The next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world! (after watching it with tears)
The next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world! (after watching it with tears)
Let's learn to cherish the people around us who are good to you and true to you.


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Yu Guangzhong said such a sentence:


the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world.


embody the relationship between people incisively and vividly.

how many lives can a person live in this life? It takes no more than a few decades, and it adds up to only more than 30,000 days, which is really not long.

each of us is unique, we are with people, maybe the next moment is the last moment.

along the way, how many people brush shoulder to shoulder with us, and then completely stay in the memory, obviously it is the same city, but we have not met for decades.

the most regrettable thing is not that I was a stranger at the beginning, but that I was very familiar with it and slowly became a stranger.

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the names in the address book are covered with dust, and the dynamics in the moments have never been looked at.

how many feelings, walking, affection becomes ruthless, sincerity becomes a child's play.

two people who are inseparable have become two people with nothing to talk about.

Don't think that if you miss it, you will miss it and renew your relationship in the afterlife. There is really no afterlife in this world.

A hundred years later, you occupy your pit, I take mine, I want to talk, but I can't talk, but I can't talk about feelings, and no one is anyone's anymore.

at that time, even quarrels and grudges will become a luxury.

it is rare to meet each other in life. Don't always refuse each other because you are too busy. If you refuse more times, you will not take the initiative.

Don't ignore it just because the other party is too kind to us, ignore it again and again, and be perfunctory again and again. When there are more times like this, people don't care.

how many feelings, walk, become a stranger; how many relationships, live, become passers-by!

Don't be arrogant if you can get in touch; don't wait if you can be with you; don't go to the theatre if you can be thorough.

boiled water will turn into cold water when left, and true feelings will become ruthless when you are hurt.

what is the most expensive possession in one's life?

No matter how big the house is, we only live in one room. no matter how good the car is, we use it to commute to and from work.

all the things we think are precious can be possessed with the touch of our hands. But some things are lost, but there is nothing I can do for the rest of my life.

if you do not accompany your parents, your parents will grow old and will never have a chance to fulfill filial piety again.

if you don't cherish your lover, if your lover leaves, you can no longer spend time together.

do not care about children, children grow up and can never go back to childhood.

some things are irreversible, lost, it is a lifetime; some feelings, only one chance, go far, can not go back.

missed the flowering season, and next year; missed the sunrise, and tomorrow. But missed the truth, but not later.

so, be able to tolerate don't quarrel, be kind to don't be cold, and accompany don't be arrogant!

cherish the people around you who are good to you and really to you, because sometimes you miss it, even if you meet those who are good to you again, you may not have a sincere heart.

the next time you pass by, there is no one in the world, take advantage of this life, please don't waste!

the next time you pass by and never know each other again, spend more time with each other while you are around!

, let's learn to cherish the people around us who are good to you and who are really good to you.