The strongest fugitive in the entertainment industry: he absconded for 13 years, made more than 40 films, was already a big star when he was caught, and worked with Yang Mi and Sun Honglei.
The strongest fugitive in the entertainment industry: he absconded for 13 years, made more than 40 films, was already a big star when he was caught, and worked with Yang Mi and Sun Honglei.
Every step of your life will count the path you choose to take.

in the 1990s, it was a severe winter in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province.

A criminal policeman named Yang Lin and his wife were robbed by three gangsters on their way home.

the three people who got the money quickly fled from the scene.

although Yang Lin saved her life after rescue, she was severely disabled due to stabbed spinal nerves and thighs, and could only walk on crutches for the rest of her life, so she had to withdraw from the front line of criminal investigation.

because of the bad situation, the local public security immediately organized a large number of police forces to arrest the three men.

two days after the incident, two suspects were arrested, but the last suspect named Ji Shiguang escaped from the police and has been missing ever since.

No one would have thought that Ji Shiguang, who had absconded, had blended into the entertainment industry and became an actor.

more than ten years later, Ji Shiguang even made a name for himself, not only with Sun Honglei, Yao Chen, Shi Xiaolong and other well-known actors, but also was nominated for "supporting Actor of the year" at the National Opera Festival.

but because of this, the police handling the case at that time recognized Ji Shiguang on the screen, which was the fugitive at that time.

after Ji Shiguang was arrested and arrested, people who saw the news were amazed and teased that this was really a "movie emperor" actor.

and looking back on more than a decade of fugitive life, Ji Shiguang, dressed in prison uniform, expressed his feelings in front of the camera:

"Life is like a play, it all depends on acting."

assaulting a police officer and grabbing a gun makes a big mistake

Ji Shiguang was born into a working family in Qiqihar in 1972.

but Ji Shiguang has had the same relationship with his father since he was a child, quarrelling like a common occurrence, and Ji Shiguang, who has nothing to do all day after college, has become a thorn in his father's eye.

after a quarrel, the futile Ji Shiguang was once again accused by his father and ran away from home in a stubborn temper.

in fact, Ji Shiguang is not as worthless as his father said.

after running away from home, he was able to sing, skit and host, but he got off to a good start at the local nightclub.

it's like wrestling with his father. Ji Shiguang only chooses the best for food and clothing, and yells at six wherever he goes.

but it is naturally impossible to crawl and roll all day in such an environment and want to get out of the mud without being stained.

soon, Ji Shiguang made a lot of friends, especially with two punks, who were called brothers and mingled with each other every day.

but none of the three had formal jobs, and the money flowed out like a stream of money, and it wasn't long before they were stretched.

one of the thugs suggested that we go to the robbery and get the money as soon as possible.

the highly educated Ji Shiguang hesitated and perturbed, but out of "brotherly loyalty," he did not object or quit, but really followed the two brothers to rob twice.

both robberies went very well.

so the remaining fear in Ji Shiguang's heart collapsed like dominoes.

December 6th, 1998.

Yang Lin, a criminal policeman of the Tiefeng Branch of the Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, and his wife walked home talking and laughing as usual.

suddenly, a few young boys darted out of the alley and came straight at the couple.

the gang is Ji Shiguang, and they have a clear division of labor. Two of them hold a knife to Yang Lin's back, while Ji Shiguang hijacks Yang Lin's wife with a knife.

Yang Lin, a criminal policeman, snapped "I am a policeman" while preparing to pull out a gun to deter several people.

but before Yang Lin took out her gun, one of the thugs quickly jumped on it, shouting "We have to kill him" with the other two.

Yang Lin was stabbed several times with two fists, including one in his spine and one in his thigh.

these two vicious knives made Yang Lin an eighth-level disability, and she had to walk with the help of crutches all her life.

and after the success of the robbery, the most terrible thing was that they took Yang Lin's gun away.

you know, assaulting a police officer and grabbing a gun is no joke. The local police are worried about the gunman committing a crime, so they organized a large number of police forces to arrest the three gangsters.

two of the thugs were arrested two days later, together with the combined punishment for several crimes with previous convictions, and were directly sentenced to death.

run away for 13 years and end up in the net

so where did Ji Shiguang escape?

knowing that his two good brothers had been killed, Ji Shiguang was scared out of his wits. Only then did he know how much crime he had committed. He knew full well that he could not stay in Northeast China any longer, so he fled all the way south to Shenzhen.

after arriving in Shenzhen, Ji Shiguang got a false identity and from then on assumed the name "Zhang Guofeng" and worked as a small worker on various construction sites to make a living.

but it wasn't long before Ji Shiguang, who could not bear hardship, could not go on.

after careful consideration, Ji Shiguang decided to return to his old career and go to the nightclub to sing and act as a host. After a few years in a nightclub, Ji Shiguang has become a little famous in the circle.

after a performance, a customer praised him: "you are really good, you are an actor material, don'tHere it is. Let's go to Hengdian for development. "

Jishi Guangxin was moved, so he decisively packed his bags and went to Hengdian Film and Television City, where he played a group show of 50 yuan a day.

I have to say that Ji Shiguang does have some talent in acting, and it didn't take long for him to win the favor of some directors and producers.

so Ji Shiguang, who goes by the alias "Zhang Guofeng", slowly came to the fore in his acting career.

as his acting skills get better and better, he receives more and more film offers.

in just 2 years, he has successively starred in popular TV dramas such as "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre", "the Secret History of Wu Zetian" and "the Beauty of the Tang Palace".

the partners are no longer unknown, but well-known actors such as Liu Xiaoqing, Guo Donglin, Feng Shaofeng, Yang Mi and so on.

Ji Shiguang even has a special agent to take care of his own work, and the star seems to be getting brighter and brighter.

but on the set, Ji Shiguang is a famous actor, but when he is alone, he still thinks of the crimes he has committed.

as the years went by, Ji Shiguang relaxed his guard and thought that he had absconded for many years, and his figure and appearance had changed greatly. Besides, he had to wear makeup in the play.

A policeman who must be discerning will not easily recognize himself.

under this kind of self-consolation, Ji Shiguang finally dared to make movies and TV dramas with various themes.

the most ironic thing is that Ji Shiguang once played the role of a policeman in the play.

however, Ji Shiguang always has a worry in his heart. He is afraid of being recognized and taken away by the police, then his immediate career will come to naught.

such thoughts are deeply rooted in my heart, and Ji Shiguang has nightmares all night and is too scared to sleep.

so Ji Shiguang lived in the shadow of wanting to continue to be an actor and was afraid of being recognized, and mingled nervously in the entertainment industry.

in 2008, "lurking", starring Jiang Wei and Sun Honglei and Yao Chen, was ready to be filmed. Ji Shiguang was invited to play the role of "Shengxiang", the director of the Secret Bureau in the play.

at first, Ji Shiguang was hesitant to seize the opportunity, but in the end he accepted it because he really liked acting.

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in the shooting, Ji Shiguang performed the role of "Shengxiang" very well with his superb acting skills, and his performance was remarkable in the same frame as a professional actor like Sun Honglei.

what people didn't expect is that after "lurking" was broadcast, it immediately went viral and became a hot TV show of that year.

Sun Honglei and Yao Chen naturally need not say that they have become popular all over the country, and Ji Shiguang has also become popular, reaping a lot of "acting fans."

he was even nominated for "Best supporting Actor" at the 2010 National Opera Gala, the highest honor Ji Shiguang has won since he embarked on the acting career.

Ji Shiguang was overjoyed and secretly fantasized about the day when he was really awarded the title of "seeing Emperor". What he didn't know was that his face on the screen was finally noticed by the police.

on the evening of December 7, 2011, Ji Shiguang came home from the set and was pulling out his key to open the door.

two policemen who had been crouching in the dark for a long time rushed out and handcuffed Ji Shiguang with a click.

Yoshiki hung his head silently and calmly let the police take him away.

since then, Ji Shiguang, who has been on the run for 13 years, has finally been arrested.

Life can't go back

Why is Zhang Guofeng, the actor who plays Shengxiang, so much like Ji Shiguang? This discovery immediately gave the dusty case the hope of solving the case again!

after investigation and collection of evidence, it was finally confirmed that "Zhang Guofeng" was indeed the fugitive Ji Shiguang.

after his arrest, Ji Shiguang said frankly that he felt calm after he was arrested, and that he no longer had to live in fear and tried to "lurk".

I can finally get a good night's sleep, because even the colleagues and friends with whom he has slept in the same room do not know that he is a fugitive.

he was also ashamed to apologize to Yang Lin, who was injured that year, and said more regretfully:

"if I wasn't impulsive when I was young, it would be better to stay at home with my parents than to be a fugitive."

it is a pity that there is no medicine for regret in the world, and youth is not an excuse for crime. Since we did not consider the consequences at the beginning, we will have to pay for our mistakes sooner or later.

later, because of good behavior in prison, the sentence was commuted for one and a half years, and in July 2020, Ji Shiguang was released.

looks like an ordinary filial son.

as for the frivolous, sinful and blurred memories in his mind, they must have been diluted by the dull and happy days.

period, some netizens recognized him on the video platform.

talk about him bluntly: "Shiguang, come out."

Ji Shiguang calmly replied, "Yes, it's coming out."

he also specially wrote in the copywriter:

"now I just want to carry forward the righteousness, cultivate my self-cultivation and make a living, and I can change what I have done."

maybe it is only now that Ji Shiguang can reallyUnderstand, he brought the audience a fake play, life is finally a real play to him.

but the four words "life is like a play" are not necessarily accurate. After all, if the play is wrong, it can be remade at any time, but if life goes wrong, you can't start all over again.

as the poet Ibsen said: what you sow in youth, you will reap in old age.

the path you choose in life counts every step of the way.