Three months after the divorce, Huang Xiaoming's true face was exposed: after leaving Angelababy, he finally stopped pretending!
Three months after the divorce, Huang Xiaoming's true face was exposed: after leaving Angelababy, he finally stopped pretending!
I hope that every kind person will not be set up on the altar.


since March, the battle line of this round of epidemic has been lengthened.

in this epidemic prevention, some people are busy thinking about how to distribute the limited grain reserves so that they can survive.

some people help each other, you send me a bundle of vegetables, I will return you a few jin of rice, in the help of the determination to win the fight against the epidemic.

there are also people who, although they are in a safe zone, do their best to collect all the materials that can be prepared, cross provinces and cities, surmount obstacles, and deliver food to those in need.

looking at the chaotic things fermenting on the Internet, all kinds of unspeakable emotions scattered in my heart.

but unexpectedly, Huang Xiaoming was exposed in front of everyone at this time.

A few days ago, the topic of "Huang Xiaoming's assistance to Shanghai for 9 tons of daily necessities" aroused widespread discussion.

in the face of a severe epidemic situation and a shortage of materials, Huang Xiaoming's move is tantamount to providing charcoal in the snow.

in the 9 tons of supplies from the 14th to the 15th, there is everything, not only vegetables, but also edible oil, noodles, bread, eggs and other foods that can be preserved for a long time.

the key point is that Huang Xiaoming has taken into account all aspects from material preparation to precise assistance.

the epidemic situation was strictly controlled, and logistics entering Shanghai was forced to come to a standstill, so Huang Xiaoming contacted the logistics company himself, delivered the truck directly to the residential area, and walked the last kilometer.

due to the huge workload of on-site repackaging, in order to save volunteer time and improve distribution efficiency, the distributed materials are also packed in boxes and distributed directly after arrival.

considering that many elderly people do not have the ability to make group purchases with their mobile phones, and it is difficult to hoard materials, Huang Xiaoming gives village-to-village and peer-to-peer assistance, giving priority to the elderly who are unable to shop online.

not only opened up the whole supply chain, but also made the best use of every material, bringing the warmth of attention to the old people who survived in the gap of the times.

such a real action has attracted a lot of favor, no wonder some netizens said:

"if you do a good deed, you have to praise, brother Xiaoming, good job";

"send charcoal in the snow, warm the hearts of the people, and be sure to support your film and television works in the future";

but even so, there are still some bad remarks.

"will put on a show, why donate to Shanghai? Jilin doesn't care."

"Why not support Suzhou Taicang?"

"Don't write your name if you can. Donate 100 million to him. This is called donation. You write your name for your own fame."

this is the goodwill that comes from the heart and acts, but it is labeled as marketing hype.

but their doubts simply don't stand up to scrutiny.

since last month, Huang Xiaoming has successively carried out more than 100 aid operations to Jilin, Qingdao and other places.

from the daily necessities needed by the people to the epidemic prevention materials needed by the staff, such as face masks and sterilized vehicles, Huang Xiaoming can not be said to have done his best.

how does this become a hype about the popularity of the epidemic?

what's more, what can't be said about people actually doing good deeds?

to paraphrase a sentence of Mr. Lu Xun:

I have never been afraid to guess people with the worst malice, but unexpectedly, some people will be so cold.

in the face of the disaster, the behavior of the stars has been magnified and examined, and some netizens demand others with the highest moral standards everywhere.

when he did nothing, he carried out moral repression, and when he did less, he began to ridicule both openly and secretly.

even if Huang Xiaoming has done the best he can, he can't escape them from picking bones in their eggs.

and this kind of behavior is no longer an exception.

mention Han Hong, maybe two tags will immediately appear in your mind, one is "singer" and the other is "philanthropist".

under such a severe epidemic situation in Shanghai, many people are watching the trend of Han Hong.

but there has been no news of Han Hong's assistance.

as a result, some moral critics got restless and began to condemn:

"the key is that there is no way to put on a live show, so I won't donate."


some even sneered: "she will go to such a dangerous thing, she goes to those are not dangerous, her own products."

Han Hong actually sets foot in dangerous places.

in 2010, when a mudslide occurred in Zhouqu, Han Hong rushed to the disaster site overnight.

there is a car accident on the road

, Han Hong was pressed at the bottom


when there was a torrential rain in Henan last year, Han Hong went again to wade to the rescue.

one by one the facts are in front of us, but some people still question:

"since Han Hongren can't go, money and materials can always go, right? Or is it that Han Hong simply doesn't want to do public welfare and give back to society, but just talk about it? "

one netizen retorted well: "I am used to donating money. where there is something wrong, people want her to give some blood. I am not used to it if I do not see others donate money."


although Han Hong did not support Shanghai this time, she has been rushing to help the epidemic in Jilin.

it is really sad and indignant to look at the certainty of these people and turn a blind eye to Han Hong's other actions.

even if there were thousands of good things in the past, as long as they didn't do what they thought, someone would use a magnifying glass to find faults and look for mistakes.

once it is found, it begins to be approved passionately.

do you remember Hongxingerke, which exploded last year? Also encountered because of goodwillAnd the fate of being maliciously speculated.

Hongxing Erke, as a domestic brand, will lend a helping hand every time in the face of disaster.

during the torrential rain in Henan last year, Hongxing Erke donated 50 million yuan of materials with a big wave of hands.

for a time, it was regarded as the light of domestic products by netizens, opened a wild consumption pattern, and even put Hongxing Erke on the top search list round after round.

Who doesn't want to be a bit more radiant in long sleeve high neck wedding gowns? We have a huge range of styles and cuts to choose from.

but gradually, the wind began to change.

some people began to complain that Hongxing Erke created patriotic fake people in order to swipe screen marketing.

but what they don't know is that Hongxing Erke has been doing its part in countless times when society needs it without being seen by everyone.

at the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, 10 million materials were donated; last month, emergency relief was made in Quanzhou, not only donating millions of materials, but also providing 500 apartments for temporary quarantine facilities.

Boxing enthusiasm, but so suspicious, can not help but make people chill.

all its stars and enterprises with great interests have been so vilified, and those ordinary people who show their goodwill have not been able to escape.

recently, a netizen was also vilified for a good deed.

because of the serious epidemic situation, students and teachers were banned from school.

on the one hand, I hope to give you some psychological comfort in a special period, on the other hand, I can also provide you with physical supplies.

it was originally an act of kindness from a student to his alma mater and alumni, but as a result, it attracted unprovoked abuse.

some people scold her for using her parents' money for charity, hypocrisy and selfishness;

some people say that it is better for her to donate chocolates than to donate some epidemic prevention materials.

others question her intention to become an Internet celebrity.

but what about the truth?

the money is earned by Chen Zhen as a photographer.

she can spend as much as she wants and buy chocolate if she wants to, can't she?

doesn't she even have the right to control it?

and there is no kitchen or refrigerator in the dormitory, where can I put the daily necessities? How?

this little chocolate brings sweetness to the college students and supports them through this difficult time.

but I can't imagine it, but it still warms the imagination in some people's minds.

Professor Dou Lingcheng of Shanghai Jiaotong University said:

"in today's society, there is mainly a group of people who are used to using the standards of saints to measure others.


it turns out that this is true. Some people always judge others by the moral yardstick in their hearts.

the kindness of others becomes an ulterior motive the moment they touch their mouths.

well done, questioned that the purpose is not pure, not perfect, accused of show hype.

and the result of doing so will only chill the hearts of good people.

understand that every vicious misinterpretation of goodwill is either stupid or bad.

share weal and woe in the face of the epidemic.

We just got out of the most dangerous tuyere as lucky ones, but we must not watch this disaster as bystanders.

the rich give money and make a strong contribution, even if there is nothing, it is kind to choose to shut up.

there is a good saying: "he who pays for all must not freeze to death in the wind and snow."


Don't let your malicious speculation extinguish the flames of kindness, and don't let your cold words swallow up the warmth that should be praised and respected.

when questioning the goodwill of others, you should think more about what you have done.