The past is calm, the present is calm, the future is calm
The past is calm, the present is calm, the future is calm
From now on, welcome every day soberly.

see this question on the Internet: "how to live a sober life?"

Zeng Guofan has a 16-word motto, which is just right to answer:

"things come to adapt, not miscellaneous at that time, not welcome in the future, and neither love nor love."

in this noisy life, the greatest sobriety is:

the past is calm, the present is calm, the future is calm.

past indifference

people always unconsciously project all of the past into their thoughts, trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves, and be tired by it.

however, the years do not speak, the past is old, only indifferent to right, can describe a new life.

Nalan Rong, a talented scholar, died young at the age of 30 because he was so affectionate about the past.

Nalan Rong Ruo and his first wife, Lu, have a very sweet relationship.

Lu had a bad fate, and the two died of illness after three years of marriage.

his beloved wife died early, Nalan Rong lamented in depression: "who thinks the west wind is cool alone, the rustling yellow leaves close the window, meditate on the past and set up the sunset."

he married again in nostalgic melancholy, but he couldn't find the happiness he had when he was with Lu.

the dribs and drabs of the past seem to be engraved into my heart by moonlight, and they can't be erased.

he misses Lu painfully, and his lovesickness becomes a disease and becomes a serious illness.

eleven years after Lu's death, Nalan Rong wrote: "A loveless mandarin duck had a dream eleven years ago."

in fact, there is no insurmountable sadness, no insurmountable downfall.

leave the past behind, look forward, and you can start happily.

Lloyd George has a habit of closing the door behind her.

once, he and his friends were walking in the yard. Every time they passed a door, George closed it behind them.

the friend asked puzzled, "Why do you close all these doors?"

George replied with a smile:

"I've been shutting the door behind me all my life, which is something I have to do. Because when I close the door, I leave the past behind. Whether it's a good achievement or a frustrating mistake. Then I can start all over again. "

come from yesterday's wind and rain, no matter how many traces, sad, sweet, should stay in the past.

years, such as fleeting, fleeting, blindly addicted to the past, is a chronic suicide.

Mo Yan said: "the world is like a book. When the pages are turned over, people should look forward." Don't dig up the past. "

since it was a passing cloud in the past, let the wind blow away.

if you don't think about it, there's nothing to worry about; if you stop entangling, your heart will brighten up.

throw away the baggage of the past, pack your bags soberly and get ready to go.

now Enron

there is such a story:

after breakfast one day, someone asked the Zen master for advice.

the Zen master invited him into the room and listened patiently. The man kept talking about his bitterness and worries.

until the Zen master raised his hand, the Zen master stopped and wanted to hear what the Zen master had to say.

the Zen master asked, "did you have breakfast today?"

the man nodded.

the Zen master asked again, "have you washed the dishes you used for breakfast?"

the man nodded again.

the Zen master then asked, "did you dry the dishes?"

"Yes, yes," the man replied impatiently, and then said, "now, can you help me solve the problem?"

the Zen master said, "you already have the answer."

this person thought a little and gradually realized what the Zen master meant: to concentrate on the "present" is the focus of life.

Longfellow said, "Don't look at the past with sentimental eyes, because the past can never come back. The smartest way is to deal with your present."

the most important thing in life is not what you can't get and what you've lost. Cherish everything in front of you before you can be at ease.

cherish the present and live every day steadily. Because, the most important day in life will always be today.

Connor, a famous French painter, cherishes the present time very much.

once, a young painter came to Connor's house and took out his own work and asked Connor for advice. Connor pointed out several unsatisfactory aspects of the other's work.

the young painter was very moved and hurriedly said, "Thank you. I'll revise it all tomorrow."

Connor asked excitedly, "Why wait for tomorrow? do you want to change it tomorrow?" What if you die today? "

Yes, life is short, things are changeable, tomorrow or accident, I don't know which will come first.

live in the present, do a good job of neither busy nor idle, and live a wonderful life that is neither salty nor light.

the life of getting up in the morning and twilight and the days of fuel and salt are all beautiful scenery in front of us.

as written in "Golden clothes": "if there are flowers that can be folded, you must fold them. Do not wait for flowers to break empty branches."

one mind at a time, live up to the present, is the most sober happiness.

being single-minded and living in the present is the most real life.

walk safely on the road, smiling and living up to the present.

Future calm

Einstein said: "I never think about the future, it comes too soon."

there is an impressive clip in the novel Border Town.

Cui Cui is afraid of the coming thunderstorm and worried about Grandpa's weakening body.

Grandpa comforted her and said, "what are you afraid of? everything that is coming must come. Don't be afraid."

all the future, good and bad, will come its way.

Lu Yao said: "in this world, not all reasonable and beautiful things can exist or come true according to their own wishes."

if you worry about the future all the time, you can't have a good time.

everything is left to time, whatever it is, it will arrive sooner or later, there is no need to panic.

stay awake, let nature take its course, and welcome an uncertain future.

moving the things of the future to the present will only add to the trouble.

everyone knows the story of "alarmist worry".

Why worry about the impossible, the sky will not fall, even if the naive collapse, sorrow is not the way.

think of this sentence: "Don't worry about the future in advance. If it doesn't happen, you will worry for nothing. If it does happen, you will be upset twice!"

not bound by worry, not fettered by fear.

welcome the complicated and confusing future wholeheartedly, no matter how it comes.

look calmly ahead, the ground is full of flowers.

the waves of the past, with an indifferent smile;

the present time, enjoy it safely;

face the ups and downs of the future calmly.

Feng Zikai said, "Don't mess with your heart, don't be trapped in love." Do not fear the future, do not think about the past, so, safe.

from now on, welcome every day soberly.

guarding the original heart, ploughing hard, opening out their own colorful.

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