The smartest people I've ever met are stingy.
The smartest people I've ever met are stingy.
May we all be stingy and live a full and happy life.

I have seen a very interesting question on the Internet: is the life of "stingy search" tiring?

highly praised answer is:

"not tired, it is instinct to spend a lot of money, but to be careful is the skill.

if you can buy something with 10 yuan, you have to buy it with 100 yuan. That's not rich, it's stupid. "

I can't help smiling.

as I get older, I gradually find that learning to be "stingy" is a kind of wisdom.

this is true in terms of money, time and emotion.

Smart people cherish time, life and gold. They will weigh things over and over again and think calmly before doing something.

this is not stingy, but learning to "optimize" limited energy and resources.

in many cases, learn to be stingy in order to have a better life.

stingy with money

netizen Xiao Ting has shared her experience.

every time she gets paid at the end of the month, she eats, drinks and makes merry, leaving almost no savings.

until one day, when her mother suddenly had a heart attack and was hospitalized, Xiao Ting quickly pulled out her savings card to withdraw money, only to find that the savings in the account were pitifully small.

there is no way. Xiao Ting can only borrow money from relatives and friends one by one. It is not easy to collect enough medical expenses and cure her mother's illness.

after that, Xiao Ting was so frightened that she never dared to spend money indiscriminately.

every month, she always deposits half of her salary in a bank card, saving the rest of the money if she can. Even if she buys a piece of clothes, she has to make a comparison.

in her spare time, Xiao Ting also found a sideline and made money part-time.

later, when the company closed down, and when colleagues were complaining about bad luck, Xiao Ting had saved enough start-up capital to start her own business.

there is a good saying that adults' sense of security is given by money.

in a life full of uncertainty, money is always the strongest guarantee against risk.

A wise man knows how to be careful when he is poor;

also know how to do a good job in money management when you are rich, so that every penny is worth spending.

for them, to save money is to save enough strength for life, and to make money is to strengthen sense of security in their hearts.

only when we have a sufficient economic foundation can we have confidence in our hearts and do not panic in case of trouble.

stingy on time

when writer Lin Qingxuan was in primary school, he felt very sad because of the death of his grandmother.

Father told him:

"one day you will grow up and be as old as your grandmother, and when you have spent all your time, like your grandmother, you will never come back."

Lin Qingxuan was panicked by his father's words, and he made up his mind to race against time.

after that, he went home before sunset every day and finished his summer homework in only 10 days.

at the age of 17, Lin Ching-hsien made his debut in a newspaper. Since then, he has maintained the rate of publication almost once a year, becoming the most prolific writer in Taiwan.

Lin Qingxuan said:

"although one can never run through time, he can run a few steps faster than before. Although those steps are very small, they have a great effect. "

the idea of "racing against time" has benefited him all his life.

as the old saying goes: heaven and earth, the reverse journey of all things, time, a hundred generations of passers-by.

the time of one's life is extremely short and extremely fast.

excellent people all know how to cherish their time and make use of every minute to improve themselves, while mediocre people always want to eat, drink and make merry and seek material comforts.

where you spend your time, you will become what you become.

if you want to look back on your life without regrets, you must not waste your time.

stingy on feelings

there is a concept in anthropology called Dunbar coefficient.

means that the relationship of human communication circle is divided into 5, 15, 50 and 150 layers in the form of concentric circles.

150 people are the largest number of social interactions, while 5 is the number of people who have the closest relationship with you.

Smart people know that instead of expecting 150 people to agree and like themselves, it is better to cherish their feelings with those five people.

as Peking University writer Yuan Ziwen said:

"the older you get, the smaller the circle you care about, which is not a bad thing. All you have to do is protect the person you should protect."

Adults have scales in their hearts to know who is the friend in the scene and who is worth talking to.

they are more willing to invest in a relationship selectively than spend time maintaining a fake relationship.

give up ineffective social interaction, care about parents and children, leave face-saving friends and accompany your loved ones.

three or five bosom friends, flesh and blood relatives, these are the people you should cherish most.

as Mr. Lin Yutang said:

"there are only four things about a happy life:

the first is to sleep in your own bed, the second is to eat the food cooked by your parents, the third is to listen to love words, and the fourth is to play games with your children. "

when you learn to generously give your energy and feelings to your loved ones and loved ones, it shows that you have found the focus of life and understand the true meaning of happiness.

stingy on health

Uncle Wang in the community has been in good health until 6.He is 0 years old and has not been to the hospital once.

one morning run, he shared his health secrets with me.

it turns out that when he was young, Uncle Wang kept the habit of keeping fit, running for half an hour and doing sit-ups for ten minutes every day.

apart from that, he doesn't stick to the common bad habits of his peers.

when others drink and smoke, he has a light diet; when others socialize all night, he goes to bed early and gets up early.

when he reaches the age of retirement, his peers suffer from geriatric diseases such as high blood pressure. only he is still Hale and hearty, and his hair is not even gray.

Uncle Wang sighs with emotion:

"you see, I should eat and drink now, all due to the efforts of my body when I was young.

so keeping healthy body is the capital of being a man and doing things. "

there is no sickness in the body, no resentment in the heart, and there is nothing like this to show off wealth in the second half of life.

when many people were young, they felt that the illness was far away from them, so they often stayed up late to play and eat and drink.

Selecting from toddler formal dresses to perfectly illustrate the essence of fashion. Buy the dress you always dreamed of now.

do not realize that when you neglect health management, your body's "health quota" is also consumed bit by bit.

illness for the rest of my life is retribution for the destruction of the body when I was young.

or what Mr. Liang Shiqiu said:

Life begins at the age of forty. Before the age of forty, it was just a few supporting plays, and the good shows were all behind. I think it had something to do with health.

only by taking good care of your body, can you see the scenery you want to see and love the person you want to love for the rest of your life.

I like a sentence I read on the Internet:

"the more you live, the more stingy you get. It's just that in the experience of life, you learn to weigh and choose."


when I grow up, I gradually understand that people's energy and ability are limited and should be spent on worthwhile places.

only by managing wealth well can you save enough sense of security for living.

Don't waste time before you can continue to improve and improve.

simplify social interaction in order to find the focus of life;

only by taking care of your body can you have a healthy body and see all over the beautiful world.

one day, the time, energy and capital we have saved will be returned to ourselves.

, may we all be stingy and live a full and happy life.