The relationship between people begins with goodwill, respect for talent, harmony with values, and loyalty to character.
The relationship between people begins with goodwill, respect for talent, harmony with values, and loyalty to character.
May each of us treat each other sincerely in exchange for a warm hug.

every night

A book


Thousand thousand fathom says:

"Life is a train to the grave, there will be many stops on the way, and it is difficult for anyone to accompany him from beginning to end."

in this long journey of life, everyone is a passer-by, constantly experiencing encounter and parting.

but no matter how many people you know, you will eventually find out:

the ones left by your side are always the ones that are most in tune.

you will also understand that really good friendships often begin with goodwill, respect for talent, be consistent with values, be loyal to character, and stay comfortable for a long time.

begins with good feelings

when people meet each other for the first time, the first thing they see is the appearance of a person.

American psychologist Lochins once proposed that there is a "first cause effect" in interpersonal communication.

means that in interpersonal communication, the first impression you make will occupy a dominant position in other people's minds and affect the process of communication in the future.

the first time Yang Jiang met Qian Zhongshu was in Guyue Hall in Tsinghua University.

the first time they met, they were deeply attracted to each other.

Yang Jiang praises Qian Zhongshu, and his eyebrows are "magnificent and deep".

Qian Zhongshu also wrote a poem for Yang Jiangti: "when you look at the eyes and remember the beginning, the new rose petal is dipped into Daigo."

they are both famous book lovers, and their common interests make them quickly find a sense of empathy.

as Qian Zhongshu said: "the formation of true friendship is not due to intentional courtship, accidental and unwitting."

A good relationship begins at first sight, and wins in favor.

if you are lucky enough to encounter such a fate, hope to cherish it when you are alive.

respect for talent

the ancients said: "those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black."

what kind of people we choose to get acquainted with, we will have what kind of future.

walking with truly talented people will make us look at ourselves, improve ourselves, and gradually become better.

Life will become clearer when you are with excellent people.

such a plot is told in the historical play "the fission of the Qin Empire".

in the era of competitive competition, the weak state of Qin fell into a desperate situation.

Qin Xiaogong worked hard to make the State of Qin stronger, so he issued a "order for merit", hoping that capable people would give him a helping hand.

at that time, Shang Yang, who was far away in the State of Wei, came to hear the news.

after he made many explorations and determined that Qin Xiaogong was a rare Ming king, he went straight to the subject and talked freely about his thought of political reform and strengthening the Qin Dynasty.

after hearing this, Qin Hsiao-gong nodded frequently and could not help exclaiming, "my husband finally shows the true character of great talent!"

since then, the two fell in love with each other and became bosom friends for life.

during the 20-year-long great reform, Qin Xiaogong always unconditionally supported Shang Yang and was willing to stay behind the scenes and be a false king.

and Shang Yang lived up to his entrust. he realized the hegemony of Qin Xiaogong and spent his whole life planning a thousand years' future for Qin.

their story is gone, but a conversation is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

"the public is like a green hill, and I am like a pine and cypress, falling to pieces and never losing to each other."

Han Han said:

"how far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with. How good a person is depends on who guides him. How successful a person is depends on who he is with."

people who are really talented are like a ball of light. After staying with them for a long time, they don't want to go back to the dark.

if you want to be better, be sure to walk and grow with people who are more talented than you.

in accordance with the three values

there is a good saying:

"A friendship can last for many years, and it always seems as deep as the sea, but time will let you know that time may produce a mature worldview, but it cannot bring up a stranger who does not agree with each other."

people with different values, even if they are lucky enough to go the same way, they will not be the same in the end.

self-media man Su Mo once told a story:

Xia Qing and Enron, the same city, Shanghai, a good friend from primary school to high school, are like sisters, inseparable and say everything every day.

until she graduated from high school, Xia Qing did not get good grades and went to a junior college. After graduation, she found a local rich man to marry, a full-time wife, and lived a leisurely life.

Enron, because of its good grades, went straight through college and graduate school, became a well-known freelance writer, and was ready to go back to work in his hometown.

the two people are separated by two places, both on Wechat, connected intermittently.

until the day she came back, Xia Qing was driving a luxury car and dressed as a lady to meet Enron. Enron was also very excited and sighed that after so many years of separation and yearning, she wanted to sue Fang Xiu.

it's just, unexpectedly, it was so awkward at the dinner table.

one talks about poetry and distance, the other only talks about money and famous brands.

one talks about customs and interesting things outside, and the other only knows about children and housework.


although both of them are trying to cater to each other, they can never find the tacit understanding and harmony.

this coincides with the saying that birds and fish are not.On the same road, the mountains and rivers have never met since.

people with different values will gradually fade away no matter how good the relationship is.

only when the three values are the same, can the relationship between the two people be like gurgling water with a long history.

be loyal to character

writer Shuimuran said: "We are entering an era in which character determines everything."

A person's real capital is not beauty or money, but character.

only by making a deep acquaintance with a person of good character can you gain inner confidence and solidity.

only with good character can we get consistent friends who share weal and woe.

when Luo Yonghao wants to start an English training school, he is desperately short of 3 million start-up funds.

when a young man who had not been in touch for a long time heard about this, without saying a word, he called him 3 million.

the next day, when Luo Yonghao saw that there was an increase of 3 million in the account, he immediately called and sent a message:

although we are young, we haven't seen each other for more than ten years, how can you trust me so much?

Fat talked about such a thing.

many years ago, in their hometown, they all liked to rip videotapes and exchange videos with each other.

but some people are so slick that they deliberately divide a feature film into five discs and then exchange it with others for five videotapes.

only Luo Yonghao is not like this.

once, when Fa took a videotape to exchange with Luo Yonghao, Luo Yonghao offered to exchange five discs.

Luo Yonghao said that because he had been fooled, he did not want to be fooled by others.

after talking about this, he said with a little emotion:

in trifles, you can see character. At that time, I thought that you deserve a deep acquaintance for the rest of your life.

as the old saying goes:

"only the virtuous can have his strength, and only the moral character can stand for a lifetime."

A person's life, no matter how to be a person or make friends, always depends on his character.

A man is tasteless and impossible to move; a man of good character is trustworthy.

on the road of life, only by having good conduct and a clear conscience can we win the respect of others and go further on the road of life.

stay comfortable for a long time

as you get older, you feel more and more:

the measure of the best relationship is comfort.

in the past, we would deliberately hide our preferences and put ourselves in a very low position in order to cater to others.

but in the end, such a relationship will have only one result: the more you please, the easier it is to break up.

the best state of communication between people in the world must be

get along with each other comfortably, but also warm without words.

just like Boya and Ziqi, they make friends with the piano, but it is hard to find such a bosom friend among the mountains and rivers.

just like Li Bai and he Zhizhang, when they meet, they drink for you, and do not hesitate to change their beetles for wine, just to get drunk with their bosom friends.

just like Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, when they were together, they had endless words, endless wine, endless poems, joys and sorrows together.


there are too many such stories, which have been handed down and become today's beautiful talk and yearning in the hearts of many people.

their friendships all get along with each other in the most natural manner and know each other in the most comfortable relationship.

writer Su Qin once said: "stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired."

those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings. Those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory.

the relationship between two people should be a blessing of energy, not a burden.

May we all meet soul mates of the same frequency and live happily and comfortably for the rest of our lives.

I remember someone once asked, "what kind of people in the world deserve to know most?"

there is an answer deep in my heart: "I give him March spring, he can give me April peach blossoms, only in this way can the true feelings of the world last forever."

everything in the world is mutual. If you want to be understood, understand others first.

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if you want to be hugged, open your arms first.

A person who is willing to make a deep acquaintance with others is likely to get the same friendship from others.

, may each of us treat each other sincerely in exchange for a warm embrace and a lifetime of emotion.