The real strong: crossing oneself at low places and crossing people at high places
The real strong: crossing oneself at low places and crossing people at high places
Smiling at everything is the best answer to a happy life.

Shakespeare once said, "No matter how long the night is, the day will come."

Life is only a few decades, often with prosperity and adversity, happiness and suffering.

confused people enjoy themselves in prosperity, spend in adversity, indulge in happiness, and sink in suffering.

but there are few sensible people who know how to cultivate their hearts when they are going well and how to store energy when they are down.

the really strong is not the ability to be miraculous and upside down, but to keep his heart, cross himself at the bottom and cross others at the top.

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crossing oneself at the bottom

the host Martin once said:

"every strong man has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one to ask for warmth."

in this life, it is inevitable that when people are lonely and depressed, there is no mountain behind them, and there is no one to rely on. They can only struggle alone and struggle to move forward.

the Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest, Ruan Ji, his father died when he was three years old, leaving him and his mother to depend on each other.

but thanks to the care of Cao Pi, mother and son will not live in the streets.

therefore, he is very grateful to Cao Pi for his help. He was glad that Cao Pi could finally succeed the Han Dynasty, but he suffered because Cao Pi coerced Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty to give up the throne.

from an early age, he was determined to be a world-saving hero like Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, but he was angry at those sanctimonious and unruly people in officialdom.

he had cried, scolded and drunk, but his anguish and despair did not vent, but became more and more painful.

in the end, there was no other way, he began to devote himself to writing poems and immersed himself in poetry creation, so as to heal the pain of his heart.

Ruan Ji wrote a total of 82 poems in his life, and he constantly washed his heart in the process, and finally got out of the haze.

however, in life, not everyone, like Ruan Ji, can be strong in tribulations and survive hardships.

Life is hard, things are hard, we can't escape, and we can't avoid it.

but if you allow yourself to sink into it and sink down, you will inevitably be exhausted and exhausted, thus losing the courage to continue climbing and the motivation to move forward.

you should know that in a low ebb, it is normal for no one to be reliable, and knowing how to redeem yourself is the way to break the situation.

as it is written in "give you a Horse":

"what is the heart like? it is like thousands of miles away, in which there is no boat to cross people. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help."

in the dark, instead of waiting for others to help, it is better to explore and move forward alone, and when the time is ripe, you can have a new life.

people who are really good understand that only with the silent strength at the bottom can they be outstanding in the future.

people from high places

there is a poem in Kuang Yi Ting Kou Zhan: "I have known the universe, but I still feel sorry for the green vegetation."

the best spiritual practice in the world is to see the winds and waves of life and not forget to release goodwill and lend a helping hand to others. After the hardships and hardships of life, you still have a compassionate heart to help others.

Wang Xizhi, a master of calligraphy in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was famous all over the world, but he seldom wrote for others.

once, when he was walking past Shanyin City Bridge, he met a poor old woman hawking on the bridge with a basket of hexagonal bamboo fans.

the bamboo fan is very simple, there is no decoration, and few people pay attention to it, and the old woman is very worried.

when Wang Xizhi saw this, he sympathized with the old woman and said, "there are no words on this bamboo fan, so of course you can't sell it. Can you let me put words on it and try it?"

so Wang Xizhi picked up his pen and wrote five big characters on each fan.

when the old woman saw this, she looked angry and blamed Wang Xizhi for getting her fan dirty, and now no one bought it.

Wang Xizhi told her, "you only said that this is Wang Youjun's calligraphy, and each fan can cost 100 yuan." With that, he left.

the old woman had no choice but to sell it according to his words. She didn't want everyone to know and compete to buy it. A basket of bamboo fans was quickly snapped up.

only then did the old woman understand Wang Xizhi's intention and be grateful to him.

in the eyes of others, this may only be an effort by Wang Xizhi, but for the old woman, it helped her solve her temporary predicament.

in life, everyone is bound to run out and be down and out.

in the face of the helplessness of others, we might as well lend a helping hand, which is not only to solve the problems for others, but also to win a good reputation for ourselves.

I have read a sentence: "when everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella, the umbrella you hold for others will be turned into a roof for shelter from the rain in the future."

sometimes, with a small act of kindness, we can solve problems for others and tide over difficulties.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

helping others when they are going well and crossing people wherever they can will surely become nutrients for our growth and increase the thickness of our lives.

A really strong person treats life as a training ground

some people say, "everyone and everything we meet is to ferry us."

Life in the world, sour and sweet, bitter and happy, are all precious wealth given to us by God.

calmly at the right time and calmly at the wrong time is the best way to deal with life.

Mr. Liu Zongyuan, Mr. Hedong, had a smooth career when he was young, and he became a courtesy member at the age of 32.

later, he was convicted of offending others.

in the ten years of Yongzhou, Liu Zongyuan not only experienced his mother's deathHer daughter died young, there was a fire in her home, her memory declined and she was sick all over.

but instead of complaining about it, he constantly reflects on himself and thinks about others.

the world kisses with pain, but he sings in return.

Ten years later, Liu Zongyuan was ordered to return to Beijing, but just after January, he was demoted to Liuzhou because of his good friend Liu Yuxi.

but even so, he did not resent his friends, but changed the customs and customs of Liuzhou by himself.

he set up a school in Liuzhou to open up wasteland, cultivate land, cure diseases and save lives.

Liu Zongyuan's life is accompanied by ups and downs and sufferings.

but he never compromised. On the contrary, he regarded life as a training ground, practicing in adversity and blossoming in suffering.

looking back at our lives, this is not the case.

there is no such thing as plain sailing in life, but no matter how strong the wind is and no matter how urgent the rain is, there are times when the wind stops and the rain stops.

those that make us sad, uncomfortable, and care will fade with the passage of time.

and when we go through the suffering of the world of mortals, we will gradually find that

the so-called life is but a grindstone, self-cultivation in adversity, pain dissipated; prosperity in mind, troubles also go with the wind.

some people say, "bitterness is the original taste of life; tiredness is the essence of life." But after hardship and tiredness, there is a stronger self. "

therefore, if we encounter suffering, we might as well regard it as a stepping stone on the road of life, and every step we take will become the cornerstone of our growing strength, and every step we take will increase the toughness of our lives.

if we are at the bottom, think of it as a cauldron. Although it is at the bottom of the pot, no matter which direction we aspire to, it is rising.

if we are on high ground, we will be compassionate and use our power to help others. Maybe one day in the future, it will turn into hard armor to protect us in the wind and rain.

the real strong is to regard life as a spiritual practice, the world of mortals as an ashram, and be an ascetic monk on the road of self-cultivation.

this journey of life, when there are ups and downs, there will be a day of applause from flowers.

the weak often sink on the eve of the dawn, while the strong hold on till dawn.

in fact, no matter whether it is happy or sad, bitter or happy, it is the best nutrition that God has given us.

trying to draw nourishment from it and laughing at everything is the best answer to a happy life.

May we all feel, improve, sharpen and grow in the hard journey of life for the rest of our lives.