To be honest, to be wise, to be authentic.
To be honest, to be wise, to be authentic.
If the land is not thick, it cannot bear the mountains and mountains; if the hearts of the people are not thick, they cannot get moral friendship.

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the Book of changes says: "A gentleman carries things with virtue."

if the land is not thick, it cannot bear the mountains and mountains; if the hearts of the people are not thick, they cannot get moral friendship.

take a closer look at the popular people around you, and most of the people who accomplish great things are kind, honest and sincere people.

A person with a kind heart is as gentle and moist as jade, humble and courteous, and it is like a spring breeze to associate with him.

A person who is always scheming is stingy and stingy, and he is on pins and needles when dealing with him.

only when you give your heart to a kind-hearted person can you be cherished.

only those who leave things to the right can be held to it.

only by giving kindness to authentic people can you be grateful.

if you are kind, you must be blessed.

once read a sentence: "A person's happiness does not lie in that he has more, but because he cares less."

those who are complacent for the sake of temporary petty gain do not understand the truth of losing the big because of the small, and the road is getting narrower and narrower in the future.

those who are diligent instead of worrying about temporary gains and losses do not envy or complain about being down-to-earth, and the road will be wider and wider in the future.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong did business together in the busy city, and Guan Zhong would take a little more every time he shared the profit.

when others saw this, they were more angry and reported grievances for Bao Shuya.

after hearing this, he smiled and said, "you don't know, his family is not good, there is an old mother to serve at home, I have plenty of money, he takes more what he should have."

Bao Shuya's kindness was touching, and Guan Zhong lived up to him, and the two became close friends, and they joined hands to assist Duke Huan of Qi to achieve some hegemony.

kindness is a virtue in human nature, and virtue has nothing to do with talent and knowledge. if you consider yourself more than others, you are not open-minded, inconsiderate, and do not put yourself in other people's shoes.

Life is like chess, take a step back from me. The heart is like the sea, Nabichuan can see people.

do things well, go with the wind and water

some people say: there are seven hardships in life, one of which is that you can't ask for it.

when you do things with an ordinary mind, keep your mind calm and calm, so that you can face the difficulties in your life with a smile.

Wang Yangming experienced the transformation from "missing and pursuing unobtainable" to "getting without seeking".

in order to pursue the way of saints and sages, young Wang Yangming searched all over Taoism and Confucianism, but he never thought of the answer he wanted, so he was discouraged and ill, so he had the idea of going home.

on his way home, Wang Yangming passed by Jiuhua Mountain and heard that there was a master who had learned the truth in the mountain, known as Cai Pengtou.

Wang Yangming was born to ask for advice, so he climbed to the top of Jiuhua Mountain and found the cave where Cai Pengtou lived in seclusion, but he was nowhere to be found.

the exhausted Wang Yangming fell into a deep sleep. After waking up, he saw the scenery outside the cave, looking at the new rain in the empty mountain, and the clouds rose beneath his feet, just like floating in the sky, suddenly open-minded, as if he had attained the Tao and ascended the immortal.

when Cai Peng's head came back, Wang Yangming came forward to be grateful, but with a big wave of his hand, Cai Peng said it had nothing to do with him, and that it was the result of his own efforts to climb.

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"the way of sages is already illusory.

you have been determined to become a saint since you were a child. At that time, you were pious and sincere and did not shake your heart. Now you are impatient and at a loss, the farther away it is. When you do not deliberately look for it to relax, it encounters it unexpectedly. "

Wang Yangming suddenly realized and finally became a generation.

there is nothing more sad in life than worrying about others, and most of the time, troubles are self-inflicted.

in the process of doing things, let nature take its course, do not rush for quick success and quick profit, perhaps when you do not seek up and down, the pursuit is in the dim lights.

be authentic and win everything

there is a saying in the Reader: "everything in the world is met, just like spring meets winter, there are years; people meet people, there is life."

for authentic people, every touch needs to be stored carefully.

for indifferent people, every penny of sincerity is reduced to dispensable.

there is such a true story.

on a rainy day, an elderly couple stayed in a small hotel.

because of the rainy day, the rooms in the small hotel are already full. But the waiter at the front desk could not bear to see the old couple sleeping on the street, so they contributed their room.

the old man looked at the clean and tidy room, thanked him and settled down with peace of mind.

when I was ready to pay the money the next day, the waiter said that I just gave you my room for one night without paying the bill.

looking at the waiter who had been up all night on duty, the two old men were deeply moved.

after a while, just as the waiter was about to forget about it, he suddenly received a letter.

he was invited to manage a big hotel in New York. It turned out that the old man he received and his wife were billionaires, so they relieved to give their hotel to the waiter to manage.

this is the legendary experience of the first manager of the world-famous Hilton Hotel.

authentic people, kind-hearted, you respect me a foot, I will pay you back;

authentic people, know how to be grateful, you borrow a drop of water, I also a sea.

when you are kind, you can compare your heart to heart and put yourself in another's shoes.Taking an examination, it is comfortable to associate with it;

only if you do things properly, can you have smooth sailing, have no obstacles, and interact with them casually and comfortably;

being authentic, you will be more grateful to others, enjoy goodwill, and communicate with them simply and purely.

in the years to come, may you get along with such a person with a magnanimous heart, a smile on the corners of your mouth and contentment in your eyes.

also wish you become such a person, the years are safe, the time is quiet.