The three people closest to you determine the direction of your life.
The three people closest to you determine the direction of your life.
It is not easy to meet, but we should cherish our acquaintance.

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what kind of life a person will eventually become is determined by his own vision and insight.

the choice of what kind of people we are with and what kind of environment we come into contact with affects our vision and pattern.

go with good people

it is easier to know yourself when you are with good people.

Yamamoto Yaoji said: "oneself" this thing is invisible, bump into something else, bounce back, will understand yourself.

so, collide with something strong, something terrible, something of a high standard, and then you know what you are.

after a person stays in a narrow, closed circle for a long time, ideas, knowledge, and character all stop flowing.

and excellent people can break your stubbornness and conservatism and become a beam of light that leads you forward.

when you are with hard-working people, you will not relax and fall;

when you are with the top people in the industry, the easier it is for you to learn the rules of success;

when you are with excellent people, it is easy to become aggressive and outstanding.

if there is a shortcut to success, it is to cultivate yourself, walk with good people, and grow up with good people.

work with capable people

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A talented person refers to an elite who has a skill.

"specialize in the art industry". If you have the opportunity to compete with the masters in your favorite field, will you seize this rare opportunity?

some people will say, "No way, isn't this a trick in the classroom?"

Hua Luogeng, a mathematician famous all over the world, has always advocated: "if you play with an axe, you must come to Banmen."


it turns out that for people who don't know what to do, showing off their skills is not good for others or themselves.

but if you can get the advice of industry masters, you can make progress faster, and if you are lucky enough to be affirmed, you will be able to increase your confidence in climbing the peak bravely.

A capable person is also a person who can do things well.

if you work with talented people frequently, you will find that their way of doing things is very good:

what others have not considered has been taken into account, which makes people feel at ease, comfortable and happy.

it is easy to solve all kinds of unexpected problems and keep the situation in your own hands.

such a person must be a reliable person with talent, responsibility and high EQ.

it is of great benefit to one's life to work diligently with capable people, learn their wisdom of "getting things done" and improve their ability to solve problems.

get along with people who are in tune

someone on the Internet once launched a vote: what do you think are the necessary conditions for getting married or making friends?

the one with the highest number of votes in the end is that the three values are the same and understand each other.

what's it like to get along with someone who doesn't understand you?

you said that if you had time during the holidays, you would go to see the world more often. He said that if you spend all that spare time, you might as well sleep at home.

you said you wanted to learn something new to improve yourself, but he said there was no need to bother yourself when you were old.

Robin Williams said:

"I thought the worst thing in life was to die alone, but it wasn't."

the worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel lonely. "

Life has come a long way, and it is a great blessing to meet someone who is in tune with you.

he understands your experience and experience; he knows the silence behind your desire to speak; he understands your loneliness in the hustle and bustle.

it is not easy to meet, but we should cherish our acquaintance even more.

if you are lucky enough to meet a lover who is in tune with each other, you must take good care of them. Only those who treat each other sincerely can accompany you through the thousands of rivers and mountains of life.

if you are lucky enough to meet a friend who is in tune, you must cherish it. Only a good friend who really knows each other can accompany you through the ditch and ridge of your life.

Road, you have to go with excellent people in order to have a long-term future.

things must be done with reliable people before they can be done properly.

it's worth living with someone who knows you.

, the rest of your life is not long. May you stick to your heart, walk with the right person, and live the way you like.