The most comfortable relationship between people
The most comfortable relationship between people
The second half of life, may all your tenderness not be disappointed, live comfortably and unscrupulously!

A person's life is actually a process of recognizing and knowing people.

some people start from meeting and ending in getting along with each other; some people know each other, but are separated from the heart.

on the way of life, we will meet all kinds of people, but very few of them can accompany you all the time.

many come and go without a hint of notice.

the friends who once thought they would work together for life are now gone.

seems to be quietly, the relationship between us has been vulnerable, more and more do not know how to get along.

the more you grow up, the more you find that comfort is the most important thing for people to get along with.

you don't need to please yourself, you know how to please yourself

have seen such a story:

Xiao Lin and Xiao Ying are not only colleagues but also neighbors. Over time, they become good friends.

every time on the way to work, Xiao Ying always has big bags and small bags, while Xiao Lin is empty-handed.

Xiao Lin's desk is wiped by Xiao Ying, and takeout is also bought by Xiao Ying. Sometimes the table is not cleaned and the takeout is not delicious. Xiao Lin always complains about her.

until one time, Xiao Lin paid a bonus and she invited all her colleagues at work, but not her. Xiao Ying realized that she had always regarded Xiao Lin as a friend, and Xiao Lin only regarded her as a servant.

since then, Xiaoying gradually alienated Xiao Lin, and when Xiao Lin asked her for help again, she said "no".

in this relationship, Xiaoying has always been the giving party, blindly ingratiating herself with bruises all over her body.

between friends, there is no need to please. If you want to please, there is no friendship.

Friendship has changed and it has come to an end.

Jiang Fangzhou, a talented woman from Tsinghua University, once said at the "wonderful work Conference":

"I live to be a flatterer because I want others to like me too much."

because he is afraid of being hated, afraid of being unsociable, forcing himself to be small and low, and repeatedly giving in to his principles and bottom line.

any relationship will last only if both parties are equal.

people who really appreciate you appreciate your pride, not your pretending to be humble and deliberately ingratiating.

just be who you really are, be brave, be bold.

you know, a relaxed and reassuring relationship is what friendship really looks like.

if you have something to say, you can be honest

writer Yan Jiang once said: "to be able to learn to speak bluntly is also an outstanding talent for Chinese people who are used to being reserved."

Huang Jian said in "Qifa Shuo"

"We Chinese are all particular about three points of speech, and the remaining seven points are guessed, guessed and guessed."

in a relationship, the most taboo thing is not to speak bluntly.

too many twists and turns, too many twists and turns, tangled together, and finally the estrangement became deeper and deeper, and had to drift away.

A friend complained to me about his experience:

he has a good friend who is a "good man". He is no matter what he says, and he doesn't have any opinions.

do not know what he has done wrong to offend him, ask him why, he does not say, and then have a cold war with himself.

several times, he lost face and tried to ease relations, but the "nice guy" remained unimpressed.

he never knew why and thought he would be all right in a few days.

until later, I heard another friend talking about it. Behind his back, he accused netizens of being arrogant and selfish, accusing him of not taking his words to heart.

he felt exhausted and felt more and more powerless in his relationship with the "nice guy". Finally, they drifted apart and became familiar strangers.

it is better to be direct in the relationship between people.

do not need any hesitation, do not deliberately hide, talk to each other, speak freely.

as Wang Xiaobo said: "I just hope you and I are good, do not suspect each other, and do not praise each other."

the best relationship is to get along without guard, and chat without scruples.

there is a limit to everything, but there is a clear line.

Cai Kangyong said in an interview: "I encourage everyone to be a cold person. Being too enthusiastic is not the best way to maintain a good relationship."

the communication between people, no matter how intimate it is, must be moderate.

if you act properly and your words are limited, you will be comfortable to get along with each other.

on Zhihu, netizen Pippi once shared his mode of getting along with his friends, which made people feel extremely comfortable across the screen.

the two are colleagues and very close friends.

every time, as long as Pippi needs help, the other person will appear immediately and spare no effort to help her.

and when Pippi encounters trouble, the other person will give timely comfort and give very pertinent advice.

what comforts Pippi most is that her friend has a great sense of borderline.

when it comes to her private troubles, she never asks.

Pippi is very grateful for this, and the relationship between the two has never faded for more than a decade.

the communication between adults must be moderate.

lossWhen you are done, you will lose your fate.

Xiaoxiao has a friend who has played since childhood, and their relationship is very good.

after graduating from college, her friend fell in love, but the boy was so bad that he changed jobs every three days and even coaxed her into taking the adult self-examination to improve her academic qualifications.

Shaoxiao can't watch any more, insert into their feelings and analyze the pros and cons in front of friends every three days.

after several provocations, my friend's attitude towards Xiaoxiao is getting weaker and weaker.

slowly, the relationship between their girlfriends turned into a like friend in the circle of friends.

Sanmao once said, "Don't lose the line between friends."

most of the time, what really weakens our friendship is not that we are too far away from each other, but because we do not know how to measure.

in fact, no matter how good the relationship is, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

No matter how good the relationship is, you can't afford to cross the line. If you cross the line, you lose love.

be moderate in dealing with people and things.

after all, no one likes others to run amok in their own world. Only with moderation can we last for a long time.

to go in both directions is to know the return

Bad feelings consume each other; good feelings must go both ways and achieve each other.

Qiu Yingjie and Chen Jianghe in the TV series "Chicken feathers fly to the Sky" are moving:

the two hit it off on the train. Qiu Yingjie admired Chen Jianghe's courage, encouraged him to go for a walk, and made a "three-year appointment."

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under the guidance of Qiu Yingjie, Chen Jianghe began his legendary experience from northeast to northwest and from Hainan to the border.

it can be said that Qiu Yingjie is not only Chen Jianghe's best friend, but also his life mentor.

Qiu Yingjie came to Yiwu after graduation because of his agreement with Chen Jianghe.

when it was difficult for Chen Jianghe to start a business, Qiu Yingjie gave Chen Jianghe the greatest support, so that Chen Jianghe did not have to sneak around and worry about being punished.

in Chen Jianghe's start-up business, Qiu Yingjie has been encouraging him and giving him advice.

because of Qiu Yingjie's suspension for inspection, Chen Jianghe put all the blame on himself.

when Qiu Yingjie went on an inspection tour abroad, he placed his daughter Qiu Yan at Chen Jianghe's home. Chen Jianghe treated her as if she were his own daughter.

after Qiu Yingjie's death, he left Qiu Yan and Qiu Yan ill, and Chen Jianghe and his wife did their best to take care of them.

Friendship is at its best, probably!

Gu Xia once said: "change my heart, for your heart, know each other deeply."

it is true that long-term relationships require two-way pay.

A two-way trip is the most meaningful. An one-man show will eventually come to an end.

in the process of interacting with people, if the other person consumes you blindly, leave your heart to the one who is worth it.

you know, good friendship is never the self-sacrifice of one person, but the mutual sympathy of two people going to each other in both directions.

May you have a response to every effort in the rest of your life, go both ways with your friends, give back to each other, and have a long-flowing friendship.

Mr. Lu Xun once said:

"Friendship is the sincerity of two hearts, not the beating of one heart against the other."

Life is too long, it is not easy to meet people who are in tune, and those who are sincere are even less, so we should be more sincere.

to get acquainted with others, there is no need to please, but to please yourself.

when you get along with people, you can be honest if you have something to say.

to be acquainted with people, there should be boundaries and a clear line.

to get to know each other, to be sincere is to know in return.

A good friendship requires the joint efforts of two people; those who can't squeeze in don't have to squeeze in, and those who can't get together don't have to please them, as long as they feel comfortable.

May all your tenderness live comfortably and willfully in the second half of your life.

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