The third-class husband and wife take care of the money separately, the second-class couple manage the money together, and the first-class couple manage the money together.
The third-class husband and wife take care of the money separately, the second-class couple manage the money together, and the first-class couple manage the money together.
A marriage that only talks about money is boring, and a marriage that doesn't talk about money is stupid.


living a life should focus on the material basis.

Love is romantic love, marriage is a battle of firewood, rice, oil and salt, relying on "affectionate drinking water", it will not last a few days.

it is not enough for Ke Guang to make money. There is a famous saying:

"if the property is not arranged properly, happiness will slip out of his hand like an eel."

whether you can manage money well is the lifeblood of a family's happiness.

the operation of marriage is ruined by selfishness

the marriage of many people is more like a love business, talking about profit rather than love.

when it comes to interests, they bargain like "buying vegetables in the vegetable market". At the slightest twists and turns, they stage the drama of "husband and wife are the same forest birds and fly separately in the face of disaster."

on the surface, it is high-sounding selfishness to sing that they manage their own money and respect each other's independence.

one netizen described his marriage like this:

"I don't know how other people's families are doing, but my place is a mess."

she and her husband both have jobs, and they take care of their own money. When they first got married, they felt nothing. The more they went back, the more uncomfortable they felt.

the first conflict broke out during her pregnancy. Once she was not feeling well. The doctor suggested that she should be hospitalized with a deposit of 5000. Her husband hesitated and said that she had no money.

she said angrily, "I do," because this is his child, too.

after the baby is born, the daily expenses are clearly divided. You pay half and I pay half. You often settle accounts for trifles, making you physically and mentally exhausted.

the netizen finally sighed:

"I haven't divorced yet. I have a lovely girl. I hope she has a happy environment to grow up."

if you become a husband and wife and still live separately, it is equivalent to the most familiar stranger.

contending for right or wrong in details and calculating trifles on trifles is the most likely to cause grievances and exhaust feelings.

Marriage is not only a partnership, but also a whole of common prosperity and disgrace, sharing joys and sorrows.

money should be spent together, on the happiness of the whole family.

A friendly couple, discuss and discuss

there is a good saying: "Don't take a thousand loads of food for a couple, as long as they are negotiable."

A good couple, instead of counting the money, only care about negotiation and discussion; they don't mind the size of the house and just want to keep warm together.

writer Tang Xiaoxiao shares his own experience and has never blushed with her husband because of money.

when she is getting busier and busier at work, she manages the money with her husband.

every year, they will take the time to do financial arrangement and planning, they will sort out the whereabouts of every sum of money, control unreasonable spending, and take care of the needs of everyone in the family.

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there was a survey on partners and money, and it was found that

78% of couples who talked about money at least once a week were happy, while only 50% of those who talked about money only once a few months were happy.

A lover is a true partner in his life.

the two partners are in the same boat, treat each other honestly, discuss matters such as family expenditure, and avoid risks and traps.

A lot of communication helps to run in ideas, sublimate feelings, not afraid of winds and waves, not afraid of showers.

first-class husband and wife: I am willing to let you manage

in the TV series "Meritorious deeds", the husband of Nobel laureate Tu Youyou was repeatedly praised by netizens.

Tu Youyou and her husband Li Tingzhao are high school classmates. after marriage, Tu Youyou is not good at doing housework, so she has important expenses, ranging from firewood, rice, oil and salt, which is basically covered by Li Tingzhao.

Tu Youyou can devote all her energies to scientific research. Li Tingzhao, without complaint, silently became his wife's "good wife."

Li Tingzhao said with a smile: "I have been a cook, a babysitter all my life, and I have also become a secretary in my old age."

after marriage, the passion of passionate love will inevitably be diluted by firewood, rice, oil and salt, and commitment and trust are the more solid armor to maintain the relationship.

as Yang Lan said in a sentence:

"Marriage needs another kind of bond other than love, and the toughest one is not children, nor interests or money, but righteousness that treats each other with all sincerity."

Marriage is never a battlefield, and husband and wife are not opponents, but a delivery of trust and loyalty.

my money is willing to be handed over to you. I can rest assured.

Marriage that only talks about money is boring, marriage that doesn't talk about money is stupid.

money is not everything, but you can't do it without it.

A good marriage not only has the smell of fireworks with one porridge and one meal, but also has the same concept of money.

No matter how you choose to run the marriage, no matter who controls the financial power,

only when husband and wife discuss and discuss, can they jointly manage the balance between firewood, rice, oil and salt, and watch the sails of marriage, enjoy the happiness of fireworks and fireworks.