To be square in doing things, to be round in life
To be square in doing things, to be round in life
The combination of square and round is our life-long spiritual practice.


Huang Yanpei once gave his son a sentence: "take the elephant from the money, the outer circle and the inner square."

means that to be a man and do things, you should be like copper money.

to be round means to have a yardstick and be kind.

the important way to do things means to do things with principles and rules.

and the combination of softness and benevolence is the beautiful quality of one's spiritual practice in his whole life.

the important way to do things is the principle

there is a sentence in the Theory of Salt and Iron:

"the gentleman of ancient times established his name by keeping the Tao, and when he was ready for self-cultivation, he did not betray himself for the sake of poverty or cheapness."

the Tao, festival, and will here are the bottom lines, principles and rules that people should follow in their lifetime, which should not be touched.

two years ago, Lao Guo opened a factory.

when he was in his first two years, some people around him advised him to cut corners appropriately when producing, or to lower the standard a little bit when purchasing.

Lao Guo not only didn't listen, but also reprimanded the person who gave him bad advice.

then, Guo raised funds through various channels and warned people around him to always use "high-quality materials" as the bottom line of production.

because of his insistence on product quality, Lao Guo has slowly established a reputation in the circle.

with the passage of time, the customers who did business with him became friends, and the products in his hands gradually became synonymous with quality.

someone asked Lao Guo, "when other people start a factory, they think about how to make money. Why do you always think about making good products?"

Lao Guo smiled and said, "if you want to do business, you should be honest." Money can be earned slowly, but people can't lose it at all. "

there is a sentence in Changjiang No.7:

"although we are poor, we do not lie, we do not beat people, and we cannot take things that are not ours."

it is true that no matter where you are, you must do well, sit upright, and live squarely all your life.

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this is because on the way forward, people with principles go farther; on the way up, people with a bottom line climb higher.

you have to believe that those who have principles are more valuable, and those who have bottom lines carry more weight.

A true gentleman is a man who cannot be moved from poor to humble, rich or rich, unyielding to power, principled in doing things, and a bottom line for people.

to be round is to be kind

if you say square, it is a principle and bottom line; then round, it seems to be a little sleek and ingenious in it.

but what is said here is round, not slick or ingenious.

is a kind of thoughtfulness in consideration of others, a kind of generosity in consideration of others, and a kind of kindness that comes from the bottom of your heart.

have seen such a video.

there is an old man in his 90s who has no children. He earns only seven or eight yuan a day by mending shoes for a living.

at noon every day, he buys meals at a steamed stuffed bun shop near the shoe stand.

every once in a while, the old man would ask, "do you have any money?" I'll pay in cash without it. "

the shop assistant always says, "there's more."

whenever he hears these two words, the old man will take the steamed stuffed bun back to his shoe repair stand and eat with satisfaction.

but what the old man does not know is that the card in his hand has a stored value card of 300 yuan, which has been swiped for more than two years.

but as long as he sees the old man coming, the boss will say that there is still money in the card.

at first, when the old man went to the steamed stuffed bun shop, the boss wanted to invite him to dinner for free, but the old man refused to accept anything.

one day, a loving person pretended that he had no money to pay for shoe repairs and asked if he could use the card from the steamed stuffed bun shop to repay the debt.

the old man accepted it gladly, and the boss pushed the boat along with the tide.

people live a lifetime, everyone has a time of frustration and helplessness.

and the right helping hand is a kind of kindness.

this kind of kindness is not a charity with great fanfare, nor is it a well-known help; it is a kind-hearted, warm and rainy care.

it is such a kind of kindness to be round.

such people will not sharpen the edges and corners too sharp.

the combination of square and circle is spiritual practice

the most important way to do things is to pay attention to principles; to be round in life is to be prudent.

knowing the combination of square and circle and the combination of strength and softness is not only a pattern, but also a kind of spiritual practice.

Dong Mingzhu is such a person.

for a while, there was an uproar about Dong Mingzhu.

but Dong Mingzhu feels that only by doing things with principles can the company achieve more long-term development.

and the company has achieved so much today, not only by Dong Mingzhu's principles, but also by her gentle side in dealing with people.

A female employee of the company, her husband is away all the year round and seldom comes home.

coupled with the fact that both husband and wife are not well paid and have to look after their children, life is very difficult.

once, with the help of female employees,Ignored the rules of the company and violated the corresponding rules.

when Dong Mingzhu found out, she severely criticized her and asked her to pay a fine according to the company system.

for female workers, it is a little bit worse.

unexpectedly, that night, Dong Mingzhu brought what the children needed and went to see the female workers, and secretly put 100 yuan in it for her to pay a fine.

even affectionately attach a note:

"this is my personal money. I'll make it up for you." Remember, be sure to hand in the fine and stop sloppy work in the future. "

this rigid, soft, square and round style quickly spread within the company.

her colleagues also commented on her: "Sister Dong is a knife mouth and a bean curd heart."

can not only keep the bottom line of principles, but also talk about the warmth of human feelings, which is the secret of Dong Mingzhu's success.

stress the principle, let her grow with the enterprise, talk about human feelings, and let the employees be committed to her.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"it would be too sleek and sophisticated to be a well-rounded, rolling 'Oleg" if you are only round and square.

if a person is only square but not round, it is a four-sided, motionless' mouth', then it will be impossible to move an inch. "

when touching the principle, the important side should stick to the bottom line and use the inner criterion to safeguard justice.

and how to strike a balance between the two and maintain the balance between the inner and the outside world is the quality of our spiritual practice all our lives.

I have read such a sentence: "if you have a circle, you will not stand; if you have a square, you will not stand; if you have a square, you will hit a wall."

that is to say, if a person is too angular, it is easy to cause trouble; if a person is too slick, it is easy to lose credibility.

therefore, it is necessary to understand the "way of circle" as a person.

treat others with roundness, gentleness and calmness, and treat yourself with principles.

when you are a man, you should be round and have a good heart; when you do things, you should leave a bottom line with your hands.

settle down in the square, do things in the square; learn the way in the circle, return to the truth in the circle.

the combination of square and round is our life-long spiritual practice.

, may you work in the square and have a beautiful future; may you also be a man in the circle and reap the goodwill of the world.