The strongest "mistress" in history, driving Ma Yili crazy, crushing Jiang Qinqin, 50 years old and still unmarried: laugh at me? You're not qualified.
The strongest "mistress" in history, driving Ma Yili crazy, crushing Jiang Qinqin, 50 years old and still unmarried: laugh at me? You're not qualified.
May she continue to move forward bravely to meet the better Wu Yue.

recently, it feels like the entertainment industry is starting to work again!

in the past, there was "Lang Jie 3", and all the sisters took part in the battle, setting off a frenzy of memories.

, the appearance of "Menghualu" and "Gu Pan Shenghui" is blessed, and the momentum of popularity is surging.

not long ago, "come on!" Mom, Zhang Yuqi, Li Zefeng, Wu Yue, Dong Jie. Almost all of them are top performers.

on the surface and friendly, but in fact, you have to be reasonable and unforgiving, and the "undercurrent" between you and me is quite interesting.

No wonder netizens joked that the mother circle version of Zhen Huan's biography is being staged, and Zhen Xue DNA has moved hard!

of course, if you want to say that it is the most eye-catching, it should be Wu Yue.

A few words and a look can bring the audience into the play every minute.

is really the bone of an old play. He really knows how to act.

every appearance of Wu Yue will bring an "unexpected" surprise to the audience.

whatever is like, it seems that the role can become alive when it comes to her hands.

Life is like a play, a play is like life. For Wu Yue, these are just routine operations as an actor.

when it comes to Wu Yue, some people may feel strange, but when it comes to Green Tea Queen "Ling Ling", I believe everyone is no stranger!

after all, when I watched "the first half of my Life", she tickled my teeth.

not young, not beautiful, divorced with a child.

but very resourceful, relying on "understanding", a set of tea words, successfully won Chen Junsheng.

I have to say that Wu Yue's performance brought this complex and changeable role to life.

because of this scoffed "mistress" character, Wu Yue went out of the circle at the speed of light, but he was also scolded by countless keypad warriors.

these mean words frightened her to shut down her comments for a time, and even withdrew.

but when she saw a stranger come out to speak for her, she burst into tears and was grateful.

that was the moment she thought it was worth it.

indeed, isn't it certain that the "villain" can be played so that the audience hates it?

however, in real life, you can always see a kind of quiet years without desire in her face.

of course, this may also have a lot to do with her life experience.

Wu Yue came from a scholarly family, his mother was a teacher, and his father was a famous painter and calligrapher.

good family atmosphere and artistic atmosphere have made Wu Yue have a strong interest in art from an early age.

since childhood, he has been familiar with Tang poetry and Song ci, practiced calligraphy and painting, and learned seal cutting from his father.

she is also talented in seal cutting. In the second year of junior high school, she won the gold medal in the junior group of the national seal cutting competition.

I thought she could follow the arrangement of her family and follow the planned path.

but who has ever thought that she has her own ideas and prefers acting in her heart.

so Wu Yue, a good girl, rebelled once.

It's high time you added some red fluffy dress factor to your wardrobe. Check the New Arrivals and the latest word in fashion.

although they were afraid that their daughter had entered the wrong profession, they could not beat her, so the parents had to compromise.

at the age of 19, she, who had never studied acting, was successfully admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy in the first place.

when other students were running around the crew, only Wu Yue chose to precipitate himself and devote himself to the performance.

because she always believes that only when there is no distraction can she act well.

four years of study has made Wu Yue's acting skills more solid and exquisite.

then, Wu Yue was so lucky that she was assigned to the Shanghai Drama Center as soon as she graduated.

then, she was recognized by director Teng Wenji and starred in her first TV series, "the Story of late Autumn in Beijing", playing on the same stage as Chen Baoguo and Li Yapeng.

compared with those who graduate but can only walk on a walk-on, Wu Yue's path as an actor can be described as unusually smooth.

"I'm lucky, too!"

but in fact, opportunity and good luck never come to the unprepared.

hiding under good luck, Wu Yue has always been in awe of the performance.

this seems to be particularly rare for the impetuous show business.

in the more than 20 years since his debut, Wu Yue has not become a big hit, but he has never encountered a trough collapse.

stand in front of the camera, not for attention, not for fame and fortune, but stubbornly want to speak with the work.

"only small potatoes, no small roles."

she is willing to try even if it is small, difficult, or even unlikable.

some people say: with the popularity of "my first half of my Life", Wu Yue has come to an end.

but in fact, Wu Yue's works are not limited to Ling Ling.

Last year's "sweep the Black Storm", she played he Yun, full of complex human nature, but also good and evil.

trapped by affection, defeated by selfishness, engulfed by darkness step by step.

under the sun, he is calm and calm and brings his own powerful aura, but in the surging dark tide, he can't hide the ruthlessness in his bones.

especially at home, he Yun angrily denounced her son's play, the instant outbreak of pain, struggle …... It gives me goose bumps all over.

obviously the character is so bad that people can't hate it all the time.

there is something even more exciting.

the accidental death of her daughter dealt her a heavy blow and left her in a state of collapse.

confess to your ex-husband one second and know your daughter's.The accident had nothing to do with him.

but then, unable to understand, she shouted "I can't help hating you" and burst into tears.

just standing there, Wu Yue's eyes were full of drama.

A thousand times of shock but pain, the interpretation of the three points, so that the audience can not help but distressed.

is not only a suspense drama, but Wu Yue's costume drama is also wonderful.

in Qingping Music, she played the role of Empress Dowager Liu E.

not as overbearing and arrogant as the empress dowager in the past, but full of grievances and sufferings.

when she is taken away from power, she will be unwilling, angry and complain about her son.

but when he was ill, when he heard his son coming, he was immediately moved, his eyes flashed with surprise and said that he was not energetic enough.

every frame of micro-expression and eye changes hit the hearts of the people, making people say in their hearts that this person acted really well.

Daming Fenghua, she is Crown Princess Zhang Yan.

although he knows how to be resourceful, he has a bold and spiteful personality and is hostile to his husband.

from the naughty and smart at the beginning to the selfishness and disregard of the overall situation, there is no sudden moment, nor a moment of drama.

Wu Yue's interpretation of Zhang Yan captured every emotional change and the grasp of details.

I was deeply impressed by Wu Yue's role as Chen Nianma in you as a teenager.

some are confused and naive, but they are unreliable to love their daughter.

make a living by selling shoddy masks and run away from home to avoid debts, leaving your daughter in a lonely situation.

she would laugh happily when she heard that her daughter had good grades, and on second thought she would only say:

"by the time we graduate from college, we'll be through."

helplessness and grief are in the eyes, making one's nose sore.

some people say that Wu Yue's attitude towards the character is like the saying, "in the midst of thousands of flowers, leaves do not stick to the body."

for the audience, her surprise is always the next role;

for her, falling into the role is like an adventure, with curiosity and delight at every step forward.

is an actor, he has to rely on his works.

Wu Yue's role lies in a rich.

has the strength and acting skills, from ancient costumes to modern times, even as a supporting role, but always shine.

I think this is the real background of being an actor.

Wu Yue's acting career is very smooth, there are no big ups and downs, but love is not so satisfactory.

the most well-known is probably the relationship with Chen Jianbin.

when filming Chrysanthemum Tea, the two knew each other and loved each other.

at that time, Wu Yue was already a little famous, while Chen Jianbin was still an unknown supporting role.

even so, it does not affect the relationship between the two people, this hand-in-hand is five years.

Wu Yue gave wholeheartedly, took care of Chen Jianbin's daily life, and even worked hard for him to move from Shanghai to Beijing.

but then the two became busier and busier, and the problems behind the seemingly beautiful relationship gradually emerged.

Wu Yue prefers a refined life and does things gently and gently, while Chen Jianbin is always careless and very strong. The two people have very different personalities and increasingly busy itinerary. Keep the two people farther and farther apart.

in this way, there was no tearing, no reluctance, and the two chose to let go calmly.

as Wu Yue himself said: "it's over, why can't you let it go? you won't embarrass yourself."

seeing people of the same age enter into marriage, the voice of urging marriage from the outside comes one after another.

however, Wu Yue obviously has no intention of pandering.

"when you are married, there is nothing to be proud of; without marriage, there is nothing to be ashamed of!"

now, Wu Yue, 50, is no longer obsessed with feelings, but knows how to let nature take its course.

she no longer clings to what she once had, and likes to enjoy the only peace and loneliness.

when there is a scene, make a good film; when there is no play, look at a different scenery and live your own life.

lose the halo of actors, Wu Yue is also an ordinary person who lives seriously.

go on a trip, go to an exhibition, walk around and give yourself a relaxing holiday.

like good food, like flowers. I like to share the daily details of my life.

whenever she has free time, she will take out books to read on weekdays, leaving some time for the soul who is in a hurry to heal.

even if she needs to attend a grand ceremony, she is not generally "capricious".

other stars are all dressed up and compete with each other.

she was the only one dressed in a suit, dressed simply on the red carpet and half-plain, as if she were working on a different set.

from Wu Yue's point of view, actors only have peace of mind to act, and they might as well use their time and energy to figure out their acting skills.

in the play, she performs thousands of lives with a "drama face" and shines by her works.

outside the play, out of the spotlight, she is very low-key and lives like a chrysanthemum.

it seems that every step she takes is closely following her heart.

after all, learn to love yourself and you deserve to be loved by the whole world.

for Wu Yue, whether he is famous or not is a life opportunity.

in the big dye vat of the entertainment industry, she never fawns on the world and insists on her own pursuit.

every period of youth grows old, but in our memory, it is always worth saving a place for such a good actor.

I hope more capable actors can be seen.

May she also continue to move forward bravely to meet the better Wu Yue.