To educate your children well is to invest in the rest of your life.
To educate your children well is to invest in the rest of your life.
Raising children is a practice for parents.


an old teacher who has been teaching for more than 30 years said: to educate good children is to invest in the rest of your life!

the greatest wish of a parent is to hope for his son to succeed and her daughter to become a Phoenix.

parents will be happy as long as their children grow up healthily and have a bright future.

but to expect a child to become a talent does not mean that he wants to be successful in his mouth and heart, but in his long-term actions.

every successful child can find excellent factors in his parents.

in a family, parents are the most primitive teachers of their children, and their words and deeds are bound to be reflected in their children.

so if you want to educate your children well, parents must first understand these five things.

parents are the first teachers of their children

parents always have more influence than teachers

now, many parents are busy with their work, leave their children's education to their teachers, and then do nothing.

the quality of children is the teacher's fault. In fact, parents are wrong about this idea.

educator Suhomlinski once said:

"if there is no high educational literacy of the whole society, first of all, the family, then no matter how hard the teachers make, they will not get a perfect effect."

all the problems in school will be reflected in the family.

and all the difficulties in the complicated teaching process in schools can be traced back to the family.

No matter whether the school is good or bad, no matter how good the teachers are, they can't take the place of their parents.

parents are the best teachers for their children, and their every move is affecting their children's growth.

although children spend most of their day at school.

but no matter how responsible the teacher is, he cannot do the following:

Teachers can't give children good habits

the cultivation of children's good habits mostly depends on the demonstration and guidance of their parents.

if you want your child to have a good habit, the parents themselves must have a good habit.

only in this way can the child be affected.

the teacher can't give children an interest in reading

whether children like reading or not is directly related to the performance of their parents.

if there are many books at home, and parents often hold a book to read, then children will fall in love with reading under imperceptible influence.

the teacher can't guarantee the child's good upbringing

British educational thinker Thomas Arnold said:

"parents' words and deeds are silent teachers and conscious or unconscious role models of their children, which play a powerful role in influencing them imperceptibly."

Children are just a mirror for parents.

all the behaviors that you think are "uneducated" and make you furious are actually copied and pasted by the behavior of parents.

Please understand:

Teachers teach children more textbook knowledge, and good habits and upbringing depend on their parents.

parents' love and harmony is the best tutor for their children

educator Tao Xingzhi once said, "without love, there is no education."

any education requires emotional input, and family education is no exception.

only a loving family can form a warm and harmonious family environment.

only children living in this family environment can have a sound personality and a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

if a family wants to form a loving family environment, the most important thing is the harmony of parents' love.

parents' love and harmony is the best tutor for their children.

Zhihu once had a question and answer: "what kind of feeling is it for a child whose parents have a bad relationship?"

someone replied:

"I dare not go to the bathroom for fear that they will fight while I am in the shower. I have no time to get dressed, and I am afraid I will not have time to pull them away."

parents' bad feelings will cause childhood trauma to their children.

Don't think that quarreling among adults has nothing to do with children.

in fact, the last thing a child wants to see is that the two people they love most hurt each other.

for children, the greatest misfortune of a family is that parents hurt each other.

when children grow up in such a family environment, they will be extremely short of sense of security, so it is difficult for them to achieve long-term happiness.

Children can feel love only in a family environment where their parents are loving and harmonious.

parents' loving words and deeds will also exert a subtle influence on their children and make them brave and optimistic.

in the variety show "Mom is Superman", the impressive scene is that du Jiang came home from work, and the first thing he did was hug Huo Siyan.

while ahem was sleeping, Huo Siyan let him sleep first, and she wanted to help du Jiang pack her bags.

mm-hmm lay in bed listening to the voices of Mom and Dad outside the door and said, "this is for the whole family to be together."

for children, the happiest thing is that their parents are by their side.

Children have their parents in their hearts, and their parents have each other in their hearts.

psychologist Zeng Qifeng said:

"the relationship between husband and wife is the Poseidon needle of the family."

A child who grows up in a family where his parents love each other is more filled with sense of security. He knows that his mother loves his father, and his father loves his mother, and they all love themselves at the same time.

he doesn't have to worry about adult things, because his parents can rely on each other.Shit, he just needs to be a happy kid. "

parents' love is the best way to teach by deeds and deeds, and to give children the greatest protection.

the better you become, the better your child will become

many parents give up their self-growth after finishing their studies, having a job, a family, and a child.

Life follows the principle of comfort and regards children as all they have.

all life revolves around children, but they feel more and more anxious.

but do not know that it is the responsibility of parents not only to give their children food, clothing and care;

should also be a role model for children, guide them forward and grow up with them.

Children are the mirrors of their parents, and parents are their role models.

parents want their children to get better and better, so parents must become better in the first place.

all hopes for children should be derived from their own changes.

there is a good saying:

"the best parent-child relationship is not the self-sacrifice that parents seem to be great, nor does it allow their children to start on their own, but that you make progress together and grow up with each other."

the king of educating children is to cultivate themselves persistently


parents understand what children understand, and parents also understand what children don't understand. at least, parents should have something to do with their children.

in the CCTV "face-to-face" interview column, the host talked about his experience of becoming a new mother.

she said that after the baby was born, she felt as if the focus of her life had changed all at once.

No matter what you do, consider the child first.

her life revolves around her children, and her days become trivial and mediocre.

at this time, she began to be confused: whether to concentrate on raising children, or continue to pursue self-growth?

A friend said to her:

"if you want your child to be what kind of person, the easiest way is to become what you become first."

after hearing this, she gave up being a stay-at-home mother and continued to pursue opportunities for self-growth.

from the program host to the program producer, from the "Reader" to the "Poetry Conference", challenge yourself all the way.

Children are no longer a resistance to her growth, but her new motivation.

she said:

"I don't want to give up the possibility of self-growth. I can't stop myself just because I have a baby."

"I will try to make myself better, so that when my child grows up and really understands it, he will have love and respect for me."

only when you grow up good enough, will your child stand on your shoulders and pattern and reach a better level.

the fate of children often depends on their parents' education, and it is their parents' skills to let their children win at the starting line.

therefore, if parents want their children to become better, they have to work hard with their children, study together and grow up together.

only when you become better can you inspire children to become better.

parents supporting teachers is supporting their children's growth

there is a good saying:

"Education is bi-directional and requires the cooperation of teachers and parents."

educating a child is definitely not just a family matter;

is not only a school matter, but also requires more cooperation between parents and teachers.

for parents, it is nothing more than hoping that their children will grow up healthily and have a bright future.

for teachers, preaching, teaching and solving doubts is the basic duty of teachers.

so high standards and high requirements for students, want to guide students to a better direction of development.

although the positions of parents and teachers are different, they are all for the growth of their children.

this is the common mission and responsibility of parents and teachers.

therefore, in the process of educating children, family education should be consistent with school education.

Liu Changming, principal of Beijing No. 4 Middle School, said: "if parents do not cooperate with the school, the result will be a tragedy."

the degree of attention and support of parents determines the speed of children's progress.

if parents do not support the teacher's work and do not communicate with the teacher.

then teachers do not have an overall grasp of their children's education, and it is difficult to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

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therefore, the better the cooperation between parents and teachers, the more successful the education will be.

Duohu Hui, a well-known Japanese educator, shared an example:

the son of a botanist asked the teacher with an unknown grass, but the teacher didn't know it.

the teacher told the child that his father was a botanist and could go home and ask his father.

the next day, the child came to the teacher with a letter, saying that his father didn't know him either, and asked him to give it to the teacher.

the teacher read the letter and wrote down the name and characteristics of the grass.

the father acted so cleverly that he lowered his status to support the teacher.

to help teachers create an image in the eyes of their children, in fact, it is also supporting their own children.

on the way for their children to study, smart parents never stand on the opposite side of the teacher, but know how to stand side by side with the teacher.

along the way, parents and eldersThe meeting of teachers is an encounter of love and trust.

parents support teachers' education and cooperate with the school's work, which is to give their children the best education.

the best educational relationship is that parents support teachers and teachers support their children.

in this way, children can get the best knowledge education in school and the best personality education in the family, thus thriving.

educating their children is the most important career for parents

there is a good saying:

"parents and children are always accomplishing each other."

parents always give for their children with no regrets.