Three signs of a person becoming more and more blessed
Three signs of a person becoming more and more blessed
Only when filial piety, diligence and kindness are achieved, life becomes more and more smooth.


as the saying goes, "I make my life, and I ask for my own happiness."

most of the time, people like to praise a person with "good luck", which means that the other person is lucky.

A person's fortune is never preordained, but depends on his own accumulation.

therefore, if we want to become blessed people, we must first learn to be human, and then learn to do things, and change our lives through our own virtues.

if one wants to become more and more blessed, there must be three signs.

filial piety

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I don't know if you have noticed that as we get older, our parents become more and more slow.

they prop up the backbone of the sky for us, and become bent.

they no longer act vigorously, and their prestige in front of us is slowly fading, and no matter what they do, they become cautious.

read a short story:

an old man went to the store to repair his mobile phone. The repairman took the old man's phone and checked it for a long time, then handed it to the old man and said, "your phone is not broken."

unexpectedly, when the old man heard this sentence, he choked up and replied:

"my phone is not broken, so why can't I get a call from my child?"

A short story has mixed feelings in one's heart.

many people always dislike their parents' nagging and want to leave their parents far away. Even if they return to their parents during the holidays, they always hold their mobile phones and never give up.

they always think: "to give their parents some money and buy them some gifts is to honor them."

in fact, this is not what parents want at all.

filial piety to parents materially will only make you feel at ease. Only filial piety to parents in spirit is true filial piety.

go home more often to accompany your parents and have more meals with them. When they want to learn how to use their smartphones, they must teach them patiently and don't think it's troublesome.

the grace of birth is greater than that of heaven. Forgiving them for their imperfections is our lifelong practice.

as the old saying goes, "it is useless to recite scriptures if you are unfilial to your parents."

parents are the greatest Fukuda in the world. Only those who are filial to their parents can have a smoother life.


there is a Finnish proverb that says:

"industrious people have all kinds of luck, while lazy people have only one misfortune."


Heaven rewards hard work. What one wants, one must strive for on his own.

the word "diligence" is the most persevering.

Zeng Guofan is a classic example. He has experienced seven imperial examinations and failed every time.

he perseveres, regards "diligence" as his daily rule, and strives to achieve the best results no matter what he does.

finally, the kung fu lived up to the dedicated man, and he became famous in his twenties.

according to historical records, Zeng Guofan was the most diligent of all the officials in the Qing Dynasty.

No matter whether it is windy or rainy, no matter how bad the environment is, he insists on going to bed late and getting up early, dealing with some affairs and doing it to the extreme.

Zeng Guofan demanded not only himself with the word "diligence", but also for future generations.

and his way of "five diligence" also contains many philosophies of life:

A day of diligence, that is, no matter what you do, you must try for yourself and lead by example

is the way up;

the second is eye diligence, that is, move more eyes, pay attention to observation, and know people from subtleties in order to understand the deep meaning.

third, hands are diligent, that is, more hands and more practice, so as to accumulate thick and thin hair.

fourth, oral diligence, that is, more exhortations should be given among friends, and friends who cannot be persuaded should not have deep acquaintances.

the fifth is diligence, that is, it is necessary to practice your own nature of mind, and when your state of mind goes up, your horizons will be broadened.

these are the fundamentals of his being a great minister.

Zeng Guofan once said bluntly: "all the mediocre people in the world are defeated by a lazy word."

I think so.

whether it is to cultivate oneself, or to act as a person, there is nothing difficult in the world with diligence.

"you must do your best in everything, and those who give up halfway will never achieve."

it can be seen that "diligence" is the root of a person's happiness.


after half of my life, I have experienced the ups and downs of the world before I gradually understand:

it turns out that goodness really hides the blessings of a person's life.

in ancient times, a general sailed through his hometown and planned to visit his relatives.

the general managed to swim to the shore, only to find that another boat next to him had been overturned by the big waves.

without even thinking about it, he decisively went into the water to save lives.

with all his strength, the general dragged the drowning young man to the shore. Only then did he discover that the man being rescued was his own son.

it turned out that when the son heard that the general was going to pass through here, he took the boat early to wait, trying to catch a glimpse of his father as he passed by.

think about it:

if the general had not thought kindly at that time, regardless of the life or death of the man who capsized the boat next to him, and left on his own in order to save himself, he would have suffered the loss of his son, and this thorn might have made him restless for the rest of his life.

as the writer Liang Xiaosheng said:

"kindness is not a thing to show others on purpose, it is a pleasant and natural thing."

kindness is a choice, which can convey warmth and strength to people.

there are always people who wonder, what's the use of doing good?

in fact, being willing to do good is one's best merit, and you will get the reward you deserve when you help others.

as the saying goes, "if a kind man is deceived, heaven will not be deceived."

We must always firmly believe that good is rewarded with good, and God will help good people.

good people, in the course of the rest of life, will live more smoothly, and live more and more blessed.

the fate of man is doomed, but the amount of good fortune is controlled by himself.

there is much support for those who gain the way, but little support for those who lose it.

the long road of life, we should learn to look down on gains and losses, temporary gain is not necessarily victory, can laugh at the last, is the real winner in life.

the same is true of whether a person is blessed or not:

only when filial piety, diligence and kindness are achieved, life becomes smoother and smoother.