The top self-discipline of adults: treat work as spiritual practice
The top self-discipline of adults: treat work as spiritual practice
May we all be able to achieve positive results without floating or perilous.


there is an anecdote in the book Wang Yangming for five hundred years.

when Wang Yangming was lecturing at Guiyang Academy, a man often came to observe.

after class, he said to Wang Yangming:

"speaks so well that I wish I could practice with you every day.

it's a pity that I'm so busy that I have to deal with business every day. "

Wang Yangming said, "Why should you give up your job to practice?" Work is spiritual practice, and the world of mortals is the ashram. "

Kazuo Inamori also said, "the best practice in life is work."

No one can break away from life and create great works of art.

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the highest level of self-discipline for adults is to cultivate their nature in the event of trouble at work and to cultivate their mind when they meet others.

practice emotion, give up internal friction

I have seen a joke with deep feelings on the Internet:

"in the workplace, you will communicate, add 10 points; cooperate, add 20 points; and open up resources, add 50 points;

but if you can't control your emotions, I'm sorry, deduct 100 points. "

many people have had similar experiences at work:

was criticized by the leader for a few words, but he was suffocated all day and didn't want to work.

received a thorny project, so anxious that he could not sleep and eat for several days, and his efficiency was greatly reduced.

when I meet a colleague who likes to throw away the pot, I immediately begin to hate my job and even think about leaving.

there is no job in the world that is not hard, and there is no place that is not complicated.

too much emotion is a luxury burden for work.

the writer was calm and calm, and once he worked overtime until two o'clock in the morning. He was too tired to take a bath and collapsed on the bed.

was about to have a rest when the boss suddenly sent an email and criticized him severely, saying that he had not been paying attention to his work recently.

calmly broke down at that time, aggrieved and resentful, immediately jumped up and replied to the boss by email:

while complaining about how hard and hard I work every day, I complain about how hard and difficult my work is, and write thousands of words in a row.

after writing the email, he suddenly calmed down.

he began to ask himself:

"if I were the boss and were not satisfied with the work of my subordinate, would I like to see excuses and complaints when I send an email to criticize him?" Of course not. "

"I will reflect on the recent problems and correct them as soon as possible."

then he began to reflect on what was wrong with him and beat himself harder than before.

soon, he got a double An in the next examination and became the first one in the same group to be promoted.

Netflix has a very well-known cultural rule: we only recruit adults.

the so-called "adult" is not only age, but also emotional maturity:

will not be rampant and emotional when aggrieved;

Don't lose your temper and make a face at the people around you when you are in a hurry;

does not bring personal emotions to work, affect progress and infect others.

it is also said in the book "dry method":

"Don't have senseless emotions for success.

No matter how much you complain, no matter how much you are aggrieved.

the most important thing at present is to do a good job first. This is the mentality that a mature person should have. "

every more minute you immerse yourself in internal friction, you lose one minute to solve a practical problem.

every time you devote more energy to bad things, you have less energy to improve yourself.

at any time, cultivate a good mood in order to control your work well.

cultivate your mentality and be able to ignite spontaneously

I heard a meaningful story in my early years.

A group of workers were working on the railway, and a train stopped slowly beside the track.

Captain Jack was invited by Mike, chairman of the railway company, to chat for more than an hour.

A worker asked Jack half-jokingly:

"then why do you work with us against the sun when he becomes CEO?"

he bowed his head:

"Twenty years ago, I only worked for $2 an hour, while Mike worked for his railroad cause."

how many people around him, when they first came out of society, were ambitious and enthusiastic Mike.

in the end, in the gurgle of warm water of the years, he became a Jack who dawdled along.

in recent years, there is a popular word in the Internet industry: boss thinking.

mean? In other words, when you do things with the mentality of the boss, you can reap the growth of the management level;

and when you work with the mentality of a migrant worker, how much money you pay to do how much work, one more thing is better than one less thing, if you can be lazy, you will always have to stay at the grass-roots level.

what kind of mentality a person holds towards work affects his vision and determines his future.

Liu Yong told a story in his book.

A friend complained to him that the boss was too stingy and that he worked hard every day, but his salary was pitifully low.

Liu Jing listenI deliberately said to him:

"for such a bad boss, you might as well quit.

but how can you work for so long in vain? you always have to learn more and then change jobs. "

my friends think it makes sense, so they begin to work overtime every day to learn English, technology and management.

he thought, anyway, no matter changing jobs or starting a business in the future, these things will be useful to him. To learn more is a little bit.

six months later, the friend not only got a raise, but also got a promotion.

as for the idea of job-hopping, it has long been left behind by him.

you see, this is actually a change from the mentality of a migrant worker to that of a boss.

when he no longer put himself on the opposite side of the boss and the company, but focused on his own growth, everything began to take a turn for the better.

A netizen once said:

"the turning point in life is the work attitude. Work is the best cure for everything.

it is possible to be different from others by taking every detail seriously, learning and improving continuously in every work.

when a monk strikes a bell one day, it is your own life that is wasted. "

while a person is perfunctory in his work, in fact, he has eliminated himself and announced that he has given up.

and when you start working for yourself, you will find that even if the environment has not changed.

but you have become a better person in the process of opening up roads and bridges along the way.

practice ability, often add value

once, a young reporter went to interview Matsushita Konosuke, an entrepreneur, and the two had a very congenial conversation.

after the interview, Panasonic asked him, "how much is your monthly salary now?"

"only ten thousand yen a month."

"in fact, your salary is much more than that."

seeing that the young man looked confused, Panasonic went on to say:

"you can get the opportunity to interview me today, which proves that you have some potential in the interview.

if you can accumulate more talent and experience in this field, it's like saving money in a bank.

money deposited in the bank will generate interest, and your talents will also generate interest in the social bank, which will be returned to you with interest in the future. "

after 3-6 months, they gradually mastered the rhythm, and after 1-2 years, they became familiar with it.

at this time, choose whether to stop in the comfort zone or continue to cultivate yourself and broaden the boundaries of ability and salary.

behind this, what is often tested is a person's ability to add value to himself.

Jim Collins put forward an interesting "flywheel effect" in "from excellent to excellent":

it takes a lot of effort to push the flywheel at first.

but slowly, every time you push it, it turns into the energy of the flywheel, making it faster and faster each time.

until the end, it will spin itself, faster and faster.

in this era of changing circumstances, only through continuous spontaneous combustion and continuous evolution can we rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

when you are strong enough, you can continue to make efforts no matter where you go.

No matter what industry or stage you are in now, there is no end to the room for growth.

here are two suggestions to help you chase the waves of the times and keep practicing yourself:

renew your thinking and improve your self-evolution

have heard of such a law of knowledge depreciation:

"if you don't study for a year, all the knowledge you have will be depreciated by 80%.

what you don't understand today will be out of date by tomorrow morning.

most of today's ideas about the world may be a thing of the past in less than two years. "

think of yourself as an empty cup, reading, asking for advice, learning, reflection.

Let your mind match this era, so that you can always have a foothold.

single point extreme, creating irreplaceability

do you know?

Research shows that if a person improves by 1% every day, his ability will increase 38 times after a year.

but as ordinary as a courier, he can also polish his professional skills to the extreme.

the world is changing with each passing day, and your skill is your moat forever.

Japan is a pawn. Today is a little more progress than tomorrow, and tomorrow is a little more proficient than today.

striving to make yourself 20% of the industry is the greatest survival truth for ordinary people.

Ghost foot 7 has a passage in "spiritual practice everywhere in Life", which I like very much:

"if you are an employee, please remember two words: diligence and humiliation;

if you are a manager, please remember two words: keep the precepts, Prajna;

if you are an entrepreneur, pay attention to two aspects: follow the right path and do good deeds. "

in this world, there is no job that is not hard, and no job is absolutely stable.

regarding work as spiritual practice can accomplish both things and people.

, in the spiritual practice of work, may we all achieve positive results without floating or perilous.

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