The most blessed family: breakup
The most blessed family: breakup
From now on, learn to break up and gather blessings for your family.

Home is a person's ultimate destination.

people live a lifetime, the picture is the happiness of the whole family.

in life, some people can run their families well, while others get chicken feathers all over the place.

Leo Tolstoy said:

"Happy families are the same, but unhappy families are different."

when people reach a certain age, they will know that real blessings are not sought, but repaired by themselves.

the most blessed family is to learn to be separated.

cut off negative emotions

before, I saw a particularly heart-wrenching piece of news.

31-year-old Yang took his wife and one-year-old daughter to a friend's house for dinner.

on the way home, he and his wife began to quarrel over trifles.

but neither of them was willing to bow his head first, so they began to complain to each other, and the more they quarreled, the worse they became.

the atmosphere became more and more stiff, so the wife put her daughter on the copilot and jumped out of the car.

in the end, his wife died and he was sent to prison.

writer Liu Na once said:

"emotion is a gun. When we pull the trigger of emotion, the gun is actually aimed at ourselves."

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this is especially true in the family. Your complaints, accusations and complaints seem to be taking it out on each other, but in fact, you are covered with scars in the end.

there is no perfect person, and there is no perfect marriage.

A good family starts by breaking off unpleasant emotions.

understand each other, help each other, talk well, no matter how hard the days are warm and sweet.

the marriage between poet Yu Guangzhong and his wife Fan I was told by the world, but they didn't get along well from the beginning.

when he first got married, Yu Guangzhong got busy and ignored his wife for several days.

at first, his wife didn't get used to it, and she complained that he didn't care about him, but later she thought his creation was really important, so she forgave him.

Yu Guangzhong was moved by his wife's thoughtfulness several times and said frankly:

"I am very grateful to her for helping me block out a piece of world and letting me write calmly in the rear."

in this way, one does not complain, the other knows how to be grateful, they have been walking hand in hand for 61 years.

there is a saying: "Home is not a place to be reasonable, but a place to be emotional."

in a family, there is no need to argue between right and wrong, and there is no need to argue which is higher or lower.

because whether you win or lose, you hurt the person you are closest to.

Don't complain about each other's shortcomings, don't worry about how much you pay.

appreciate each other, tolerate each other, make the home a warm and healing harbor, and resolve all tiredness and unbearability.

in this way, you are more powerful to move forward in a complex world.

throw away superfluous things

have you ever experienced such a thing:

when you go home, when you push the door and see the house in a mess, sundries and express delivery scattered all over the place, clothes and socks are piled on the sofa, your mood will instantly become irritable.

but when you push the door and see that the house is well organized and simple and tidy, even the depressed mood will immediately improve.

this is the influence of environment on a person's magnetic field.

the society is developing faster and faster, and everyone has more and more materials.

there is a pile of things that are no longer in use, such as endless clothes, endless cosmetics, old electronic devices, and so on, and the room is full and bloated.

as the saying goes, "your room is your feng shui."

A clean room can sweep away the fatigue of the body and lighten the mind.

if one lives in a dirty house for a long time, not only his mood will become very bad, but also his luck will decline with it. Just like an author said:

"if your room is in a mess, I'm sorry to tell you that your good luck and dreams will slip away."

Avenue to Jane, give up unnecessary things, simple and quiet, the family will be harmonious, good luck will come.

the book "break up" conveys the idea that when a room is full of things for a long time, all the waste will give off a steady stream of exhaust gas.

if people stay in it for a long time, they will gradually become paralyzed and absorb these exhaust gases 24 hours a day.

people tend to pay attention to food safety and the quality of clothes, but it is easy to ignore the invisible and untouchable quality of breathing.

it is as important as food and water and affects the fortune of the whole family.

the poet Hong Mai wrote in Yi Jian Zhi:

"A few clear windows make it easy to sit and lie down.


means that you feel at ease at all times in a clean and bright room.

all clothes that are no longer worn and items that are no longer in use are discarded.

Don't let superfluous things disturb the mood of your family. Clean up regularly so that your family can live in a clean environment and promote a better relationship with each other.

the good fortune of a family begins with tidying up the room. The cleaner the home is, the more blessed the person is.

stay away from useless circles

Mr. Yang Jiang wrote a paragraph in "the three of us":

"our family is verySimple;

the three of us are very simple.

We have nothing to ask for from the world or contend with others. We just want to get together, stay together, and do what we can. When we encounter difficulties, we will bear them together, and the difficulties will no longer be difficult.

We help each other, no matter what is bitter and difficult, it can become sweet. If we are a little happy, we will become very happy. "

in life, many people like to make friends with all kinds of circles and always think that if they have more contacts, life will go smoothly.

do not realize that most of the so-called circles are just games at dinner.

when you encounter difficulties, only your family is really willing to help you.

so don't neglect your family just because you pursue ineffective social activities.

the real success is to stay healthy with your family and live in harmony for the rest of your life.

speaking of this, I can't help thinking of two people.

the first is Chow Yun-fat.

as the hottest superstar in Hong Kong's show business in the 1980s, he married the plain-looking Chen Huilian at his best.

go to the vegetable market together; give interviews together; travel far away together.

his wife likes flowers, so he often buys them home; his wife likes crabs, and as soon as the crabs are on the market, he runs to buy them and steam them.

he even said:

"after so many years of marriage with her, we spent almost most of our time together, or even for a few hours at most."

the second is Chen Daoming.

in addition to his excellent acting skills, Chen Daoming is also famous for rarely socializing.

after they got married, he and his wife, du Xian, accompanied each other and never gave up.

other people's pursuit of fame and fortune broke his head, but he deliberately avoided the troubles in the circle and devoted all his energies to his family.

squeeze the sugar man for his daughter and sew Chen's purse for his wife.

at the age of 60, he once sighed:

"my wife and I will sit under the window together. She embroidered her flowers and plants, and I cut my bag.

the fallen leaves outside the window are silent, and the time in the house is quiet. "

in a lifetime, the warmest friend is the family, and the most reliable backing is the family.

No matter how many bosom friends, no matter how deep the friendship, is not worth sharing weal and woe of the family.

it is not until middle age that you realize that only your family is really with you.

the whole family is safe together, no matter how hard it is, a little bit of happiness is happy.

Emerson said:

"Family is the kingdom of fathers, the world of mothers, and the paradise of children."


when you reach a certain age, you will understand that it is the family that really determines the quality of life.

the blessing of a family is the efforts of all.

from now on, learn to break up and gather blessings for your family.

, share with you.