The recent photo of Li Jian's wife was rarely exposed, not having children or buying a house, but he said, "I've been on my honeymoon all my life."
The recent photo of Li Jian's wife was rarely exposed, not having children or buying a house, but he said, "I've been on my honeymoon all my life."
Bless all the people who can walk through the mountains and rivers of Pinghu misty and rainy years who are similar to that soul.


No suspense, "Sound

never stop

"has become the" sound ensemble ceiling "this year.

the strong singer lineup, familiar program texture and stage configuration once made people dream of "I am a singer".

especially the "double Li King fried" composed of Li Jian and Li Keqin.

the song "Flowers" once again sings the classic "Hong Kong Music", which is shocking.

Li Keqin and Li Jian also hate each other too late.

after the public performance, the two made an appointment to have dinner.

as soon as I sat down, I talked for five hours, talking about everything.

it is said that "there are only a thousand cups of wine to know each other", and it can take five hours to eat a meal, which is enough to see that they care for each other.

but netizens' attention doesn't seem to be here.

as the highly praised comments ridiculed:

"ate dog food for five hours."

it turns out that Li Jian's wife, Meng Xiaobei, was also present at this dinner.

as we all know, Li Jian and Meng Xiaobei are the sweetest and sweetest couple in the entertainment industry.

although Li Jian rarely lets Meng Xiaobei appear before the program, even photos rarely appear.

but where does he actually go to take each other in his life? is this a way of sprinkling dog food?

recently, a secret photo of two people came out.

in the photo, Meng Xiaobei shows a fleshy wrist and face, which shows that she is living a happy life.

some people comment like this:

"there seems to be a special soul match between them. They are so happy."

Zhihu once had such a question: "how can I marry Li Jian?"

highly praised answer is:

"if you can make tea, grow flowers, make coffee, know photography, play the piano, draw and cook well." I will also become a doctor at Tsinghua University and be accosted by talent scouts on the road.

the most important thing is that you will meet him at the age of 5. "

this is not the bizarre standard of the Arabian Nights, but the objective description of Li Jian and his wife Meng Xiaobei.

"just because I saw more of you in the crowd,

never forget your face again. "

at the age of ten, Li Jian met five-year-old Meng Xiaobei.

Li Jian never thought at that time that the little girl would follow in his footsteps into Tsinghua University, went all the way to her doctor's degree, and became her partner in life.

at that time, Li Jian looked at Meng Xiaobei and only remembered what her father said:

"the little girl is good-looking, like a little Russian girl."

by the time we met for the second time, it was seven years later.

it was at someone else's wedding, and they recognized each other at first sight.

although a face is still a little childish, it is also graceful.

A young man is already in his youth and personable.

"just because I took one more look at you in the crowd and never forgot your face."

when Li Jian wrote the song "Legend" many years later, what kept on his mind was this moment.

later, Li Jian was admitted to Tsinghua University and became the "high achiever" in the eyes of others.

one summer vacation, his father asked him to help his friend's daughter with her homework.

Li Jian originally thought that it was not easy for him to practice his guitar during the summer vacation.

but when my father talked about tutoring Meng Xiaobei, he immediately agreed.

Li Jian's topic is very thorough, and Meng Xiaobei is also very clever. She always draws inferences from other examples, and the topic is soon finished.

the rest of the time, Meng Xiaobei pestered him and asked him to play the guitar for herself and tell interesting things about school.

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one plays and sings earnestly with a guitar, and the other holds his chin and listens quietly.

later, Meng Xiaobei was admitted to Tsinghua University.

as she grows more and more beautiful, she has white skin and good temperament, and has gradually become a goddess with both talent and appearance in the mouth of others.

once, when I was walking down the street, I was pulled by a talent scout and asked her if she wanted to enter the entertainment industry to shoot a movie.

but Meng Xiaobei refused without thinking.

with a cold heart, she doesn't want to enter the complicated dye vat of the entertainment industry at all.

and there are many boys chasing her, but there is only one Li Jian in her heart.

because they have more time together, the two will be together soon.

after watching their encounter, I have to feel:

people's fate and fate are sometimes so wonderful.

if you have each other in your heart, there will always be a force to let each other go in both directions.

"choose a city to grow old, and meet a man with a white head."

after graduation, Li Jian became a network engineer in the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

such a stable job was actually the envy of many people at that time.

however, Li Jian himself doesn't like it.

two years later, Lu Gengxu, an alumnus of the university, found him.

Lu Gengxu asked, "do you still want to sing?" Li Jian replied, "Yes."

his parents were very opposed to Li Jian becoming a singer, but Meng Xiaobei said to him:

"you can do whatever you want."

in this way, Li Jian quit his job, formed Shuimu years with Lu Gengxu, and became a singer.

five months later, Shuimu Nianhua became popular all over the country with the song "have you for a lifetime".

but after they became popular, the two had differences. Lu Gengxu thought that they should keep up with the trend and sing pop music.

Li Jian said that music and life are the same. A musician's attitude in life should be the same when singing.

on a return flight, Lu Gengxu said to Li Jian, "if you always want to make your favorite music, you might as well leave."

A few hours later, when the plane landed, Li Jian gave his answer:

"voluntarily withdraw from Shuimu years.


after retiring from Shuimu, Li Jian also lost his income.

he even wondered whether he should give up music and find a good job.

but Meng Xiaobei will always give up this hesitation at the first time:

"you don't have to worry about me, just go the way you want to go."

with Meng Xiaobei's comforting Li Jian, his heart slowly settled down. He rented a remote courtyard and began to create music.

it is cold in winter and there is no heating in the house.

Li Jian is reluctant to buy a pair of gloves in order to save money.

when Meng Xiaobei saw this, she bought wool and knitted a pair of gloves for him.

Li Jian lived in this courtyard for seven years and wrote a large number of music, such as Legend, Shici, Wind blowing Wheat waves, and so on.

during this period, Meng Xiaobei accompanied him all the time, never once complained, never asked Li Jian to go out to make money.

the two had a leisurely life, playing and singing in the wheat fields, sitting under the eaves and listening to the rain.

"choose a city to grow old, and meet a man with a white head."

the days with you are called time, otherwise it's just the meaningless swing of the clock.

one person's seven years is very difficult, but two people's seven years can be spent hand in hand.

"be aloof to the whole world and act cute to only one person."

in 2010, Wang Fei sang "Legend" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

also became popular with Li Jian, the creator behind it.

in 2015, Li Jian stepped onto the "I am a singer" stage, pushing his fame to the pinnacle.

then came the major satellite TV stations scrambling to invite him to the program and interview him.

in the eyes of other stars, this is a great opportunity to be on more programs.

but Li Jian is very "aloof".

once, when Li Jian refused a performance, the organizer asked him why, and Li Jianyun replied lightly:

"it happened that afternoon I was going to the gym."

A winery invited a song for millions of dollars, and Li Jian refused, for a simple reason:

"I don't drink spirits and have no feelings for spirits."

later, more and more invitations were made, and Li Jian hurriedly said hello to his friends:

"I'm going out to stay out of the limelight."

however, the understanding of "aloof" in the world is only cute to one person.

"Meng Xiaobei, Meng Xiaobei, I'll call you Little Shell."

when he was a teenager, Li Jian nicknamed Meng Xiaobei "Little Shell".

it was originally only on a whim, but as a result, the name "Little Shell" has been called for more than 30 years.

in public, Li Jian seldom mentions his wife, let alone expose his wife to the media lights.

but in Meng Xiaobei's Weibo, the occasional happiness is enough to envy others.

Li Jian called her Little Shell, while Meng Xiaobei wrote Li Jian as her Mr. Holiday, Mr. off work, and Mr. Fitness.

Mr. Holiday leaned against the door and watched me tidy up the teahouse and said with a smile:

"We are in this state to write an idiom."

"what is it?"

"stand idly by."

"did you play today?"

"well, I practiced very well today and fully understood the slashing and skateboarding movements."

Mr. off duty glanced at me: "are you learning badminton?"