The power to calm down (good text in depth)
The power to calm down (good text in depth)
Be a person who is calm, calm and calm.

as the old saying goes, "if your heart moves, all things move; if your heart is still, everything is still."

the dynamic and static books are relative, and only the mind is the reference for both.

if the mind is calm, the heart is pure, and if there is no dust in the heart, the heart is at peace.

No matter how things change, when you calm down, you will have thousands of powers.

as "Cai Gentan" said: "those who are impetuous and careless accomplish nothing, but those who are calm and calm will gather themselves."

those who are restless and restless will not be able to get things done in the end; when things happen, they will be calm, humiliated and humiliated.

static energy gives birth to wisdom, and wisdom gives birth to wisdom

as the saying goes: if the water is static, the image is clear, and if the mind is quiet, it is wise.

on the sparkling river, it is difficult to see the reflection clearly; it is only when the heart is quiet that you can tell right from wrong.

this is true of water, and so is man.

people are easily blinded by worldly desires, ignore their own heart, and can't see what they want.

therefore, instead of losing your way and standing still in the troubles of the world, it is better to let the heart return to peace and find a way to break the situation in depth.

there was a carpenter who worked with his disciples in the yard every day. Because business was good, the yard was full of sawdust and shavings.

one day, he accidentally cut the bracelet of his wrist while sawing wood, and his watch fell into shavings and sawdust.

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it was the carpenter's most valuable watch. he was so anxious that he asked his disciples to look for it together until it was dark.

after a while, his son ran over excitedly and said, "I found the watch."

the carpenter was puzzled: "how did you find the watch when so many adults couldn't find it with lanterns?"

his son said: "you are all gone, the yard is very quiet, I heard the watch ticking sound, followed the sound found."

Silence is a silent and powerful force.

sometimes, the more we want to get a result, it always backfire.

instead of being aggrieved and upset, it's better to calm down and clear your mind of thoughts and distractions.

do not be confused by the sound of the outside world, slow down your pace and keep calm before you can break through the clouds and find a way to solve it.

static energy dispels irritability, calms the mind and calms the qi

it was written in Daojing: "heavy is light root, static is irritable monarch."

carelessness is the root of rashness, and stillness is a restless king. It turns out that "quiet" is the best way to be "impatient".

Don't be confused and grumpy when something happens, which will make things worse and worse.

most of the time, it is not the opponent who defeats himself, but his impatience.

remember reading a story:

there is a young priest who goes to take the pastoral exam, the most important of which is public speaking.

to this end, he went to prepare his speech in advance, especially rented a room near the exam, and kept reading aloud every day until the day before the exam.

he is determined to win the exam, but he doesn't want something unexpected to happen while waiting for his speech.

the speech of a contestant in front of him was exactly the same as himself. it turned out that the contestant eavesdropped on his speech and appeared on the stage before him.

uncontrollable anger and tension poured into his mind, and he tried to calm himself down and find the best solution.

calm down for a moment, the young man unhurriedly walked onto the stage and said:

"as a priest, the most important thing is to listen to others and have a good memory. Let me demonstrate for you, such as repeating the speech of the last contestant."

he began to recite his well-prepared speech, which was more perfect than the last contestant, and even his ingenious way was well received and passed the exam.

everyone has experienced a similar panic. The more anxious they are, the more flustered they are, and finally they don't know what to do.

the young priest, calm and calm, gave his brain room to think and came up with ways to deal with it.

as Zeng Guofan said:

"everything should be dealt with peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake." There is nothing wrong when you are busy. Therefore, calmness and serenity is the first way to do things. "

calming down and keeping calm is the most important wealth on the road of life.

there is no futile effort or overnight success in this world. All the accumulated precipitation is the cornerstone of success in the future.

static energy can cultivate the mind and be calm

like Lin Qingxuan's sentence very much:

"when our hearts calm down and our troubles are noisy, like the mud of life, but we also wait, or there will be a lotus, some pure wisdom, from the unknown, unknown corner, blooming."

just as the lotus in the pond comes out of the mud and does not dye it, when your heart is calm and calm, your troubles will be washed away.

only by not being burdened by things outside the body, not being led by desires and thoughts, can we gain physical and mental relief and freedom.

there was a Zen master who took several disciples to the village to make friends.

when passing through a river, the Zen master said to a disciple, "I am in a hurry and a little thirsty. Please help me to scoop a bowl of water."

the disciple took the bowl to the river to fetch water. He looked up and saw someone washing clothes in the upper reaches of the river. He thought that there must be no way to drink the river water.

at this time, several businessmen on horseback passed by, and for a moment, the river was mixed with sediment.

so the disciple went back and said to the Zen master, "the river is too muddy to drink."

the Zen master said, "then take a break and go there later."

soon after, the disciple came back with a bowl of clean water. The Zen master took the water and said:

"you see, if you don't touch the water, you don't have to work hard, the soil will precipitate itself, and the river will be crystal clear. Our minds are in the same way. Therefore, when the water is still, it is clear, and when the mind is still, it is clear. "

the disciple suddenly realized.

all the troubles and impurities in the world, it is better to meditate than the pure land.

only by calming your heart and keeping a peaceful state of mind can you face life more calmly.

only by letting your heart settle down, don't argue, don't complain, don't be discouraged, can you better meet the challenge.

things go up and down, and life is not easy. Only by keeping calm can we find a way out in the forest of fog of life.

Zhuge Liang taught his offspring in the Book of Commandments:

"the husband's gentleman's journey is quiet to cultivate self-cultivation, frugality to cultivate virtue, no indifference to clear ambition, and no peace to be far away."

, for the rest of your life, may you know how to slow down at the right time, how to calm down and think, not to be confused by words, not to be disturbed by prejudices, to keep a meditation and wait for a flower to bloom.

be a person who is calm, calm and calm.