There are six hardships in life, and it is a blessing to get through it.
There are six hardships in life, and it is a blessing to get through it.
May you and I both bloom the flower of happiness in the desperate situation of the dangerous peak.


there is a sentence in Shawshank's Redemption:

"if there is no pain, there is no real comfort. Therefore, before redemption, one must bear the suffering."

on the road of life, wind and rain are inevitable, and stumbling is also common.

suffering is a part of life, and no one's life is not bitter.

without the wind, frost, rain and snow of nature, there would be no day for all things to recover.

only by going through these six kinds of hardships in life can we make the best of our hardships and usher in happiness.

suffering without money

someone on the Internet asked: "what are the principles of life that the sooner you understand, the better?"

A high praise replied:

"Don't lose hope in life because of temporary hardship."

I agree with you.

although it is terrible to have no money, what is even more terrible is to be content with the status quo and be at the mercy of the wheel of fate.

when you are poor, you are not reconciled to depravity, let alone complain about the injustice of fate. One day poverty will leave you.

Cao Dewang, the "king of glass", experienced a difficult time before his success.

Cao Dewang's father was a wealthy businessman who lost all his fortune because of an accident.

14-year-old Cao Dewang had to drop out of school to support his family.

sell cut tobacco by cycling more than 100 kilometers in winter, and get up at two o'clock in the morning in summer to sell fruit.

but no matter how hard he tries to make money, he still can't solve the problem of food and clothing, and he is laughed at all the time.

at the age of 30, he discovered the business opportunity of watch glass by chance, and opened up the glass world ever since.

, Cao Dewang set up Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd. to study the glass industry.

has not only changed the situation that China's automotive glass market depends on imports, but also become the first in China and the second largest automotive glass supplier in the world.

predicament may starve you and limit your freedom.

the more down and out you are, the more you don't give up.

as the saying goes, if you suffer from hardships, you will be superior to others.

those who look beautiful may have experienced things you can't imagine behind them.

as sa Bei said:

"if you decide to be brilliant, the mountain will not be covered and the sea will not be blocked."

when you get through the pain of having no money, you will have a chance to get rid of it and make your life have unlimited possibilities.

bitterness of disease

everyone is equal in front of illness, but mentality is particularly important to survive the pain.

in many times, what is frightening is not the disease itself, but the voluntary surrender of the disease before it completely engulfs you.

only when you get through the hardships of the disease and overcome the disease can you have a chance to meet the blessings in life.

in the book the Plague, Joseph Gran suffered from the plague.

before he was infected with plague, he went to the battlefield of plague conscientiously.

but something unexpected happened in the sky, and Joseph Gran had the misfortune to suffer from the plague.

soon, he began to have a high fever, it was very difficult to breathe, and he was in great pain.

although he has long been tormented by illness, when the pain is over, he is able to cheer up and talk about manuscripts with friends.

"there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome, as long as you don't give up."

after the doctor injected Joseph Gran with serum, his condition did not continue to deteriorate.

by the next day, his physical and mental strength was gradually recovering, and he survived.

after this illness, the manuscript that has been troubled for a long time has finally been completed.

although disease is the greatest suffering in the world, good and bad always depend on each other.

when you beat the disease, you will find that you cherish your health more than ever.

without illness, you will have the strength to work hard, and you do not have to add to the worries of your family.

physical well-being is a person's greatest blessing.

the bitterness of feelings

Life can't be plain sailing, and neither can feelings.

in the relationship, there is not only the sweetness of the flowers and the moon, but also the pain of being desperate.

but whether the relationship can be happy or not depends on whether we can get through the difficult times together.

A few years ago, Luo Yonghao's company went bankrupt and had a debt of 600 million.

instead of rejecting it, his wife took the initiative to tide over the difficulties with him.

later, when Luo Yonghao applied for a 96 million yuan loan from the bank, the bank asked his wife to act as a guarantor.

his wife signed her name without thinking.

when she got home, his wife said to Luo Yonghao:

"I signed it if you asked me to sign it, no problem, but have you ever thought about what I have to do in my life to return this in case you are at least lucky? I will never return it."

in order to live up to his wife, Luo Yonghao began to enter the live broadcast industry.

he is busy every day from morning till night, either in meetings, selecting goods, or carrying goods live.

with the support of his wife, Luo Yonghao finally paid off all his debts, returned to the peak of his career, and his life with his wife was back on track.

the best ending of a relationship is for two beloved people to join hands in marriage, start a new life and create a happy paradise.

but no matter who you are with, there are countless joys and difficulties that you may encounter.

blessed people are well aware of the hardships ahead. As long as they are of one heart and one mind, the loess will one day turn into gold.

therefore, they will always hold each other's hand tightly when their partner is in trouble, fight setbacks together, and move forward side by side.

as a result, the feelings get deeper and the life becomes happier.

bitterness of human feelings

have you ever had such an experience:

when a friend is in trouble, you always pull a knife to help you, but when you are in trouble, the other person can't dodge.

every time you go shopping, your colleagues always ask you to help you with things;

but when you ask him to help with it, he either refuses or forgets to bring it.

as the saying goes, if you take a fall, you will gain wisdom.

We always have to eat some human bitterness in order to move in and out of people.


@ too noisy loneliness

once told a story about himself.

once, out of kindness, the netizen invited colleagues whose performance was not up to standard to participate in his own project.

but just before signing the contract with the customer, the customer temporarily chose the rival's company.

only later did I know that because of my colleague's carelessness, I left the quotation in the customer's restaurant.

happened to be picked up by the opponent and won the project at a lower price.

netizens took the initiative to take responsibility, and they were criticized by the leaders for this.

but netizens continue to help other colleagues as if nothing had happened.

later, the netizen was responsible for an event that was temporarily stood up by the organizer.

seeing that the activity was about to begin, she was suffering from a shortage of manpower and could not build a shed.

unexpectedly, all the free colleagues went to the scene to help her, and the activity was finally held smoothly.

Bai Juyi said in Taihang Road:

"the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, but only in the vicissitudes of human feelings."

Human feelings are the most complicated and elusive emotions in the world.

some people lose confidence in friendship because they have suffered from human feelings.

but you know, God will never let you lose.

when it closes a door for you, it will certainly give you another kind of life.

the reason why blessed people get better and better is not that they are born with good luck, but because they seldom care about gains and losses.

they can always accept the grievances brought by human feelings with a smile and always maintain a sincere heart.

for the rest of my life, I will learn to turn what I have suffered into sweetness, make people better and better, make the road wider and wider, and make the blessing deeper and deeper.

the bitterness of the trough

Life is like walking on a mountain road, you may be at a peak or you may fall into a trough.

ups and downs, ups and downs, is a common occurrence.

but when some people fall into the trough, they can always settle down, move forward, get through the pain of the trough, and usher in the day when the clouds will see the sun.

15 years ago, the Mai family, who had become famous by "plotting", ushered in a low period of life.

lawsuits are rife, friends are severed, the wife is at odds with each other, the son is rebellious, and the father is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

the house leaks and rains all night, and life is as bad as it wants to be.

Mecca often suffers from insomnia and illness.

but it was also that year that he wrote the novel Wind, which is still popular all over the world and won numerous awards.

with this novel, he returned to the peak of literature.

there is a saying:

"there is no absolute dividing line between losing and winning. As long as you keep moving forward, the trough may become high."

everyone goes through a dark moment in his life.

most of the time, it is not the hardship that falls into the trough that knocks you down, but the heart that fears difficulties.

"there is not a winter that is insurmountable, and there is not a spring that will not come."

the road comes out on its own, and no matter how dark it is, I will endure the moment when I finally see the dawn.

No matter how difficult the current situation is, please remember that as long as you live up to Aoyama, Qingshan will not fail you.

after the night, when you look back, you will find that happiness follows.

bitterness of desire

economist Paul Samuelson put forward an equation about happiness: happiness = utility /desire.

means that when a person's desire is smaller, the utility is greater, the happier he is.

as Sodaji Kambu said:

"the root of happiness lies not in how much money you have, but in how much desire you reduce."

Meyer Musk shared one of his experiences in the book Life is mine.

at a dinner party, she could not resist the temptation of dessert and ate it feasting.

the man on the side was surprised and said, "you eat more than I do."

but Meyer Musk ignored him and continued to eat dessert.

behind all the indulgence, there are countless invisible shackles waiting.

after that, she began to restrain her desire for dessert.

whenever a friend brings her a snack, she asks her friend to take it back or give it away.

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if she can't give it away, she will just throw it away.

even if she goes to stay in a hotel, she will ask the waiter to take away the high-calorie snacks from the room before checking in.

it was her abstinence that led her to return to the modeling stage in her sixties and monopolized four billboards in Times Square.

when I was young, I naively thought that life was already hard, and there was no need to embarrass myself.

only by indulging your desires can you get more happiness.

when I walk, I realize that desire is like a bottomless pit.

indulging desire will only become a slave to desire.

Life will get out of control, get into a mess, and end up in a vicious circle of misery.

"possession or existence" says:

"unrestrained desire satisfaction is not conducive to human well-being. It does not bring happiness, or even maximum enjoyment."

in the face of desire, you must be able to resist temptation in order to control your life and find your real needs.

Life, in fact, is a journey that is difficult to move, difficult, and has been closed.

but no matter how hard it is right now, don't be depressed, but grit your teeth and hold on.

Jia Pingwa once said:

"Snakes grow up in molting, gold in gravel, massage is the comfort after pain, spring is the prosperity through winter."