Three taboos that cannot be committed after middle age
Three taboos that cannot be committed after middle age
The best life is "Don't ask for harvest, but ask for hard work".


when people are young, they are always full of blood, regardless of the consequences, and rush into battle by virtue of ignorance.

it is only when you are a little older and have been cutting through difficulties for decades that you know that safety and propriety is the last word.

"Life mentor" Zeng Guofan used most of his life experience to warn the world that only when you stay away from three faults in the second half of your life can you be happy and successful for the rest of your life.

like to be a teacher

A question has become popular on a forum: what is the most greasy problem of middle-aged people?

A highly praised answer is: it is good to be a teacher.

whether it is satisfaction from the realization of wishes, or relying on rich experience, some people will always develop a gesture of guidance.

Zhou Guoping once said: "there are very few people in the world who are self-aware, and there are many people who like to be teachers.


when Zeng Guofan wrote to his younger brothers, he often thought of himself as "the eldest brother as the father." he often reprimanded him harshly, and even asked his younger brother to pay attention to his ears, keep his teachings, and review them all the time.

he claimed that this was "the virtue of love." as a result, he received resistance from his brothers: Zeng Guoquan angrily returned to his hometown, and Zeng Guohuang wrote a letter pointing out that "believers in the Book of the Moon blame their brothers with empty words."

in the face of the dissatisfaction of his family, Zeng Guofan slowly got rid of this problem.

Mencius said, "the trouble of man is to be a teacher."


if you teach people a lesson, you will open your mouth. Subconsciously, you are often looking for affirmation and a sense of existence, either inferiority or arrogance.

is often a teacher, not a teacher.

in recent years, if you are not confused, you can only respect yourself by controlling the habit of "preaching" and giving respect to others.


on one occasion, Zeng Guofan used the word "right leaning" in his letter to Zuo Zongtang to show politeness.

unexpectedly, the writer has no intention, but the reader has the intention.

Zuo Zongtang can't help but wonder: if he leans to the right, is it impossible for me to bend over Zuo Zongtang?

Zuo Zongtang's "suspicion" doomed that the road of officialdom will only become narrower and narrower.

A knife on the head of doubt is easy to wipe the gun and misfire.

in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, Cao Cao is wanted and lodges in Lu Boshe House.

Lu Boshe sincerely treated him, so she told her family to kill pigs and prepare meals, and went out to fetch wine.

in the middle of the night, Cao Cao heard the sound of sharpening his knife and thought that Lv Boshe went out to report to the officials to arrest him, and that the Lv family sharpened their knives to kill him, so they first killed the Lv family.

until I met Lu Boshe and came back from drinking, I found that I had misunderstood the Lu family, but still took Lu Boshe's life.

although the world is complicated and the hearts of the people are not ancient, not people all over the world want to harm you.

as the ancients said, "A little is a blessing, but a more heart is a misfortune."

Zeng Guofan also said: "if you work with those who are suspicious, you will never succeed."

paranoia is a kind of self-restraint.

when you live to a certain age, you should have less contact with sensitive and suspicious people, and avoid becoming that "paranoid person".

compared with the past

many people say that a person's life is a comparative life.

Toy scores are compared in childhood; in youth, work is compared to salary;

in middle age, households save more; in old age, they are healthier than they used to be.

Zeng Guofan has a saying: "A gentleman will not weigh himself with others."

he believes that a true gentleman disdains to be shorter and longer than others.

I have read a short story with profound meaning:

the Zen master lost a question to three apprentices:

"there are two trees in front of the door, one is honorable and the other is withered. Do you think it is better to be withered or honorable?"

the big apprentice said, "Rong's tree is good."

the second apprentice said, "A withered tree is better."

the third apprentice said, "Let it be withered, and so will glory."

whether it is withered or honored, when you tend to one side, there has been a comparison, then you have been led by the external environment.

Life, not breaking out in comparison, is lost in comparison.

the ratio is incomparable, but the ratio below is not enough, so it is often exasperating and exasperating.

and the best life is "ask not for harvest, but ask for hard work".

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