There is a kind of love, not around but in the heart
There is a kind of love, not around but in the heart
For the rest of my life, hello, I will be sunny.


recently I saw a very heartbreaking sentence on the Internet:

"I met you at the wrong time, unable to be a lover, unable to be a bosom friend, unable to be a friend, reluctant to be a stranger, unable to open and forget, where should I put you?"

after reading, it makes people cry.

Yes, it has always been shallow, but I don't know how to feel deeply. Since I am so happy, I don't know why I am so quiet.

once we all thought that "there is nothing else for Qinghuan in white tea, and I am waiting for the wind to wait for you". Only later did we know that "bitter wine is separated from each other, and there is no wind, no moon and no you."

whirling in the world, fate is scattered, sometimes, the order of people's appearance is really important, at the wrong time, meet the right person, can only sigh that fate is doomed, a business is difficult.

there is a kind of encounter called fate

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Zhang ailing said:

"when you have a beloved person in your heart, your eyes are full of passers-by, the person you should meet cannot escape, the experience cannot escape, and the encounter between people is by no means accidental, but doomed.


Yes, every encounter in life has its own meaning.

some people teach you to love, some people teach you to grow, and some people leave you memories and regrets for the rest of your life.

for example, some scenery can only be liked, but not collected; some people are only suitable for meeting, but not suitable for long company.

I don't know if you have ever had such a scene:

occasionally pick up old things, see mottled old photos, turn to a page of a yellowed book, you suddenly think of the past, think of that person who is sealed in the depths of your memory.

memories roar from the moment, unwittingly already tears wet eyes.

the past you think you have forgotten has always been hidden in the bottom of your heart.

the person you think you have already let go can still touch your heart.

it's not that you don't love each other enough, and there's no one to betray, but you still come to the crossroads of fate, one to the left, the other to the right, and no one can turn back.

maybe it's called destiny.

fate is destined to meet, to hold each other's hands among thousands of people and taste the joy of love together;

fate is destined to part, to let go of each other's hands in the crowd, and each go to a different future.

there is a kind of love that calls love must have been

in this life, there must be someone who is your destiny.

he may not be the first person you fall in love with, nor the one to accompany you to the end, but he is the one you will never forget for the rest of your life.

when you are sober, you may be able to mention him lightly and regard the past as a joke.

when you are drunk and asleep, you will feel aggrieved because you think of him.

how can two people who once loved each other so much have come to the point where they have to be separated?

you don't know who to blame or what else you can do. You can only accept the established outcome and watch him withdraw from your world silently, just as he broke in unexpectedly at that time.

Heaven does not favor lovers, so it is necessary to arrange for them to be separated.

sometimes I can't help blaming God for being cruel. Since I don't want you to have a happy ending, why do I have to arrange for you to meet?

you know, how happy you are when you are in love, how painful you are when you are apart; how beautiful your vows are, and how sad your memories are later.

in the years after he left, how many times he dreamed in the middle of the night, how many times he was drunk, he came back to your heart again and again to stir up trouble, proclaiming that you have never completely forgotten him.

there is a kind of well-being for each other for the rest of his life

if you had the chance to choose again, would you still choose to meet him on the premise of knowing that the ending is separated?

I think 99% of people will answer yes.

even if you insist that "it is better to never meet than to part in the future", in fact, even if you know you can't make it to the end, you don't want to miss this brief intersection with him.

is like a moth to the fire, still desperate for the light and warmth of yearning, knowing that it is self-destruction.

because most of the time, feelings are simply not something we can control.

the person who can appeal to you will still be moved when you meet him a hundred times.

Let the people you love fall in love no matter what.

the hands of fate are repeated, and we have never been able to resist.

someone once said that those who can't be together are the wrong people.

but I think, even if there is no fate to go to the end, lucky to fall in love with each other, it is very lucky.

the happiness he has brought to you is true, the stories you have experienced together are worth cherishing, and the years you have gone through together are memorable, and that is enough.

every encounter is a wonderful gift in life. When fate comes, gladly accept it; when fate goes, it is not forced to stay.

Love is not the normality of life, and there is no accident to forget and not to give up.

you don't have to worry about turning back or letting go, just let some people and some things become secrets buried in the bottom of your heart and be properly placed for the rest of your life.

from then on, meditation, distant reading, and peace with each other.

the wine glass is too shallow to respect for a long time to come; the alley is too short to walk with white hair.

there are always regrets in life, so no matter how it ends, you have metBeing in love with each other is a great fate.

I am lucky to be covered with snow today, and this life can be regarded as a common white head.

once you meet, you will remember for the rest of your life; once you are accompanied, you will remember peace for the rest of your life.

Hello, I will be sunny for the rest of my life.

, good night.

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