The truth of long marriage: laziness
The truth of long marriage: laziness
Only by accepting imperfections can we have a little luck.

as the saying goes, "lazy people have laziness."

laziness is not idleness and lack of diligence, but knowing how to let go, don't care about trifles, and take things lightly.

in marriage, people who are too diligent are not only physically and mentally exhausted, but also thankless.

in a good marriage, moderate laziness is a kind of wisdom.

lazy mouth, more amiable

in a family, the more sarcastic one party is, the more likely it is to make the other feel frustrated.

read a story:

there are two families that hunt for a living. one day, two husbands went out hunting and each caught a rabbit.

when she got home, one of the wives began to criticize her husband, saying that he was incompetent, so he brought back a rabbit.

the husband was not happy for a moment, saying that it was hard to hunt and that it was good to have a rabbit.

in this way, the two men quarreled.

another family, the wife is considerate to her husband and says thank you for your hard work.

the husband was very happy and said he would refuel and catch more rabbits in the future.

two people had dinner together happily.

the next day, the two husbands went hunting again.

when the first husband came home empty-handed, he thought that he would be scolded anyway. He hunted so hard every day to make her feel like she had no prey.

the wife was furious, scolded her husband for being incompetent, and hated herself for marrying the wrong person.

hearing this, the husband also felt aggrieved and thought that his wife was inconsiderate of himself, and the two quarreled again.

another husband brought back two rabbits the next day.

the wife was overjoyed and rewarded her husband with good food.

the husband was also very happy, and the two were talking and laughing happily.

not only ineffective communication, but also easy to intensify conflicts and cause disputes, if you do not take into account the feelings of the other party.

quarreled, lost the love, broke up the family, and finally threw the pot away, disagreeing with each other.

the misfortune in marriage is not what is right and which is wrong, but often makes chickens and dogs jump because of the trivialities of oil, salt, vinegar and vinegar.

emotion expert Dix said:

one of the culprits of more than 50% of unhappiness in all marriages is unconstructive but heartbreaking criticism.

in family life, trivial matters are not worth entangling, but unprincipled problems should know how to be modest and understand each other.

only by complaining less and blaming less can we live in harmony.

lazy eyes, less trouble

Peter Dixion said:


the difficulty of marriage is that we fall in love with each other's strengths and live with his weaknesses.


if you always stare at each other's weaknesses, you will infinitely magnify all kinds of drawbacks and side effects.

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in Golden Marriage, Wen Li is full of expectations for marriage. Less than half a year after marriage, her passion is diluted by the trivialities of reality.

in her eyes, her husband Tong Zhi exposed his original form:

the novel threw it on the floor and went to sleep without washing its head after going home. It smelled bad. He promised to quit smoking, but kept smoking behind his back.

Wen Li could not see her husband sloppy and easily reprimanded, and her husband was not willing to be outdone.

so, tit for tat, you yell at me, I yell at you.

this kind of scene is not strange, very much like our daily routine.

Franklin said, "keep your eyes open before you get married, and turn a blind eye after marriage."

A good marriage is not because of the perfect combination of two, but because of the deficiency of being able to accept and accommodate each other.

have seen a short film:

the husband is meticulous at work, but he seems to be a different person at home.

he can't always find what he wants to use, and he habitually puts it away after using it.

he often loses things. Either he forgets his keys when he goes out or he always loses something when he goes shopping.

at first, his wife was always annoyed and disliked him.

however, the husband has been unable to get rid of these problems.

until one day, my wife watched the documentary "the Fruit of Life". She was deeply moved by the daily life of an elderly couple.

she decided to let nature take its course and stop staring at such trifles.

if he can't find anything, let him find it slowly.

it's no big deal to forget your keys and lose something.

because of his wife's tolerance, the husband feels guilty and pays attention to trifles. In this way, life is getting better and better.

the truth of family harmony is to discover each other's bright spots and ignore each other's small shortcomings.

only by accommodating each other's habits and adapting to each other can a good marriage be achieved.

Marriage is not a legend, don't fantasize too much and ask for too much, plain, is what marriage should look like.

lazy ears, less trouble

writer Zhou Xin once recalled:

his wife went out for some time and no one nagged him. His ears were quiet and he felt relaxed.

sleep when you are sleepy, eat when you are hungry, invite your friends to have a few drinks every three or five, and go home whenever you want.

however, after such a day lasted for a month, he felt empty and at a loss.

A hungry meal, a full meal, no one tells, eat not on time, stomachThe old pain began to recur.

clothes are not quite shaved, hair also becomes irritable, go out to buy daily necessities, less advice, buy home only to find that it is not practical.

without his parents, he was alone, and he was restless.

he began to regret the words he had said against his wife, thinking about his wife's nagging, full of meticulous concern.

the nagging between husband and wife is human fireworks, not grudges, so there is no need to haggle over every penny.


@ Xia Yihuan

is well versed in this, just look at her sharing.

at home and outside, my husband takes care of everything and takes good care of it.

when she came in from work, she threw off her shoes and bag and fell into the sofa.

my husband, as usual, tidied up while nagging:

"I really believe you. I've never seen you so lazy!"

watching her husband dangling to and fro, she just smiled.

my husband lost his temper, tied up his apron and dived into the kitchen.

every morning, it is my husband who heats up the milk, boils the eggs and urges her to get up.

when you are on a business trip, the old guild repeatedly instructs you to be safe and not to be careless.

she never takes her husband's gossip to heart, but enjoys it very much.

she said, "my husband is good at everything. He cooks, does laundry, takes care of his family, and complains a little. Shouldn't he?"

it turns out that it is not inaudible, but pretending to be inaudible, pretending to be clear and confused.

I have heard a saying: "in a harmonious family, at least one couple is deaf."

Life is inseparable from firewood, rice, oil and salt, husband and wife will inevitably stumble, comprehensive, give each other a chance to stretch, in order to balance the intimate relationship between each other.

Bai Yansong said:

"A good marriage is actually the art of compromise between both parties."

Marriage is never really perfect, only fit.

there is no need to make too much effort, as long as you treat each other gently, you can gradually run in.

A little lazy calculation, a little lazy speculation, a little lazy restraint, no struggle for right or wrong, no turning over old debts, and no loss of temperature.

Don't expect too much, don't be too hard on each other, be heartless and don't get tired.

only by accepting imperfections can you have a little luck.

the real "laziness" is a process of constant tolerance and compromise.

half of life is awake, half of life is confused, make concessions for love and cherish each other. Only in this way can we start with the heart and end with a white head.