The people's Education version of the "Hot Eye" illustration set off a hot search: who is "stealing" our most precious things?
The people's Education version of the "Hot Eye" illustration set off a hot search: who is "stealing" our most precious things?
This time, we must not flinch!

recently, a "rollover" in the textbook of the people's Education Edition has aroused heated discussion among many netizens.


take down 7 hot searches in a row and directly detonate the whole network.

We originally thought that this might be the excessive worry of some netizens.

it is normal that the style of an illustration is not good, and it is impossible to satisfy all netizens.

after all, how can there be problems with the textbook of the people's Education Edition, which has been heavily vetted?

unexpectedly, when I opened it myself, I gasped with shock.

this is not only a matter of weird painting style, but also makes people feel uncomfortable and cold hair stands on end.

first of all, the image of the children:

big forehead, squinting, looking ugly, is this what a normal Chinese child looks like?

and this tongue sticking out than "yeah" look, does not feel cute, but greasy and grotesque, even a little creepy.

if these can be explained by aesthetic differences, then the next ones will start to make people feel some physical discomfort.

it is clearly supposed to be a serious and introverted textbook, but in the illustration there is a boy's lower body with "hot eyes".

this. Can you describe it as "shameless and indecent"?

there are also the little girls in the book who are under ten years old, with tattoos on their legs.

she is obviously a naive and lively little girl, but she is wearing a bunny headdress with an adult hint on her head.

even there are some indecent gestures of scrubbing edges openly in the book.

lift a girl's skirt, put her arms around her chest and leaky underwear. Are you sure these movements can be shown to primary school students?

and netizens pick out that other children's books even let children lick girls' arms, which is simply too lewd and obscene.

and after watching these netizens, can not help but send out soul torture: is this really our nine-year compulsory textbook? Is it not a cartoon from a certain country?

as soon as the matter came out, it soon aroused a heated discussion among netizens.

countless netizens said: very shocked, very angry.

that's true.

there are so many anti-intellectual and uncomfortable contents in textbooks that we once trusted.

No one can guess at exactly what it is.

and the illustrations in textbooks are even more important than we thought.

it is said in the Polar News report:

"illustration is more eye-catching and vivid than words, and it is easier to leave a deep impression on my mind.

illustrations are likely to construct a child's understanding and imagination of the world, and on this basis, form an outlook on life, world outlook and values.

maybe the voice of netizens is too high, and the people's Education Publishing House has responded:

the shock that this incident brought to everyone is unprecedented and great.

is this an unintentional work or an intentional one?

if someone really painted it like this on purpose, what do they have in mind?

We wait for the truth.

Why does this cause us to be furious?

that is because we have seen real innocence and beauty in our textbooks.

some people say: today's illustrations are strange, while the previous illustrations are all upright.

who says it's not? Once upon a time, we often opened our textbooks and a smell of ink came to our nostrils.

is fascinating.

text "seaside town"--

"my hometown is in a seaside town in Guangdong. When people go to the end of the street, they can see the vast sea."

sailboats, seagulls, the blue sky and sea, and the crowd playing on the beach give people infinite reverie.

at that time, when I was young, I always wondered: is the world in the book real?

the illustrations in the book give us children in remote places the first imagination of the world.

later, when I went to Guangdong by myself when I grew up, I was really saddened to see this picture again.

do you still remember Ba Jin's Sunrise on the Sea?

up to now, I have almost forgotten the content of the text.

however, I will always remember that illustration:

the red sun rises on the sea, shining with gold, and the sea of clouds is rolling and reflected on the sea.

it is not only the scenery, but also the illustrations of the characters in the old textbooks.

for example, the young leap soil in the moonlight is bright-eyed and resolute.

the leap soil, which has grown up, is gloomy and has a deep concept of hierarchy.

these two paintings, even without verbal expression, we can see those sad stories.

We have never seen what du Fu really looks like, but the illustration of "worrying about the country and the people" in the textbook suddenly brings us into the realm of du Fu's poems.

there is also "Fan Card". This text has made many girls in our class cry.

under the dim kerosene lamp, the poor Vanka wrote to his grandfather and told him what he did.The inhuman life experienced by an apprentice.

however, Grandpa will never receive this letter.

because he doesn't have any stamps.

in the painting, Vanka's big flickering eyes are confused and rich, as if there are infinite words to tell.

now, seeing these illustrations, those sad memories come to mind as well.

do you still remember that tangerine is orange in Huainan and trifoliate orange in Huaibei?

this sentence comes from the unhandsome Yanzi in the envoy of Yanzi to Chu.

in "relatives", the appearance of the little girl and the grandmother is exquisite and vivid, and such works will not be inferior to those in the art gallery.

and the mountain picker, even if the quality of the picture is not so delicate, it still makes people feel that he is heavy and resolute.

in "falling Peanuts", the picture of the family sharing peanuts and talking about peanuts is still fresh in my memory.

perhaps, as adults, it is difficult for us to take the initiative to think of childhood textbooks.

however, once you see them, the floodgates of memory open and the past repeats itself.

it turns out that the pictures engraved in our hearts have long been deeply integrated into our blood and cast in our souls.

you see, this is the power of books.

even after many years, we can still remember those soul-stirring stories and vivid images that reshaped you and me with knowledge.

therefore, we cannot understand the "vilification" that is deliberately done;

therefore, we will not connive at those "weird" with ulterior motives.

you can have different kinds of aesthetics.

but that doesn't mean:

Yang can become the underworld, weird can become a daily life.

if we indulge, it is a disqualification for all of us adults.

many people envy Western culture and think that they are beautiful, and even the "hot-eyed" characters with "squinting eyes, high forehead and high nose" in the teaching materials also have the shadow of Western aesthetics.

however, what I want to say is that our Chinese traditional culture is really beautiful to the bone.

"the fisherman in the boat, wearing a coir coat and fighting a hat, fishing alone in the cold on the river" is Liu Zongyuan's great beauty of loneliness.

"the water rushes down from a height of 3, 000 feet, and it is suspected that the Milky way falls into the sky" is the most romantic beauty in Li Bai's works.

"I advise you to drink one more glass of parting wine, and you will never meet an old friend again when you travel west from Yangguan pass." this is the most chic parting beauty in Wang Wei's works.

I am very glad that in those years, we have seen the beauty of Chinese traditional culture in our teaching materials.

Flaunt our flattering wedding dress for large bust to display your unique beauty and charm. Our collections are versatile enough to suit any figure.

without those teaching materials, I would never know how beautiful and desolate "the more than 480 ancient temples left over from the Southern Dynasty and countless towers are shrouded in wind, mist and rain".

if it were not for those teaching materials, I would not know what kind of waves and grandeur it would be like to have a sunken pavilion at the beginning of the stream and rain and wind all over the building.

"thousands of people from all over the world have a happy face" is an extraordinary demeanor and ideal forged even in the midst of distress.

"worry before the people worry, and be happy after the people are happy" is open-minded and transparent even in times of trouble.

who says that Western things must be good?

their hamburger fries must not be as nutritious as our Chinese cuisine;

their Christmas and New year is far less legendary than our Mid-Autumn Festival New Year's Eve.

our excellent traditional culture, passed on from generation to generation, has long been engraved in the bones of every Chinese.

they become strength, dignity and soul.

they make the belief and spirit of the Chinese people more indestructible.

but today, I don't understand who is invading our culture.

who turned beauty into grotesque and shameless?

some people say, "to destroy a country, you only need to destroy their language." To destroy their language, we only need to destroy their education! "

this set of textbooks has been in use for ten years.

period, countless people proposed

too much doubt, but always can not trigger a tsunami of public opinion.

to this day, the snowball rolled bigger and bigger and finally cracked.

it takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to cultivate people.

Education is a national plan.