To test whether a person loves you, in fact, there are only three things
To test whether a person loves you, in fact, there are only three things
Feelings are the most valuable to those who can live together.

it's not that hard to be fascinating.

the heart only needs a moment of surprise.

but beloved, it takes a long time to shock.

so it's easy to like someone, but it's hard to love someone.

some readers often ask: how to judge whether the other person loves you or not?

Professor Li Meijin once said that you can't make a decision in a short time to judge whether a person really loves you or not.

but take the time to observe.

to get along long enough, and you will naturally have the answer.

I thought about it.

it is not so much waiting for time as waiting for feeling.

when you feel that no matter how long it takes, the other person likes it and never gets tired of doing these three things with you, that is love.

like eating with you

and can eat together

once read a story, a young man asked his teacher:

what on earth is love?

teacher blurted out:

"it's very simple. You ate with her today and want to have dinner with her tomorrow. This is love."

it doesn't matter what you eat, it's who you eat with.

not because eating is important, but because that person's company is important.

people eat three meals a day. If two people stay together for 50 years, it means eating 54750 meals with each other.

these more than 50,000 meals, if a person does not love you, you will not be able to eat together.

everyone's living environment is different, so tastes and preferences will inevitably be different.

you like to eat light, but your partner has a heavy taste.


I love sweets, but my partner is bored.

it's like some people don't know how to eat spicy food.

but because your partner likes it, it gradually becomes less repulsive.

willing to try and unwittingly "exercise" the ability to eat spicy food.

in the matter of eating, two people who are reluctant but willing to accommodate each other are in love with each other.

even if your tastes are very different, it doesn't affect that you hit it off.

because to really love someone is to start by having a good meal together.

I enjoy eating three meals a day.

like chatting with you

and can say it together

A few days ago, my colleague confided to me that he was not young, and my husband was still obsessed with games and didn't know what to do.

rest at home on weekends, my colleague's husband's daily routine is to play games, regardless of morning or evening.

sometimes she wakes up after a sleep to find her husband still playing.

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every time she urges her, her husband will only be perfunctory for a while and then continue to play.

there is no time to chat between two people.

because whenever she speaks, the other party dislikes her and disturbs his concentration.

it is not playing games that frustrates colleagues.

but each other's channels, not together at all.

sometimes she just can't stand it and wants to have a quarrel with her.

seeing that the other party is immersed in the game and doesn't care about everything, he is speechless again.

this way of getting along is not an exception.

from outside, it seems that you have a close relationship and get along with each other every day.

but only you know that you often have nothing to say to each other.

Mai Jia said:

"one sign of testing whether they love each other is whether they are willing to talk nonsense and whether they are willing to listen to each other's nonsense."

when there is endless conversation, there will be endless conversation.

it doesn't matter what you say, what matters is that one is willing to say and the other is willing to listen.

if two people are together, they can't even talk together.

apart from not loving enough, I really can't think of any reason to explain it.

like sleeping with you

and can sleep together

you can tell whether a relationship is good or bad by looking at the way your partner sleeps.

some people sleep dishonestly, often pedal quilts, and sleep in an ever-changing position all night.

it's hard to sleep till dawn to sleep with such a person.

some people are physically afraid of the cold, and their hands and feet are cold when they sleep in winter.

if you sleep together, you can't help but shudder when you are encountered.

those who love you still like to sleep with you.

if you are cold, you will take the initiative to be your heater. If you kick the quilt, you will be covered a few more times.

understand your squeaky teeth and get used to your snoring when you fall asleep.

as soon as you wake up, it's easy for him to wake up.

adjust your posture, continue to cuddle and sleep, have a good night's sleep.

if I don't love you, even if I lie in the same bed with you, I often turn my back to you and dream in the same bed.

to test whether a person loves you is to see if two people are more interesting than one person.

add two more bowls and chopsticks to the table, one more voice in the conversation, and one more pillow on the bed.

These things are easy to do, but not easy to do.

Love is never on impulse.

but keep putting it into practice for a long time.

eat, chat and sleep for a long time.

those who can get along with each other are the most valuable.