small goals that are easy to achieve, one by one.

stay away from the interference sources around you

Goethe said:

"one cannot ride two horses. If one rides one, he will lose that one."

wise people will put aside all the requirements of distraction and concentrate on only one subject, and they must learn it well. "

that's true.

set accurate goals, don't be distracted by other things, avoid looking left and right, and let the negative energy of the outside world take advantage of it.

once upon a time, there was a toad race to see who ran first to the top of a tall tower.

at the scene, there are many small animals watching the game.

with the start of the game, a group of toads scrambled to climb.

at this time, there was a voice from the onlookers:

"the tower is too high and too difficult for them. They can't succeed."

when some toads heard this, they began to be discouraged and chose to give up, while others, although their hearts were shaken, would continue to make progress.

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at this time, there was another sound from the onlookers:

"Yes, it's too hard. They can't stand it."

as similar sounds continue to ring around, more and more toads choose to give up halfway.

until the end, only one toad climbed to the finish line with his own perseverance.

other toads are curious to know why he can be indifferent to the sounds around him.

as a result, when the winning toad came down from the tower, everyone found out that it was a "deaf toad".

in life, there are always some people who stand in your way in the name of being good for you.

only do not forget the original ideal and ambition, consistent, toward the established goal.

can we bypass the undercurrent and usher in the dawn of victory.

find the right rhythm for you

have read a sentence:

"you don't have to walk your life at the speed of others."

some young people are successful, others are late bloomers, and everyone has their own rhythm on the road of life.

Mark Twain, a famous writer, is talented and intelligent and can handle it well on the literary stage.

when he made a small achievement in writing, he felt that writing could not realize his dream.

so he set his sights on business, invested in printers and started publishing houses.

but the reality dealt him a heavy blow, tossing around for 15 years, and without making any money, he lost $90,000.

Mark Twain, who was turned upside down by the tide of business, finally realized that doing business was not a suitable stage for him to play.

he returned to the field of writing that he was good at, devoted himself to writing and produced a lot.

Life is an experience. Only by finding the right direction can you walk through the waves; only by finding the right rhythm can you be steady and far away.

do you remember Grandma Moses who once stunned the world?

in 2001, the 21st Century Exhibition of Grandma Moses was held at the Washington Museum, featuring 87 pieces of Moses collected at home and abroad.Grandma's classic paintings and relics.

exhibition attracted many people to stop and watch.

there is only one short sentence on the postcard:

"do what you like, and fate will gladly open the door to success, even if you are 80 years old now."

this old man, who walked out of an unusual road according to his own pace, stunned the world and made a demonstration for everyone:

everyone will succeed, as long as you go right, don't worry about the time sooner or later.

Don't lose confidence and courage to face difficulties no matter when and where you are.

positive feedback when there are results

growth is actually a process of continuous output and input.

when you get results, you should know how to take advantage of the situation, give positive feedback and feed yourself back.

otherwise, if the feedback is weakening your perseverance and concentration, nine times out of ten, your previous efforts will be wasted.

self-media author

@ Xiaoran

I am determined to lose weight, but I have never lost weight once in more than a decade.

she said that as soon as she gained 130 jin, she began to exercise crazily, control her diet and force herself to lose weight.

however, every time I successfully lose weight to 110 jin, when I first see the effect, I release myself:

exercise is stagnant, eating more and more.

in this cycle, my weight has been hovering in this range.

the book "Cognitive Awakening" says:

"continuous positive feedback can really stimulate the powerful action of the instinctive brain and the emotional brain."

only when positive feedback falls on the brain will it become experience and will it become motivation if it falls on the heart.

they will become nutrients in life and become essential elements of success.

Review in time after completion

there is a saying in Xunzi's persuasion to learn:

"if a gentleman is knowledgeable and daily participation is his own, he knows well but does nothing wrong."

means that if a gentleman studies extensively and examines himself every day, then he will be wise and behave without fault.

not only do you know something new, but more importantly, you can avoid repeated mistakes and save yourself from the police.

Qi Baishi, a master painter, has made numerous works all his life. People compare his paintings to "the weather vane leading Chinese painting", and his high achievement is inseparable from his habit of frequent reflection.

when Qi Baishi was 88 years old, the poet Ai Qing visited him with paintings he had made when he was young, hoping to let him identify the true from the false.

in the process of observing the paintings, he could not help recalling the scenes in his early years when he was painting, and he realized that today's standard is much lower than before.

after this incident, Qi Baishi often reflected on himself:

"now people think highly of me, even I am a little complacent;

I was deeply impressed by a painting I painted ten years ago. Today, compared with before, the decline is really too great. "

since then, he has practiced the basis of painting every day when he is alone, day after day, and the paintings he made in his later years are still highly respected by everyone.

on the road of life, there is no one once and for all, there is nothing wrong, only to start again and again.

constantly tamp the foundation, strive for progress in stability, have a dialogue with your past self, find problems from an objective point of view, correct yourself, and review your life so that you can make progress forever.

as the ancient Roman philosopher Cicero said:

"No matter how fragile a person is, he will be able to achieve something as long as he devotes all his energies to the only purpose."

everyone has the possibility of change, meditation, concentration, craftsmen.

when you focus on giving and devoting, you will unlock a more brilliant life.