The most comfortable relationship is that you can talk nonsense.
The most comfortable relationship is that you can talk nonsense.
The happiest thing in the world is that someone is willing to listen to you quietly.

there are books



Strange stories

program, there is a debate topic:

"correct nonsense, do you still want to say it?"

among them, a discussion by Professor Chu Yin received tearful likes from netizens.

he said:

"it often takes time to say the right nonsense.

before the age of 20, you will think your parents are nagging. After the age of 40, you will think it's nice to have parents nagging.

because you will understand that it doesn't matter what your parents say, what matters is that they are giving their time and feelings for you.

your best friend talks nonsense to you when he is drunk, which shows that you are still in his world.

and now in my marriage, turning vows into the right nonsense, this is life.

finding meaning from the ordinary is the greatest heroism of every ordinary person. "

Yes, whether it's family, friendship or love.

when you love someone, you will talk a lot of nonsense to him, and only those who care about you will be willing to listen to you say a lot of nonsense.

these nonsense may be parents' nagging parents, and they are daily interesting things shared between lovers.

may also be the confusion of life that friends confide in.

but all of them hide the deep love of our parents, partners and friends.

writer Su Cen once said:

"Happiness is probably finding someone willing to listen to your nonsense."

it is the people who are willing to talk nonsense to us that make us feel the happiness of life, which is the most precious treasure in our lives.

parents' nagging

is unreserved love for children

there is a question on the post bar:

I hate that my parents always talk nonsense to me, such as telling me something, they always say it many times and feel very verbose. What should I do?


@ is still an old dream


in fact, parents are like this, they love you so they won't get tired of telling you all the time;

parents all want their children to be happy and close to themselves. we should spend good time with our parents and don't regret it until we miss our affection.

Yes, as our lives become busier and busier, we spend less and less time going home with our parents, even listening to their nonsense.

they teach us to babble, tell us the truth of life, and accompany us to grow up with the most tolerant patience and the most selfless affection.

in fact, in the hearts of parents, no matter how valuable a gift is, it is not worth spending time at home with their children.

in the South Korean TV series Please answer 1988, Jung-hwan's father always says "nonsense" that children don't like and greets them with exaggerated body language that children don't like.

although Jung-hwan's father doesn't say anything, he feels frustrated every time he doesn't get a response from his child.

but Jung-hwan's good friend Te-shan understands Zheng Huan's father very well and always greets him in his way, smiling and expressing his love in an exaggerated way.

in fact, Jung-hwan's father's exaggeration is just to get the child's attention and the way he communicates with the child, but the children never want to understand him.

there is a line in the movie Big Fish:

you don't even know me. I've known you all my life.

parents' understanding of us is a topic throughout their lives, but we may not really know our parents for the rest of our lives.

with the passage of time, our parents are getting older, and it is a gradual journey between us and our parents after all.

the rest of life is not long, more time to listen to parents, so that parents less lonely, we can have less regret.

cherish the parents who are willing to talk nonsense to you. Their nonsense hides the most extravagant happiness in our lives.

good marriage

means that there is always endless nonsense

Han Han said: the by-product of love is nonsense.

in a long-term relationship, there must be a person who loves to talk nonsense and a person who loves to listen to nonsense.

recently, I saw a video of he Jiong interviewing Sun Li in the early years, and relived the happy time when Sun Li and Deng Chao fell in love.

he Jiong asked: under what circumstances did you decide to fall in love with Deng Chao?

Sun Li said frankly: no, it's just that we have more and more phone calls.

"at first it was a phone call between partners, then a phone call between friends, and then more and more, and then one day I found that the relationship had changed from quantitative to qualitative."

Yes, love is talking a lot of nonsense to the people you like. I want to tell you about what happened today, even if it doesn't make any sense, because this is the way we get close to each other's world.

Nietzsche once said:

Marriage is like a long-term conversation. when you want to enter into your marriage, you must first ask yourself, can you and this woman still talk and laugh when they grow old together?

Marriage is not only two people who live together, but also two souls who understand each other.

in fact, those trivial daily conversations are even considered childish and boring to outsiders.Small talk is the magic weapon to maintain the stability of marital relationship.

Yang Jiang once wrote about the scene of "talking nonsense and playing with Qian Zhongshu" in the invisibility cloak.

"give you a magic weapon of the fairy family, what do you want?"

"We should all wear an invisibility cloak, each with one, and travel together."

We just want to get rid of the shackles and experience everywhere, and we don't want to do evil.

but having a good time, he couldn't help being presumptuous and mischievous, so he alarmed people and couldn't hide, so he had to run away. "

"Oh, there has to be a method of shrinking land."

"and body protection!"

words are full of childlike innocence and the joy of life.

A person who can talk nonsense at any time in a marriage must have the same values and attract souls. A thousand words cannot be worth a word. I would like to understand you.

from sweet and interactive couples to couples who help each other, only those who like you will take the trouble to listen to you and respond to your nonsense.

cherish the lovers who are willing to talk nonsense to you. Their nonsense contains the deepest love for us.

listening of friends

is the antidote to our unbearable fight

there is a question on Zhihu: what should I do if my friends always talk nonsense?

one of the most popular answers: he tells you a lot of nonsense because he cares about you and his friendship with you.

only friends who really care about us will talk a lot of nonsense to us.

the nonsense between friends may be wonderful or bad sharing in life, or it may be illogical nonsense.

but for us, this nonsense is a matter of belief, concern, and peace of mind.

Zhang Xiaofei once talked about his friendship with Jia Ling in the program.

We know what is trendy, all our black bridesmaid dresses are an absolute must -have. Just take these selections into consideration.

the two people cherish each other in the pursuit of comedy. Jia Ling is not only Zhang Xiaofei's Bole, but also a best friend.

two people usually talk and laugh together, and they will share their creative inspiration with each other the first time.

once, Zhang Xiaofei was lovelorn, and she immediately called Jia Ling to cry.

Jia Ling was ready to go to bed, but when Zhang Xiaofei found Jia Ling's house, she pushed the door and saw that Jia Ling had prepared grilled fish and red wine.

in this way, Jia Ling stayed with Zhang Xiaofei silently all night, listening to her vent and pour out.

in the adult world, how many people dare not chat casually in the WeChat group or post on moments at will? only with the people who are closest to them can they talk nonsense unscrupulously and show their worst and most vulnerable side.

in the most difficult times, the people we think of at the first time are probably the ones we think are closest to us.

High mountains and rivers, bosom friends are hard to find, friends who love you are willing to tell you a lot of nonsense, but also willing to listen to you say a lot of nonsense.

in a cramped life, talking to friends also makes us feel the warmth of being loved.

this is the friendship between Zhang ailing and Kuang Wenmei. Although one is married and the other is single, the difference in the stage of life does not affect the conversation between the two people.

Zhang ailing wrote in her letter to Kuang Wenmei:

I have absolutely no such delusions that I will make friends like you again, no matter how far I go.

Kuang Wenmei will listen to her patiently, and Eileen Chang will always talk.

of course, Zhang ailing knows that Kuang Wenmei has a family to take care of, so she must be urged to go home at eight o'clock in the evening.

the more nonsense, the stronger the friendship. The older you get, the lonelier you get, the more you feel that you can talk nonsense freely, which is the hardest friendship to find.

cherish the friends who talk nonsense to you anytime and anywhere, their nonsense hides the deepest thoughts about us.

Please cherish those who are willing to talk nonsense to you

Liu Tong once said:

"A comfortable relationship is that the other person can talk about any topic, not because the other person is knowledgeable, but because the other person is extremely interested."

in this world, it is not rare to meet love and sex, but it is rare to encounter understanding and treasure.

those who are willing to listen to your nonsense must regard you as the most important existence. They are willing to go into your heart to understand your joys and sorrows. Please cherish it.

Guo Moruo once wrote: if there are no flowers in spring and there is no love in life, what a world it will become.

the happiest thing in the world is that someone is willing to listen to you quietly.

it is in those trivial nonsense that a person's greatest happiness is hidden.

the most comfortable relationship must be a lot of nonsense together, such as family affection, friendship and love.

time is getting old. May we all cherish the people around us who can talk nonsense and live affectionately in the noisy world.