The poorer people are, the more they like to be "generous" in these four aspects. I hope you have none of them.
The poorer people are, the more they like to be "generous" in these four aspects. I hope you have none of them.
May everyone live a good life, strive to make progress, and find their own real wealth.

people often say that there are three things in this world that cannot be hidden: poverty, cough and love.

the importance of money is self-evident. Each of us wants to live a rich and generous life, but in real life, many people work hard for meagre wages, but in the end they get busier and poorer.

as the famous entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori said:

"the poorer a person is, the more limited his mind is, and he doesn't know what is important. He often wastes his precious time on things that are not worth it."

in real life, people who are poorer tend to be "generous" in these four aspects.

generous in blind consumption

before, the company had such a colleague:

when I see other people's lipstick look good, I want to collect a whole set of lipstick.

seeing that the skin care products used by others are effective, I immediately placed an order for one.

in order not to be outdone by others, buy the latest iPhone by stages.

her desire for material pursuit is growing like a snowball.

I asked her curiously:

"can your salary support your consumption?"

she said bluntly:

"how is it possible? the cosmetics, skin care products, clothes and bags I use are of high quality. How can I get a little salary?" I now live on overdrawn credit cards or support from my parents every month. "

remember that a survey was published on the Internet, and the results showed that

Credit card users are getting younger, with post-90s and post-00s accounting for about 40%;

users who apply for cards under the age of 30 account for nearly 70%;

the debt of the post-90s generation is 18.5 times their monthly income, ranking first among their Asian peers.

more than 60% of young people earn thousands of yuan a month, but spend as if they earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.

shiny on the surface, I don't know how much money I owe behind my back.

I have seen an issue of the Roundtable School, in which three teachers, Jiang Fangzhou, Wu Zhihong and Liang Wendao, analyze the consumption concepts of contemporary people.

teacher Dou Wentao explains the living conditions of contemporary young people in a sentence:

the invisible poor.

when the consumption is good, the bill comes out of the crematorium.

Majestic and colorful, long sleeve bridesmaid dresses are absolutely indispensable. Don’t be shy, just click the button and sit back to enjoy a grand shopping experience!

this is the after-effect of blind consumption.

be blindly generous in self-investment

when I first entered the workplace, I made a lot of preparations because I wanted to take more certificates with high gold content.

spent a lot of money and energy to choose high-quality courses, bought a lot of teaching materials, pens, books, and even bought a tablet computer to facilitate learning.

when I buy these things, I fantasize about:

after I get something, I must make a strict schedule, and my free time every day must be full and enthusiastic than ever before.

however, the reality is:

I feel exhausted from work every day. I just want to play with my mobile phone every time I get home and lie in bed. Tablets have become dedicated to watching dramas, and video courses bought online have hardly been touched until they expire.

when signing up for the exam, I also thought that if I made a surprise deal with it before the exam, I might be able to pass it.

there are many such things:

listen to others say which book is well written and suitable for you, you buy it immediately, but you haven't read it after several years.

when I saw that others had lost weight successfully, I immediately spent a lot of money on a fitness card for myself, but I haven't used it several times in the past year.

listen to others say which skin care product is of good quality, I immediately bought a set for myself, but I haven't bothered to use it all the time.


in fact, most of the senseless anxiety in our lives is just because we want to be someone else so much.

Laozi once said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

if a person does not recognize himself and is blindly generous in self-investment, he will only fall miserably.

be generous in wasting time

Kazuo Inamori said:

"the poorer a person is, the more limited his mind is, and he doesn't know what is important. He often wastes his precious time on things that are not worth it."

I feel the same way.

some people know that "time is money", and they will do more meaningful and valuable things in their limited time.

for example, immerse yourself in work or study all day, get busy, enrich every minute of your life, and benefit a lot.

this reflects Edison's sentence:

"Life is too short, there are too many things to do, and I want to race against time."

and some people think they have more time, and it doesn't matter to waste a little.

such people think that a short life, if you don't have fun in time, will it not be in vain in the afterlife?

with the attitude of "getting drunk today, I sing and laughing like a dream", they spend most of their time playing and playing.

of course, time will fairly give different results to these two kinds of people:

the first kind of people, who cherish their time and work hard for fruitful results, will also be proud of it.

the second kind of people, who do nothing all day long, end up empty-handed, life becomes more and more difficult, leaving only endless remorse.

Buffett once said:"time is the friend of the wise and the enemy of the mediocre."

God gives each of us the same time.

if a person is generous in pleasure and spends a lot of time, it means that he will have less time available for study and work, and the outcome between the two can be imagined.

be generous in compromise

Life is like a marathon, which needs to be "endured" in many times, which is a painful and patient process.

and many people are poor, in fact, they lose because they do not know how to "endure".

do you also feel that the world is also a beautiful place to compromise and make do with it?

in fact, every time you compromise, you are destined to get what you don't want when lowering your standards makes it easier to get the results you want.

compromise is simple, just let nature take its course.

when the monk rings the bell for one day, it is also good to muddle along.

but when you are down and out, you will only hate your cowardice and failure.

read a group of famous cartoons:

A group of people walked forward with a heavy cross on their back. In the picture, a man thought he was smart and cut off his cross, which made it much easier to carry.

after a while, he felt a little tired again, so he cut again.

in this way, he easily passed everyone else.

however, there was a deep and wide gully in front of him. He stopped in front of the gully, scratching his cheek anxiously, not knowing how to get there.

at this time, those who were overtaken by him slowly caught up with him. He saw that someone had put a cross on the gully and quickly walked over it.

he wanted to follow suit, but because his cross had been sawed off so much, it was too short to be used.

it was because of his repeated compromises that destroyed him.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

"when you are young, one of the biggest headaches is to decide what you want to do in your life. All in all, everything is good, but to do it well, this is where human value and dignity lie. "

people really can't compromise easily when they are alive.

A lot of times, you think it's just a compromise, but it's likely to hurt you for the rest of your life.

A life with pursuit is perfect. On the way forward, you are Transformers, indomitable and indefatigable, so that you can get the wealth you want.

once heard such a sentence:

"think of a thousand roads at night and walk the same way when you wake up in the morning."

the gap between people is not that big. The difference lies in the thinking, pattern, vision and insight between people.

if ordinary people want to change the current situation, they must first get rid of the above four "generous" behaviors, and the sooner they get rid of them, the better.

, may everyone live a good life, strive to make progress, and find their own real wealth.

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